Friday, 8 August 2014

Ponzi scheme nips career of soldier

Greed to make fast buck through money circulation scheme led to his fall
·         Poddar enrolls members in Amway and
·         Starts online campaign to rope in members
·         Pakistan spy induces him with naked photos
  The menace of money circulation scheme has taken its toll on the career of a soldier, Patan Kumar Poddar, who was arrested on Wednesday on charges of enticing people to join a ponzi scheme and in the transaction was honey-trapped by a foreign spy.
Poddar joined a dubious company which has been running a ponzi scheme for the last few years and started enticing his colleagues to join the scheme to make a fast buck. He started posting the business proposals on his Facebook profile. Interestingly, Poddar is also a member of Amway India Enterprises.
His position in the Army attracted the foreign spy who introduced herself as Anushka Agarwal and started flirting with him online. She claimed that she was studying M Sc in Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh. She offered to utilise his services for an online survey offering a remuneration of Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 per month. She started paying amounts regularly in various accounts of Poddar.
The spy had gone ahead to entertain him and posted her naked pictures and he started giving her a lot of information regarding the movement of field and medium regiments on the Western border and photographs of missile units. She had even sent a link to be installed in his office computer with which she could access any classified information without his knowledge.
The AP High Court had rightly said on the writ petition filed by Amway India way back in 2007 that inducement for aggressive enrollment of new members to earn more and more commission was inherent in the scheme of Amway India.

Subedar confesses to passing on defence secrets 
* Info on top 40 Army officers and their movements in Rajastan shared with the Pakistani Facebook friend
* Army denies he was in EME
* Tight security in Army units in TS, Chennai
* Pakistani mole reported to have transferred Rs 70,000-80,000 to his bank account
 Naik Subedar Patan Kumar Poddar of Army’s EME unit in Secunderabad who was arrested by Central Crime Station on Wednesday reportedly told the police that he had passed on the information of about 40 top army officials and their movements in Rajasthan to his facebook friend Anushka Aggarwal.
In a quick move, the EME on Thursday in a statement said that they had nothing to do with Patan and that he was not in EME.
A top police officer who was investigating the case said that Anushka had introduced herself as a scholar for getting insights into the country’s security details. She sought details of missile storage and other army positions in the country. Patan had revealed details of regiments and artillery centres in Secunderabad.
The police are also investigating the espionage issue and verifying the email and Facebook accounts. Sources said that they had already decoded some of the information on which they could lay their hands on.
Speculations were rife during day that National Intelligence and Army Intelligence agencies had sought the custody of Patan but police said that they had not received any such requests. If they wish to get his custody they have to approach the Court. “It is our case and we shall handle this,” said an Assistant Commissioner of police.
Police denied that Rs 10 lakh was transferred by Anushka to the account of Patan. They claim that about Rs 70,000-80,000 was transferred to his SBI account in Kolkata.
It is said that following  Patan’s revelation of sensitive information to Anushka  the security at the Army units of Telangana and Chennai had been beefed up. All the important units were shuffling their personnel in the region, sources added.   

Monday, 14 July 2014

Glaze Trading India aka GALWAY takes unemployed youth for a ride

Glaze Trading India aka GALWAY takes unemployed youth for a ride
In what could be described as the copycat of Amway, Glaze Trading India aka GALWAY, started its cheating operations throughout the country. At least 10,000 youths from all over the two States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have already been cheated by this fraudulent company according to series of visuals telecast by TV6 Telugu news channel.
The news channel exposed the dubious ways of this company which has been inducing youths with job opportunity with a monthly salary of Rs. 50,000. However, they were asked to pay Rs. 8,000 for securing the job. After reaching their office in the state of Jharkhand, they were asked to enroll at least four members each to earn unlimited income. Then they realised that they were deceived.
The youths were asked to stay in a dungeon and they were hardly given any work though they were promised to undertake bar-coding, creating e-mail IDs and other works. Dejected, these youths returned to their places.
Aglance at its website, shows that it also sells products for homecare, personal care, biofertiliser among others. The products include G-PSEUDO+, G-DERMA+ both controls root diseases of plants , G-SEAPOWER, which contains seaweed to act as growth promoter. They also sell air-fresheners, toilet cleaner, floor cleaner among others.
Anyway the sense of humour of these fellows should be appreciated. They are openly claiming that it is ‘pseudo’ and selling it. Don’t ask what ‘derma’ has got to do with bio-fertilizer.
Behind all the product sales under direct selling mode, the real cheating is illegal money circulation scheme. This is how Amway has been inspiring many a crook to indulge in illegal money circulation schemes in the name of direct selling.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Why these two gentlemen remain behind bars?

Subrato Roy 
Since March 4, he has been behind bars

For the last nearly two months in jail

Monday, 7 July 2014

Court rejects bail plea of Amway chief

Our Bureau

Warangal: A court here on Thursday rejected the bail petition submitted on behalf of the managing director and chief executive officer of Amway India Enterprises William S Pinckney who was arrested in a criminal case recently.
An engineering graduate, Anurag, lodged a complaint against the multilevel marketing company on the charges of cheating people with illegal money circulation scheme in the name of selling products. He said in his complaint, the company in the name of selling products was actually into illegal money circulation scheme. The Subedari Police Station after receiving the complaint filed the criminal case against the US-based company and arrested the MD and CEO of Amway India William Pinckney..

The counsels of Amway India filed the bail petition in the court for the release of William Pinckney who has been in jail for the last six weeks. However, the court rejected the petition.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cops tracking ‘Diamonds’ of Amway

Hyderabad: The top police officials of the two States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have launched a massive hunt to track down the ‘Diamonds’ and other members of Amway India Enterprises to make sure their role in the multilevel marketing scam of the US-based company.
Amway India Enterprises

According to informed sources, the police of both the states are even sharing information regarding the list of upline members in the hierarchy of Amway India Enterprises, who share commissions on purchase of products by the downline members. The sources said that in the business model of Amway, the upline members who enroll new members into the scheme of purchasing products received sizable income which was nothing but easy and quick money. “Once the list of the ‘Diamonds’ is prepared and their income on commissions is confirmed, we go ahead with arresting them also,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the police on Monday arrested the MD and CEO of Amway, William S Pinckney, who is presently in Charlapalli Jail and presented him in the judicial court which sent him to remand for 14 days. The MD was sent back to Charlapalli Jail. It is learnt that the police would file a petition in the court seeking custody of Pinckney for interrogation to take the criminal case against him to a logical conclusion.

A police official said that the law would take its own course and charge sheets would be filed soon in the criminal cases against Amway India. In another twist to the criminal case against the MD of Amway, the High Court did not issue any orders on the petition filed by Amway India to exempt its managing director Pinckney from surrendering the passport to the police department. However, the passport surrender order issue has become an impediment for the release of Pinckney on bail.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Delhi resident lodges police complaint against Amway India

More often than not, the apologists of Amway India say that Amway India is facing problems only in Andhra Pradesh but nowhere else in India. The critics even go to the extent of blaming one police officer who they claim to be holding a grudge against the company. It is proved wrong once again. Last year, the Kerala police filed criminal cases against Amway India arresting CEO and MD William Pinckney. Here is another instance to prove the critics wrong. This is time it is in the national capital New Delhi.

New Delhi (ANI) Direct marketing firm Amway India has been facing some tough times of late; and its troubles don't seem to be ending any time soon.  In the past year, the company and some of its key officials  have been charged with financial irregularities.
In  May last year, its chairman and CEO William S Pinckney and two directors were arrested by Crime Branch officers for violating various provisions of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978.
And now, a Delhi resident has lodged a police complaint accusing Amway India of being involved in a scam allegedly worth over Rs.2000 crores.
According to the complainant, Kiran Pal, key officials of Amway India, including Pinckney and Chief Marketing Officer Sundeep Shah, allegedly adopted restrictive trade practices that resulted in misrepresentation, and the sale of inferior quality health, beauty and nutritional products.
In documents provided by Mr. Pal, he has claimed in his complaint that an Amway Enterprises Limited distributor lured him with the prospect of becoming an Independent Business Owner (IBO) and achieving complete financial independence.
According to the documents provided to the authorities, Pal has said his wife used one of Amway's eyeliner products, and thereafter, had to undergo costly medical treatment for burnt eye lids.
Based on Pal's complaint, the Civil Lines police station has issued a notice to the Amway India's offices in Sector 32, Gurgaon, seeking clarifications on the method of its operations, and details of agencies, if any, that verify Amway's products.
Amway India has not given a response or a statement with regard to this complaint, despite repeated attempts to contact them.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Pinckney is not willing to execute the bail bonds for his release: Kurnool police. Amway keeping him in jail to bring pressure on Indian Govt for his release

The Kurnool District Court granted bail to CEO and MD of Amway India Enterprises, Mr William S Pinckney, more than a week back. But Amway India officials so far have not come forward to secure his release on bail. What could be the reason? 
The Amway India Enterprises’ counsels and the bosses of Amway in the USA have been attempting to bring pressure on the Indian Government to release Mr Pinckney unconditionally. The Amway officials appears to have felt that more time Mr Pinckney remains in jail, he could garner more sympathy. In order to increase the pressure on the Government they are keeping Mr Pinckney in jail. It is entirely the fault of the Amway authorities in making the CEO and MD of Amway India languish in jail.

Secondly, the District Court set as one of the conditions for bail that Mr Pinckney should surrender his passport to the court. The Amway authorities could not digest this condition. They pleaded that Pinckney has been living in the country for the last 16 years and he would not escape to other countries. The court did not agree to the contention and stuck to its position for the surrender of the passport.
In fact, the Nampalli Metropolitan Magistrate Court should have demanded the surrender of passport seven years back when a criminal case was filed against Amway India by the CID of AP. For reasons better known to the then judicial officer, there was no such demand.
At least this time, the district court of Kurnool set the condition. Once he surrenders the passport and fulfil the other conditions, he would be set free. Then only he could obtain bail from other courts including Warangal, Khammam, Hyderabad and other places.
Why Mr Pinckney is not willing to surrender his passport?
In the case, he is convicted and sentenced he might escape to the USA or Australia to avoid jail term. That is why the judicial court is demanding surrender of his passport.

That exactly is the point why the bigwigs of Amway from the USA are spreading canards that Pinckney was illegally detained and harassed.
In fact, he was legally arrested for indulging in a criminal activity and he could secure bail by fulfilling the conditions set by the judicial authorities.
Meanwhile, the journalist friends in New Delhi told Corporate Frauds Watch that Amway officials are seen moving in the lobbies of Parliament trying to impress upon the newly-elected members of Parliament for the release of Mr Pinckney.