Thursday, 4 November 2010

The ultimate 'Amway/MLM' bullshit

As you and your free-thinking readers are aware, when you tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it, eventually people will accept it as the truth.
How many times have we heard on your Blog (without the slightest qualification) the scripted-bleating of the reality-denying, insolvent and economically-illiterate, 'Amway' faithful that the 'Amway Corporation' has 'expanding, annual sales figures of $8.4 billion' and an 'expanding sales force of 3 million Independent Business Owners, worldwide?' Sadly, countlesss useful idiots (including: judges, politicians, journalists, co-opted academics, celebrities, etc.) have also repeated these comic-book lies (without the slightest qualification).
For a long time, the so-called 'annual sales figures' of the 'Amway' organization actually comprised the total amount of effectively-unsaleable, over-priced wampum which had been 'wholesaled' (i.e. peddled) to 'Amway's' constantly-churning, so-called 'sales-force' in a 12 month period, plus the addition of 30%, which (in theory) was the so-called 'sales force's' lawful profit derived from its members regularly selling the majority of their 'Amway' wampum to outsiders, at the organization's 'recommended retail price.' However, despite the 'Amway' organization's own comic-book 'rules' (which have appeared to make it obligatory for the members of 'Amway's' so-called 'sales force' to have retailed a significant amount of wampum for a profit before they could receive commission payments), in reality, no means has ever existed for the 'Amway' organization to verify that any member of its so-called 'sales force' has actually made regular, profitable retail sales to outsiders. 'Amway's' own comic-book 'rules' have not been enforced, for they couldn't be enforced and, furthermore, they were never intended to be enforced. We now know that, in reality (for 50+ years), the overwhelming majority of the constantly-churning, insolvent 'Amway' flock, hasn't even made one profitable retail transaction, and that the billionaire bosses of the organization have been fully-aware of this unviable closed-market, because they maliciously created it.
In simple terms, for decades, the stability, profitablity and scale of financial activity within the 'Amway' organization was deliberately exaggerated by a huge factor in order to perpetrate, and shield, one of the most-extensive swindles in history. Over this period, many billions of dollars of so-called 'Amway annual sales' never actually existed; whilst the billions of dollars of so-called 'sales' which actually took place were mostly only dissimulated payments within an illegal, endless-chain, money circulation scheme. The abusive 'Amway' bosses might as well have been peddling their victims bottles of coloured-water for the price of fine wine and then pretending that it was an exclusive, good-value product which could be easily sold for a profit, whilst simultaneously blaming their victims for not being able to sell it for a profit.
Laughably, 'Amway' apologists now claim that, since 1999, the so-called 'annual sales figures' of the 'Amway' organization have no longer included the additional (imaginary) 30% retail profit margin.
Once you know exactly how the 'Amway/MLM' swindle works, it beggars belief that senior law enforcement agents in the USA (and elsewhere) have found themselves unable look past all the mystifying bullshit and to explain what has actually been occurring to criminal prosecutors in accurate deconstructed terms. With just a little bit of thought, the bosses of the 'Amway' mob could have been recognized as absurd charlatans decades ago; their illegal profits could have been seized (before these totalled billions of dollars) and they could have been packed off to prison (before they spawned all their copy-cats).
David Brear (Copyright 2010)

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