Sunday, 7 August 2011

Police shut down Amway India all over Kerala

Kerala police conducted raids on the nine premises of Amway India in Kerala following criminal cases against the multilevel marketing company filed by several persons at three places - Kannur, Wynad and Thrissur.
Police conducted raids on the premises of Amway India at Thirvunanthapuram, Kollam, Kottaaym, Kochi, Kozhicode, Thrissur, Palakkad, Wynad and Kannur in the Indian southern State of Kerala.
There have been several complaints against this fraudulent company of indulging in money circulation scheme in the name of selling products. This fraudulent company has been offering a 'good business opportunity' to become rich in 3-5 years.
The website of Amway India offers its members a monthly of Rs. 62,500 if they succeed in enrolling 102 members downline of each member with the business model of 6-4-3. That means every member has to enroll six members and in turn these six members has to enroll four members each and these four members has to enroll three members each to complete one cycle. If the cycle is completed the first member would earn every month Rs. 62,500 without any personal effort.
In effect, the business of Amway India has been completely shut down for the time being in this Arabian coastal cash-rich State of India.
It may be recalled that Andhra Pradesh High Court has already held that the business model of Amway India is illegal and police have powers to stop such business. And when the Amway  India preferred a special leve petition in the Supreme Court of India, the Apex Court upheld the judgement of Andhra Pradesh High Court. Still, the fraudulent  company is still practising the same business model for quite sometime on the pretext that there were no complaints.
The Madras High Court in the Apple FMCG case held that for the simple reason that there were no complaints the business model would become legitimate. A crime is a crime whether there were complaints or not.


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Shyam Sundar said...

Mr Padmanabhan in a comment in an open forum on Amway India stated: This is for the information of
Can you survive in Amway only by selling these products and with out ever joining others in your network? If you have good products why not sell it directly?

I know there is going to be lot of dislikes for my comments. But having worked in Amway and knowing how it works, here is what I have felt.

Amway is one such business (there are many others) that will create an illusion of big money to any new person who joins in. He will hear a lot about how other people made a lot of money in Amway. The person never investigates what percentage of people are really successful. Of course if you work hard you become successful in any business, but in this case others under you also have to work hard and harder for you to be successful. And majority of those who join drop out after the initial honeymoon with Amway is over and when reality sets in that they have under-estimated the amount of time they have to spend for this and what they have been fed is a lot of hype. The rest of the gang slogs on and get some money too. They may go up a few levels, but again no one realises the fact that they are working hard (90%+ of them) to make the upper few percent rich. So what will happen to the rest of the crowd down below? What they do not think is that - when they promise one person that there is a lot of wealth in such a business, every other person who may eventually join under them or in their network also has to be promised the same way and delivered. But there are not enough people in the country or on the planet for that :-)

The quality of these products may be good. But they are overpriced and everyone knows that. To keep the cheques flowing, there are instances of people who have been purchasing these items thinking that they can sell it eventually. The fault lies with the leaders who made them join Amway without qualifying them and telling them the facts and the risks.

Let any leader in Amway come up and be brave enough to display all the income (and the expenses related) of all people in their network for a period of time. They may be showing heavy cheques, but the expenses are not disclosed. There is a lot of money being pumped back into the network to keep it going.

Overall this is not a good business for any country that expects their citizens to think creatively and implement ideas that can increase the wealth inside the country using its own resources. This is a business for people who do not really want to work on something productive and do not want to add any value to themselves, their people or the nation. It was originated from the American mind who has always been brilliant enough to fool people with their ideas on how to make quick money. And all this wealth flows to them.

Any responsible government should think twice before letting anyone with such business operate in their country. However if they feel that that such businesses can operate with regulatory controls in place, then it should be welcome. It should considered a crime, if proper disclosures about the TRUE nature of the business and the risks involved are not made to individuals before they join - like they do for cigarettes and liquor :-).

Renjit said...

Hi Mr. Shyam, I'm Renjit here... just being curious after reading your comments. Actually, what are you trying to prove here? Amway is an illegal business model or The way the business is being run in India by the so called (IBOs) is unethical. Please make your point. Tks

Shyam Sundar said...

Renjit, Can't you see the writing on the wall. It is a clear case of money circulation scheme being run in the guise of selling products. It is a scam and stinking too.

Renjit said...

Oh! Shyam, how did you reach such a conclusion that Amway is a money circulation scheme. What's your finding? How long have you been in this research?

Shyam Sundar said...

So you refuse to see the reality. Have you read the judgement of
Andhra Pradesh High Court?

Renjit said...

But Shyam, still it doesn't prove the point that it's an illegal busuness model, isn't it? and if you think so, why is the business still in operation very successfully not only in AP but also in all over India and in almost 80 over countries around the globe. Especially in countries like UK, USA, Singapore etc where Amway has been awarded special note of Appreciation by the respective Govts.

Shyam Sundar said...

Amway is running all over India and other countries because of crooks like you. You don't mind to rope in your own friends and relatives and they never file a criminal case against you when they lost money in the scam.
In the absence of criminal cases, generally police would not interfere in the business. That is how it is still somehow managing its business.

Renjit said...

Hey bro Shyam, easy on your! Hehe...I'm no one to defend a $9.5 Billion company, Amway which is a subsidiary of Alticor Inc, but I'm pretty sure that the Company have enough ppl to do that part and already been scrutinized by regulatory bodies like FTC and all; so many times since 1970s.
So my humble advice to you is please get all the facts about something before critisizing. Ignorance is not something to be celebrated in public.
But if you still thinks that you have some points to make for the mankind genuinely, which none of the Govts or other regulatory bodies in 80 over countries for the past 75 years cannot prove with proper evidence, go for it.
Best of Luck.

corporate frauds watch said...

Read the first comment sent by Mr Padmanabhan and answer him. That's all.

corporate frauds watch said...

I told you to read AP high court judgement. What is the point in talking to such ignorant people. You apologists are like ostrich.

Shyam Sundar said...

This fellow is not aware that Amway hired the smartest lawyers like Soli Sorabjee and others. Still they lost the case in the Supreme Court. Wake up from slumber. It is a racket.

శరత్ చంద్ర said...

Most of the 'smart' people ignores the truth when it comes for (easy)money. MLM companies like Amway, e-biz, SpeakAsia always chooses well educated people, because they can easily fool the others.

JIJO Thomas said...

shyam if ur a good avd. then why dont u think about creating anew law to stop the MLM in india . Amway is a registerd menber of IDSA.and also amway inveated around 200 india govt. start the bussinues. and like another buss. amway have an orgin .but others have no.

L Girish said...

U r mentioning about AP high court verdict some time ago. Then how Amway business growing fast all over AP now?

Anonymous said...

I hope you have the guts to publish this.

Amway is rated at the highest level of A+ by Better Business Bureau:

Shyam Sundar said...

This stupid fellow thinks that I have no guts. You could understand my guts when I filed four criminal cases against Amway India and closure of GoldQuest and fourteen other pyramid scheming companies. I need not prove my guts to any silly fellow.

Reformative said...

Dear sir/mam,

I supposed to join Amway next week.

after i found some stuffs online i changed my mind. When I saw a plan & product prices first, I had a doubt. Because of exaggerated price of Amway products; easily, it can be a suspect of skepticism at first sight to people in India.

Below are some links for your kind reference.
Every year Amway got tag of fraud because Amway authorities thinks there are no such a thing like "Price control" in India.

First Andhra Pradesh, Then Karnataka, Now Kerala, After few year Amway wud be no where in India.

In that respect I wont join Amway with such a "exaggerated prices" and wont allow my friends, relatives.

If company think products, prices, etc are really genuine company should step in direct market instead masks like "Networking and pyramid schemes" In direct marketing no one can stop quality brands, atleast in india.

Shyam Sundar said...

This issue has been conclusively proved in the Andhra Pradesh High Court. The judiciary has come to conclusion that Amway and its members have been making easy and quick money and this decision was based on the affidavit filed by Amway India itself.
What else you want to prove now. The politicians and the bureaucrats have already been facing the CBI enquiry. But there is no one to pin point the crooks like Amway and its associates in the Indian Direct Selling Association. That is what I am doing now.

anand said...

Police shut down Amway India all over Kerala, but way this business working in all over india, who can stop this business to working many other state, please clarify this.
thanking you.

Shyam Sundar said...

Amway Enterprises could be closed down, if all the victims join hands and file a class action suit against the fraudulent company. Can you mobile at least three persons who are willing to file a criminal case against the fraudulent company?

Shyam Sundar said...

Nenu kudaa ade cheptunna. nenu cheppedi neeku ardham kaadu. endukante nuvvu murkhudilagaa matladutunnavu. Nuvvu Amway nu samardhinchadam dwaara nee toti vallanu mosam chestunna sangati neeku enta chepppinaa ardham kaadu.
Neeku nee bhasha enta goppado naaku naaku naa bhasha nate mukhyam kadaa?
iddarini kalapadaniki yedo bhasha kaavali kadaa?
Can you make out what I have written in Telugu. That is why I am telling you that English is the best link language. You may love your mother tongue. But I too love my mother tongue.
Now you are talking about pigs. You are right. Such alien pigs have been looting our country with active connivance of the local pigs. My mission is to clear these pigs.

maheshaero said...

here we show 6-4-3 as a sample market plan but it does not mean that it has to go in that way and simple joining people no income will come only by doing business we will get income.

To the person who posted this Try it join 102 people here, my company does not force to buy any product don't but any products and let us know how u earned by joining 102 people....

after seeing the result give ur opinion

Shyam Sundar said...

Mr Mahesh
You did not disclose what else is the way to make money in the Amway business model. Can anybody make money without enrolling new members in Amway.
How much money you have to invest to purchase products to re-sell them. What is the profit?
Is there any single person who made money by selling Amway products? Can you prove that the person made money by selling products only but not on selling tools.
Is there any person who could show his bank statements to prove that he has received sale commission by way of cheques from Amway Enterprises?
The Amway website clearly states that IBOs could earn Rs. 67,500 every month if they could adopt 6-4-3 scheme of Amway. There is nothing else in the website to show that how much money the distributors could earn by selling products.
Whom you are bluffing?

kuntal's BLOG said...

Just correcting my last line...wherien it will be our belief FOR a company n not against...Thanks

Shyam Sundar said...

Kuntal, just read the latest posts to know how to prove that you are a genuine Amway adherent who make thousands of rupees every month on selling products.
In case you are making Rs. 22,000-25,000 every month (may be you are purchasing products worth that amount but that is also doubtful), just show me your Bank statement to prove you honesty that you are actually receiving commission for that amount from Amway every month.
I know you never come back again like all those cowards who said the same thing in the past.
Next time be watchful before claiming such tall amounts as commission.

kuntal's BLOG said...

Nevertheless You keep on writing against AMWAY and I will rather concentrate n spend my time earning from AMWAY....And I will comeback with the BANK SATEMENT

mini said...

Actually Mr.Shyam..Unfortunately i see that you have the lengthiest blogs and views..There are lot of people who genuinely feel 24hrs is not enough for working on lives to secure their future, i am surprised to see that you have so much of time for these. Appreciate that you are trying to, so called "save people", but are so generous to spend time to pass these information in spite of the fact that nothing is gained!Its quite obvious that you not aware of Amway's credibility(u need not too!), but just a question. When a simple man like 'you' are checking if ALL the legalistic formalities are perfect before you join spending a 1000 bucks, do you think that the founders of this business (who are investing more than 1000s of dollars) wouldn't even verified about the legal formalities of a country? this is the first & last comment i would leave, coz i have got to plan my time productively for MY LIFE.

Shyam Sundar said...

You presumption is a thief goes through thoroughly all the legal issues before committing a crime. As long as they could loot they are looting. Once the loot was stopped by the police, the Amway tried to escape by way of filing a writ in the AP High Court and even it moved the Supreme Court of India. Both point blank refused to entertain the plea of Amway. Now it is undertaking unethical ways to continue its business in India.

Shyam Sundar said...

succe all the best.

Shyam Sundar said...

This platinum loosu did not elaborate actually what his earnings are? Anyway, no IBO ever tells truth let alone prove the truth.
He did not elaborate how many people he got enrolled and what amount of products he is purchasing to sell to his 'customers'. LoL
Simply he says he is platinum and congratulates another fellow on going to become diamond.
This is nothing but Goebbels' propaganda.

Shyam Sundar said...

This Bharat loosu has already cheated several hundreds of people and all of them are losers. They never enroll hundreds like this crook and tend to lose their hard-earned money. This crook claims that he is purchasing Rs. 3,000-4,000 worth products every month and earning Rs. 46,000 every month.This is what is called easy and quick money which is illegal under the provisions of Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978.
These crooks conveniently hide the fact and indulge in illegal activities.

Shyam Sundar said...

Veer, if you are a true Indian and have Indian blood in you, you never succumb to the inducement by these American crooks and lose your country's hard-earned freedom and money. Every year this crook is siphoning out several thousands of crores of our money to the parent company in the USA.
You refuse to see the reason and live in a make-believe world. One only hopes that you would realise the reality soon.

Shyam Sundar said...

Dear Veer,
I cannot assess you whether you are innocent or ignorant.
Amway India is indulging in money circulation scheme in the name of selling products and lining its pockets after some peanuts to its some of the members. Sizable number of members are losing money in this scam.
This was exactly pointed out by the Andhra Pradesh High Court and confirmed by the Supreme Court of India.
It is a scam and people like you are unwittingly or knowingly benefiting a scamster.
I hope you would realise the fraud and keep it off from you and your friends and relatives.

veer said...

hi shyam sundar ji,
thank you very much for being my well wisher and your kind heart.

let see:- in three year bye

mukul said...

hi mr. shyam. salute to ur spirit of fighting with Mr. Veer & others.
Mr. veer, i'm also an IBO. I could not understand that why any of the IBO has not replied properly to Mr. Shyam! Everyone is arguing abusingly & without giving concrete points. If he is giving any point against the Co., U, an IBO going for Diamond must convince him by giving proper points. Why r u running off? Only one person, Mr. Bharat has given some points.
main point that i understand was a scheme of 102 person's joining- answer must be that there is no any system or commitment by the Amway that if anyone arranges this type of joining can get Rs. 62500 monthly or like that. Although, all the persons below 6% level r just loosing their capital n efforts in favour of his upliners (because at this level they r gitting nothing, but still company is not getting the commission, it is upliners).
secondone is that this system is based on a turnover under u & ur network, whether the turnover is created by direct selling by any IBO itself. But it is acheived by the common efforts of the group of person of network by purchasing the product for self use & for selling to other persons too.
Now my Qs. are from MR. Veer (going Diamond)
1. Why the 3% level is demolished from commission distribution system?
2. Why the compulsion of 50 ppv is introduced to the system to get the commission? (a person who is at six percent or below level, does not have a selling network like a person at the level of 15% & above.)
3. Why the amount of pv/bv of non-coreline items is as of the coreline items? (e.g. non-coreline ladies panty- mrp-249; dap-226; bv-50; pv-0.76 whereas coreline facewash- mrp-249; dap-208; bv-183; pv-2.77. The ratio of dap/bv is much less in the case of non-coreline items.)
4. why the training of product is not available on the site itself? Why not ALL THE BSMs r available free on the site?
Sir, i reach to this blog while i was searching the Demos of amway product in hindi. I'm not the regular surfer of any blog. my e-mail id is

Shyam Sundar said...

Mr Mukul,
Let us not behave like an ostrich. The web site of Amway clearly says that if any IBO enrolls 102 persons his downline he could get Rs. 62,500 every month That is exactly what Amway has mentioned in its affidavit filed in the AP High Court. Even Raja Naren who has also filed a writ petition in AP High Court also mentioned the same in his affidavit.
That is why it is called an illegal money circulation scheme.
In the name of selling products which are exorbitantly priced, Amway is lining its pocket after giving some peanuts to the IBOs. It is a scam.

outlooktech said...

Mr Shyam,

Could you please publish the AP court verdict?

Shyam Sundar said...

Just go to old post and look for AP High Court full judgement against Amway.

outlooktech said...

Mr Shyam Sundar,

Are you referring the following link as the judgement?

Please consider this as my ignorance I was unable to find the right information on the current thread. It will be widely appreciated if you can guide me through this.

Shyam Sundar said...
Here you could see the gist of AP High Court jdugement against Amway.
If you want full text, a soft copy would be forwarded to you provided if you reveal your real name and email.

outlooktech said...


Anonymous said...

This is fake .... those who are unsuccesful and dont have proper skill and knowdelge will indulge in such activities like abusing the name of a corporate companies .... you can try these out( )
( many evidence are awaiting ...... please stop commenting wrongly

Shyam Sundar said...

There are several millions of unsuccessful Amway distributors or IBOs through out India. The reason is the network marketing never works. It is called mathematical impossibility. That is why this type of multilevel marketing is slammed by various High Courts all over India and even the Supreme Court confirmed such judgements.
Still crooks like 'leans' who have no name or face always try to cheat people in the name of 'good business opportunity'.

Ganesh said...

Mr.Sundar I am Ganesh Our govt. of india investigate the Amway Business models and how they giving incentives to the distributors from 1995 to 1998 through our bar council and Auditing General of Parliment and then only they gave approval to launch the business in India in 1998. I think middle class peoples can be fools as per your opinion, but how parliment officals are fools i dont think like that

Please go through the history of Amway. They having so many scinetist working for Amway Products for their Quality, Some Pepole can misguide the other for that how can you blame the company, they having the professional ethics. your are in legal profession you and your friends can take an legal actions against Amway if they are wrong, if you have any proof. Making more money in short period is not possible, People who have stand more than five years or more can make more money in this business, as per your statement of 6-4-3 earning 62000+ is not possible. One thing be clear In 1998 Amway having 6 products only now they 450 pattern right products. In 1998 total turnover in India is 100 Crores in it reaches 2170 cr. Please think if they fraud means how it is possible , Big money also is possible by smart working like Share markets do you agree. Please do good advice, if not means please be silent it good for all

Ramu Kaka said...

Amway says its building Distributors network. But actually they are building customer's network. They give away distributorship for free and with no particular exp of selling product. because they are not making you distributor but you are a customer to Amway.

Once a person become distributor(so called). He has to purchase stuff for his own use (this is forced by upline) and this how Amway do business.

Distributor are themself buying products for self or for family members .. The is NO Customer of Amway.

Amway pay 21% distributor incentive to entire line. They give 20% commision to distributor. 7-8% they spend on promotions/meetings/seminar. 3% is diamond/platinum members bonus. Amway as a Company earns 20% profit. So if you add all these around 80% of the MRP is distributed and the Product is just work 20% (including manufacturing cost, employee salary, infrastructer exp etc.).

So Just imagine you are paying 1000Rs for a 200 Rs product. Which customer is going to buy such a product???

Ramu Kaka said...

Just to Add to above comment, I have worked with Amway (Alticor is the actual entity). And the so called Distributor information is saved in CUSTOMER Tables. So for Amway All distributors are just customers , They one higher on the line earn some incentives and the one below just dream of getting higher...

Charlie said...

You find yourself raoming in the malls, cinema halls, footpath and other public places looking for new downline, become extra friendly with them, ask for any general favor, be nice to them. Once he gets in talks with you, you introduce your business plan. It is only after 2-3 years, one comes back into one’s senses to find that how his few golden years have vanished into this trap.

In the greed of becoming workless and earning millions in next 4-5 years, you actually lose your entertainment , family time. Whenever you look around, you dont see human beings, you see only prospective downline. Height of materialism.

Charlie said...

Somewhere you have to draw your bounderies between your profession and your social circle.

Have you ever tried to know what your once good friends who didnt join; may be thinking for you after these tecties ??? NO.. Because you have been trained well to become insensitive for these aspects. Your good friends & relatives would be really hurt to see you trying this on them. And you feel like trying again n again to convince them despite their denials. Because you feel you have reply to each existing doubt in this world and you try to eliminate all doubt of your friends n relative. And here is the key for you:-

When any of your relatives or friends tell you again n again that -

- He is busy so cant come today.
- He isnt well or his kid is not well.
- He couldnt escape from office for your Amway meetings.
- He is not a good seller and cant go to each one in social circle for selling.
- He doesnt believe in this work.

Then, for god sake leave him like that. It is clear that he is not interested for this but because he is your good friends and have some good emotions for you; he doesnt want to let you down but he doesnt believe in this system too. Although he has denied to you directly or indirectly but you keep on trying to eliminate his every doubt with your logical replies.

If he says that he doesnt find your product that much useful or these are costly, just accept that and leave him. But Amway trains you to keep bugging everyone for sales.

Sorry to say you become insensitive to all these emotions and what you see in everyone is your prospective downline. This is so mechanical.

Grapes are not sore my dear. This whole system is sore. A pure cult which cut you away from your society.

subrata said...

Amway's products are of good quality. But they are highly priced.
main controversy is about their marketing approach. They are creating greedyness among indian public by their marketing approach. Being a layman I am not understanding this kind of maketing practices.
Ultimately the apex will decide what is right and what is wrong.

Shyam Sundar Matham said...

The Supreme Court of India has already decided in 2007 itself that the business model of Amway India is illegal and attracts the provisions of Prize Chits & Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. Just read the judgement of Andhra Pradesh High Court in MLM Frauds Watch blog to know how the High Court came to conclusion regarding the business model of Amway.

ABO said...

Few More Facts about Amway--

Shyam Sundar Matham said...

No thanks nameless ABO. We have had enough of facts of the crook Amway India. It has been conclusively proved that the business model of Amway is illegal.

Gurunathan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gurunathan said...

Hello Mr.Shyam before talking rubbish about amway think that what amway teaches you. They knowledge you not only by makin money but also by giving positive thoughts to your personal life and for your business.
Amway teaches how to be a real human and humanity towards others. If you want to know about the business structure and the way of making money go and sit in an open meeting for developing your knowledge. That shows you people with quality and people with integrity

Shyam Sundar Matham said...

What integrity you are talking about Mr Gurunathan? When the fraudulent company has been only cheating your own people and looting their hard-earned money in the name of selling products. Just go to the first comment on this blog and answer to Mr Padmanabhan's queries.

Gurunathan said...

I have to make you clear one thing Business means making money from people around us.Let me give you one example think of a retail shop. He invests money for buying products and he sells to you with the higher price than what he gets. So here the money is being taken from people around him........ This is how all business works around us. Please get some knowledge and open up your Brain for knowing and feeding good things and better things

star said...

Dear shyam sunder,
Nirmal baba said to change the colour of the wallet of his followers so that they will become rich in very few days, almost each and every one around the country changed it, and on the other side the big amway corporation shows each and every thing transparently then also some people think its a scam!! Shyam please be specific what you want to convey.

star said...

Dear Shyam,
Read the first comment sent by Mr Padmanabhan dt Sunday, August 07, 2011 3:37:00 PM and today is May 20, 2012, still amway is running can you tell me why, MLM like speakasia came and dissappeared, no one knows where, but Amway corporation is still running with full dignity. I don,t want to hurt your feelings but i think u gave up very early.

Sridhar Pothula said...


But Amway is Going like a Rocket World Wide.. from 2010 March to 2011 march.. Amway India has Paid 200 crores, of Rupees Sales Tax for they Products in India.. still every month. Market is Growing very Fast in Amway business. still you say it not a good company?.. My friends are Getting 65000/rs per month. i see lot of IT manager working for Amway including me. Amway is the best to earn money. and Good Quality Products. or can you please explain any good product in India is 100% chemical free product?. If your statement is right, then how Amway paid 200 crores of Tax?.

Sridhar Pothula said...

HI, Amway is Approved by IDSA. Do you think All the Indian Company are Good?. do you know how many illegal Business are running in India. including Medical and Fake Food products. Why cant you list them first?. do you 50% of the Doctors are recommending fake Tablets with will not work. why cant you bring those thing first?. how people are doing fake Food products?. if you talk about some thing you should know it.. Amway is 100% very good Company... do you think people are Fools to join Amway. do you know in 1998 -manmohan singh finance minister. has asked Amway to come to India. Why manmohan singh finance minister - do that if it is fake?... Amway is Very Good one...

Sridhar Pothula said...

hi See this link,,

Shyam Sundar said...

Mr Pothula,
You yourself rightly commented whether people are fools to join Amway. YES. they are fools to lose their hard-earned money. If you claim that there are distributors who earn Rs. 65.000 per month by selling Amway wampum, prove it by way showing income tax receipts.
Just click the HOME button to read about this.
Anyway you did not answer to the query of Mr Padmanabhan who made the first comment on this post.
Read again and answer him.

Sridhar Pothula said...

Hi, then what about this link no one says i paid this much tax i paid for so and so year. if it false. why Indian Govt is not taking any action on it?. why income tax is allowing TDS using Amway?. why people are submitting PAN number for Amway TDS?. Do income Tax dept is a fool to see such thing a ADDS 'that we are paying 200 Crores Sales Tax to Indian Govt?. i don't think so without India & AP govt this can be possible. see the ADD in link that says we paid the TAX?. is it making Indian Govt & AP govt A fool. how is it possible to make Income tax dept a fool?. how it is running in India without Approval?. can you please explain?. is Indian Govt is fooled by Amway?. i don't think so.. then why IDSA is approved?.

corporate frauds watch said...

click home button and read the latest post.

pai.eagle said...

Mr Shyam, I know how you feel, because I used to feel the same way about Amway but when I found out that Amway is listed in forbes listing, working across 88+ countries, with over 10.8bn dollars sales globally, my perception changed. I have been building this business for couple of years now and to be frank have learnt a lot about life. To name few positives: I quit drinking thanks to this business, the relationships with my spouse has improved so much because of having a common goal in this business, I have made some very good friends with whom we have lots of fun in this business, I have learnt how to handle money at such an young age thanks to the books recommended by this business, I have changed my mindset from an employee thinking to a businessman thinking thanks to this business, I have wonderful relationships with my parents, relatives, my colleagues etc thanks to this business and last but not the least I have gained leadership qualities thanks to this business. The list is endless. Money is not everything Mr Shyam. There are so many intangibles that this business promises if built in the right way, with ethics and values the way the founders of this company envisioned. Finally Mr Shyam, this business will help only those who wants to help themselves.... I hope you were able to learn something from my experience.

Shyam Sundar said...

Mr Eagle,
You did not say how much actually earning every month in the 'good business opportunity' and actually how much you are losing every month.
You claim to have made friends but in reality you would be losing relations with your friends and relatives when you try to rope them in this 'good business opportunity'.You claim money is not everything but to your handlers money is everything and they are only making money at your expense.

star said...

36Dear shyam,
Please give me one example how this amway is cheating people of india, i want to know about their strategy and the way they circulate money.

Shyam Sundar said...

Dear Not-So-Shining Star,
You have closed your eyes and want to see 'one example'. Just keep your eyes open you could see for yourself. Have you read the first comment on this post? First read it and answer simple questions posed by Mr Padmanabhan.

star said...

Dear not so sundar (handsome or beautiful, means ugly) shyam,
First of all let me tell you one thing, you don't have Etiquettes in you, may be you have been brought up in a very high class society so that they forgot to teach you the manners.
Now, what the hell do you know about Amway? Who are you tried to pass judgment regarding Amway?
Now shyam I guarantee you that you don’t deserve to write anything about AMWAY because you can’t even apply one mathematical formula of adding and subtracting and why the hell you are worried if somebody sells Amway product and gets commission on it? And who said selling a product and getting commission on it is illegal in India? I think you are an ALIEN, just open your mind and check the details about Amway,
PATENTS - 500+
It’s been one year that you commented on AMWAYS being a legitimate corporation, now what did your AP COURT do to stop Amway. People like you have issues with Amway but fail to help to remove slums from our country, shame on you, at least Amway is giving hope to low class of our society to raise their standard of living by selling products.
You know why I asked a question to prove Amway wrong because I knew that you don’t have even one way.
I have read the statement and just because of that you to try to condemn Amway. Your Mr. PADMANABHAN is also a "fraud" like you because people like you don't want others to be wealthy, and your AP COURT has more than 26000 pending cases to be solved, now if you think that by commenting like this will help somebody, then it would be a crook like you, Amway is making people's life significant and teaching them to live free,
People of Amway don't talk rubbish like you,
And Last but not the least m not an Amway distributor so I really feel that people like you should shut you mouth,

Shyam Sundar said...

Dear nameless and faceless fellow, you have no guts to reveal your real name and you claim that you are not a member of Amway, but you carry the burden of supporting Amway on your shoulders for reasons better known to you alone.
If you are not a member of Amway how do you know that Amway is making people's life significant and teaching them to live free.
When you don't have anything support your claim you call everyone a fraud. You could not answer the points raised by Mr Padmanabhan.
If my comments would not make a different for Amway, why do you people worry over my blog at all.
That is why you are a crook and Amway apologist. You are a liar and a member of Amway too. Otherwise, it is no way concern to you at all.

star said...

Dear Sundar,
How does it matter to you if I don’t reveal my identity, I support Amway and will be supporting it till I live. Your blog does not affect me but m very much concerned about Amway.
People like you will not change and same applies to me.
So it’s my last suggestion to you that rather than criticizing anybody try to support good cause.

Shyam Sundar said...

It does matter when you do a rightful thing honestly and in the larger interest of people. People with vested interests would never change and they always think of themselves. They never think of the society they are living in.
By joining your friends and relatives in such schemes, you are losing relations with them. After some time, a strange situation would prevail in the society that nobody trust anybody that would lead to collapse of the society.
I honestly believe that I am working for a good cause by bringing awareness among fellow human beings all over world about the perils of multilevel marketing.

star said...

Dear Sundar,
I know that you are fighting for the good cause but it is not yet proved that Amway is circulating money. I know that there are perils of MLM but of course not in case of Amway because of simple reason that an Amway distributor having thousands of people sponsored and working under him can’t get commission even if single person don’t purchase any product. I have heard that goods are so costly that people refuse to buy but they are as costly as products of L’Oreal, Gillette, Colgate toothbrush, and a normal soap people use every day. The thing is that people must attend the training session before using Amway products. All the products come in concentrated form and before using it you have to dilute it with water. I really deplore other MLM schemes running around because people trapped in those schemes have to circulate their hats on other prospects. In case of Amway, if I’m buying any product whether it is costly (but economical in use) I know that in return I’m using one of the best products in the world.
So I suggest and request you to please do some core research about Amway.

Shyam Sundar said...

You have come to conclusion that I am writing against Amway with a biased outlook. I don't know what prompted you to jump to that conclusion. Had you done enough research on my blog, you would have come across a wealth of information regarding Amway.
Particularly, the Andhra Pradesh High Court's judgement which slammed the business model of Amway.
The latest Supreme Court judgement in Kuriachan Chacko case has sufficiently proved that the MLM is nothing but cheating. The Apex Court stated that Section 420 is also applicable in such cases.
It is true, that if even person did not purchase products the chain would break and there have been a 99 per cent dropouts for the last several decades. That is why it is cheating.
People are induced to join such schemes in the false hope that they are going to become rich soon. That is a mirage.
I hope you would realise the true colours of such fraudulent companies.
The Amway scheme of 6-4-3 scheme is unworkable and it is a fraud pulled on people. By the time you realise you would not make any money, you would be losing several thousands of rupees. Ultimately you would drop out but the damage is done and Amway would be laughing all the way to bank.

Sridhar Pothula said...

Hello Shyam, I am getting all the Full Details from AP COURT & IDSA. in 1997 Amway Has made a survey about India - will they Business will run in India or not, in 1997 AP Court has Ordered not to Sell any Product in India without IDSA Permission after that in 1998- Amway Registered Business Got Approval form IDSA Till Date. there is no Case running on Amway in AP court or Denied by AP Court. AP Court Ask them to Get the Permission only. not more than that. even i have Cross checked with Income Tax-TDS. its Officially authorized for TAX saving using Amway for Tax Payers. Even ICICI Bank, Max New York Life Insurance, royal sundaram health insurance, Joined Business collaboration, with Amway. if it not approved by State & central Govt. why this Companies will join to Amway as a Business partners .?

Sridhar Pothula said...

Hi, "The Next Trillion Conpect" Book written by Paul Zane Pilzer. He is this Young Richest Man. 'Why the wellness industry will exceed the $1 trillion health care (sickness) industry in the next ten years'.. Read this Book...he is a Advisory for US Govt and WHO. you read this book you will come to know -what is the exact meaning of Advisor. and what kind of world we are living.

Eshwar said...

Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them. - by Einstein, Albert.

Each individual is different. There is a saying that there are typically 108 types of influences every
individual would fallin to.

Every one has their own definition of success whether it is money,recognition,necessities,cravings etc or of higher
desires like love,peace,wisdom or permanent joy. Priorities differ,circumstances differ. All these complex
combinations brought multitudes of belief systems and each individual chooses that suits his constitution.

The world and its people fall into various cults whether we are aware of consciously or not. There is no group
or community which does not fit into certain concepts or beliefs.

Whether it is with religion,country,race,caste,company,business strategy and the list goes on endlessly upto the
extreme that the right hand and the left hand have their own choices.

Each sect/cult has its own philosophy. Most of the sects will develop a strong conviction or belief over a period
of time that they are in the right path. 99% of them would also start believing that their way is the best and
goes to extreme that theirs is the only way and the rest are in a trap or of ulterior ones.

The remaining 1% group still have their own ways but have the matuirity to know the TRUTH that nothing
is PERFECT in this world. And it is practically impossible to follow different thoughts/belief lines at the same time.

The fights,arguments and people getting sandwiched will keep continuing endlessly.
He is the wisest who is honest to his own Self and keep doing,defending/confronting with what he believed in for his
own good.

Please discuss for your own Ideals. If needed fight like true warriors. But why bring hatred for we all are brothers?

I have joined Amway but never fared well because it doesn't suited me at that time.I may join in the future..not sure .
I have enjoyed both the good and bad of it. But I truly value that experience.

Shyam Sundar said...

It shows your level of knowledge. Indian Direct Selling Association was founded by Amway.
No AP Court ordered not to sell products without permission from IDSA.
A Criminal case is pending trail in the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Nampally, Hyderabad.
Criminal cases are pending investigation in Governorpet Police Station, Vijayawada, Chikkadapally Police Station, Nacharam Police Station, Hyderabad, Ramachandrapuram Police Station, Medak District.
After the AP CID filed a criminal case against Amway in 2006, Amway filed a writ petition in Andhra Pradesh High Court and after hearing at length, the High Court held that the business model of Amway India is illegal. Later the Amway filed a special leave petition in the Supreme Court of India which upheld the AP High Court judgement.
Paying taxes won't make an illegal business legal. Even Jaganmohan Reddy paid R
s. 83 crore advance tax this year. Still, his ill gotten wealth is being seized by the CBI.
As per Max New York Life Insurance is also member of IDSA doing illegal money circulation scheme in the country.
Banks and other institutions work with anyone.
Kindly read "Merchants of Deception" to learn the real side of Amway.

Shyam Sundar said...

Not only you there are millions of people who never fared well in Amway. Because the business model is such. You only keep on losing money and Amway keeps on making money.
Every month you have to purchase products a minimum of Rs. 2000 to be in the list of receiving commission.
Every year you would lose Rs. 25,000. You would be kept under the illusion that you are going to get rich soon. It is a mirage. After some time you would drop. That is the racket of Amway.

Eshwar said...


I agree that not every one who joined Amway are successful but there are people who joined along with me and later than me became Diamonds and emeralds now. For Ex: Balaji,Ramesh,deepak and many more etc. They have not played any politics except sheer commitment and hardwork. So what you are saying is only partially correct.
Technically, the only problem in Amway comes when there are no more people to build a network and every one in that locality is a distributor. Other than this there are no technical issues. Emotional problems are plenty because of greedy distributors(80% are greedy and immature) who uses all sorts of diplomatic sales methods to make every one around them to join their network. Setting aside these 2 things Amway makes a Person Healthy & Wealthy both Inward and Outward.

Sridhar Pothula said...

No Shyam, Amway is Member only not a Indian Direct Selling Association founder. you can check in IDSA site. and What about the Quality of products?. Do you know Nutrilite is World No'1 Best Products. can you please tell me one india company with that range Quality Products. in India How many Companies are giving Quality Products?. Chemical Free products. please mention names. forgot about business first. lets us see the Quality. please tell me good company products which are 1. chemical free 2. Harvest Food. 3. Eco Friendly. money is secondry thing we need a Quality Products. what kind of Food we are taking in India. what is the Quality range in Food. please explain.

Sridhar Pothula said...

Hello Shyam,

please see this one.

Shyam Sundar said...

You are a new entrant and that is why you are over-enthusiastic. Amway is the founder member of IDSA.
Referring to the quality of products, why don't they sell the same in regular shops, if they are the best quality. It seems, young man, you are carried away by their propaganda. It is a scandalous company and keep your eyes open. Think how much you are losing every month and think of how many you could enroll every month.

blog.purush said...

Mr Shyam Sundar,

Sir, I have a query

When can we expect judgement against Amway India? since it exists from past 14 years in India alone and still growing on.

Shyam Sundar said...

Racketeers always exist. We must be careful not to fall prey to such rackets.
AP High Court had already held that the business model of Amway is illegal. It is the Government which is supposed to take action against it.
Criminal case is only pending at Hyderabad.
But some more criminal cases are under investigation at various places.

shanmuga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jhiko jhiko said...

Hi,I am Mkherjee here, I think it would be wise thing to ignore Mr. Sundar because his glass of knowledge is full.

M.M.Sharma said...

I think in this world every person have there own opinion, we can't change his perception about anything by just fighting with him ,up to when he is not practically involve in the activity. As we saw the Mr. Shyam Sunder is not practically involve in this AMWAY business that's why he is stick to AP court.As he is lawyer, has his own mind of analysis the things and this thing is also stick to in his subconscious mind that AMWAY is fake system.My all friend His notion will be never change until nobody will introduce him about baseline of this business practically. Our talk will be wasted because Shayam Sunder is now totally controlled by his subconscious mind........
So, our first duty is to install this AMWAY system in his conscious mind so after that we can talk on the fake issues of this company.

shanmuga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rakesh Ponnala said...

Dear shyam sundar garu! Iam a Doctor by profession and amway distributor since 5years. I understood your views and the statements you have mentioned here by AP high court and supreme court. Really proud of you for your sincere effort to fight against fraud schemes.Advocates like you are very useful for the indian people to judge the facts.I have senior advocates, politicians joined in my group as amway distributors making good money and got retired and giving a healping hand to many indians . AMWAY is totally unique business if you understand properly.Even though i may not have that much knowledge and experience as you.chalamandi jeevithalni marchi padesindi amway. 1940s and 1950s loo amway facts meeda cassetes unnai. Really they are awesome. Avanni meeru choodali sir.Iam open to you to collect and give you lot of facts about amway which may be useful for your record.Really Amway is a legend. You might be thinking amway gone in to my subconsious but the way amway and nutrilite does business will shook us. Nijanga words raavu. Plz sir do more research on amway facts (I can help you)and continue the blog. Till then my request is to better stop the discussion. Sorry if you take me wrong. Thank you!

jhiko jhiko said...

Dear shyam,
May God bless u !!! what a reformer our country has got!!!! u r an asset of our country!!!!!

yatin bagul said...

hey all folks Mr.Shyam is pylon. dont listen to him. he is frustated with his own life, he is insecure, may be somehow he is not able to feed his family. so god bless Shyam, else Everyone GO DIAMOND JOIN AMWAY JOIN US

kalra said...

Mr.Shyam Sunder may be wrong but he said two right thing.first thing if it is so big company and its product is so good why it do not sell in open market and do such business which is opposed by govt.
and its product are also needs strong convincing power to cnvince them to buy such products.same products are launched by Patanjli at very less rate.and its IBO are also fraud.they talk like friends.they flattered us every time and call u even when u r busy.sssso ppl think about it.

kalra said...

yes they forced to ppl buy Rs6000 products to enter in this, they also called it a free time can a man convince other ppl on phone to bye these costly products.Jago Grahak Jago.

Shyam Sundar said...

Yeah. Ignore Shyam. How could you ignore the continuous loss you suffer every month after purchasing products worth at least Rs. 2500. How you are going to sell the exorbitantly priced products to anyone. Every year you are losing Rs. 25,000 at least. You don't realise you are a loser and keep on dreaming that you are going to become rich soon. MIRAGE! my dear watson.

jhiko jhiko said...

once again I'd like say MAY GOD BLESS YOU , MR. Shayam sundar !!!!!!!!!

Anand Shemrudkar said...

Very Good analysis...yet every business is just a legitimate means to loot people..see mobile cos, mineral water cos, soap and detergent cos...when a person decides to be rich..he has to find a means to garner money out of someones pocket by charging him more than the actual value of utility availed..this is done by advertising and brain washing..why a levis is 50times more expensive than unbranded or tailored there so much value addition...if i want a balance of 100 crores my option is to make a deal by anything and get it from one person, or get 1 crores from 100 persons, or get 1 rupee from 1 crore people... we go to mba colleges to learn this...just profit...everything that we use leave aside amway is over priced..nirma detergent..1 kg mfg with contribution margin..about Rs.1.2 and what is the s.p.? if you draw a salary you increase the cost of production and burden the end use customer... why not work for free or bare minimum wages...ok i agree 6 4 3 is misleading but network marketing is amway business owners have changed the longer 6 4 3... if i hold your view every wealthy man is a criminal whether in job or business...because what he has got is out of someones pocket....the profit of one is loss of another...uncomfortable with this...forget about wealth..get into spirituality..meditate in a cave.. leave this maya.. lots of options...what the courts have decreed is the illegitimacy of 6 4 3...not amway business per se....the outcome is joining compulsory purchase..and minimum average purchase to show live activity....60 pv avg in 2 months time...remember every business, congregation, cult is for looting people....or forget about getting rivh...even the high and supreme court salary is out of taxpayers money...a gov salary is direct contributor to inflation...not at all justified....

anmol gandhi said...

this is a simple message from me ,Anmol Gandhi,for all who are supporting Amway.
plz do not argue with those persons who have blocked their said by mr. veer,kichad me pathar phekoge to kichad apne upar hi aaega..
so plz do nt argue,one thing i wud like to say is 'kuch dino ke liye kuch logo ko bewakuf banaya ja sakta hai,kuch dino k liye boht logo ko bhi bewakuf banaya ja sakta hai,par boht dino k liye boht logo ko bewakuf nai banaya ja sakta..'
amway is a 50 yr old co. so it cant make ppl fool...ppl who r in this business only knws what is AMWAY..i m glad 2 see so many supporters of Amway co...n i m one of it...THINK BIG N GO DIAMOND.

Shyam Sundar said...

Gandhi kaa naam rakh ke mahatma kaa badnaam kardiyaa. You refuse to accept the reality. Are you earning by selling products or forcing your downlines to buy products. How much are you earning by merely selling products? Do you have any proofs like income tax receipts to prove your point. People like you are misleading others and make them join the rackets like Amway.
Yes if you throw stone a shit it would spoil you. Exactly that is why nobody wants to file criminal cases against Amway though they feel that they are cheated.
Several millions of people are out there who rue they ever joined Amway.

Shyam Sundar said...

I have heard many arguments like this from so many crooks like you. If the Amway products are of so good quality, why don't try to sell them in any shop. No fool would buy them. Reasons you know.
This is an open money circulation scheme in the name of selling products. Ultimately, the Amway is the beneficiary and all others are losers.
If it is only for using products, why Amway is promoting it as good business opportunity offering Rs. 75,000 per month if IBOs recruit 102 persons under their downline.
Is that good business opportunity?
Can anybody show that he is earning by selling products?
You are such a crook you don't mind to recruit your own friends and relatives into such scams.

arsim said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shyam Sundar said...

Yeah and you have the gall to call all lawyers are frauds implying that I am also one.
All Amway apologists claim that they are using the products because of their quality.
They also lie that they are making wads of money in Amway business opportunity.
The reality is out of hundred people joined in Amway scam, only less than five per cent remain and rest of them drop out. You could see the statistics of Amway if it is honest enough to publish the details.
What you don't know or pretending do not know is that the business model is illegal and the AP High Court held that point.
You may claim that the you are only a consumer. Then why do you worry if I call its business model is illegal and it is a scam. What is the point you need to write a lengthy sermons supporting Amway.
Earlier one Trivedi used to write on the same lines stating that he is the end-user of products but also earning at the same time.
You are not honest like him to claim that you are also earning after using products.

Shyam Sundar said...

It shows that you do not like your name and you hate your surname also. That is why you reversed it and hiding the real name. Is that photograph of yours or some other fatso.
The biggest problem with any type of corrupt activities is very few honest people come forward to write against them or supporting people like me. They keep silence that is why this type of fraudulent companies have been making hay. Who asked you to visit this blog and vomit all over yourself. That is why I advised you to tuck the tail and slink off. I have been writing this blog for the last several years and wish to continue for some more years to bring awareness among people.
Apologists of every fraudulent company say that their company is good and others are frauds.
Anyway, I don't see any fruitful argument with people like you. You are fixed by the cult of Amway. Read Merchants of Deception by Eric for a change. Have a good day.

Shyam Sundar said...

Going after door-to-door delivery you must have been tired. I am a chess player too.
Anyway how much you are making delivering Amway wampum at doorsteps fatso. HAHAHA.
Weight training is not a profession, fatso, it is a passion. I train people in my own gym. You need some weight training to trim down.
Anyway have a nice day going door to door delivery fatso.
That is you are made because of Amway. An IITian door to door salesman! LoL!

veer said...

are baba inko samjhana galat hai bahut logo ne try ki thi in par magar ye samjhne vale nahi leave him . but one more thing do you want to know more about direct selling by experts ? vo log in bhai sahab (shyam sundar ji) jaise logo se jyada bade hai. inki un logo ke samne koi aukat hi nahi hai. they are coming on tv show on NDTV Profit @20 Oct :1230 PM and again 21 Oct :0630PM. now there is a chance to watch out for a round table conference where industry experts and opinion makers discuss and debate issues ranging from ambiguity in the current regulatory and policy framework of direct selling to vibrant industry in international market, from socio economic impact on the lives of people involved in business to provding livelihood to millions.

you must watch mr. shyam sundar. again i m not trying to convence you sir.earlier i have told you that i will meet you after being a diamond in this business.
best of luck

Shyam Sundar said...

All criminals put forward same argument. When their criminal activity is pointed out, they highlight the criminal activities of politicians and bureaucrats and others as if it is a justification of looting the country.
The PCMC Act was enacted 1978 to put a full stop the fraudulent activities of scamsters like Amway. Though it is a central act, it has to be implemented by the State government. That is how everyone is passing back to take action.
On the other hand, politicians are also playing their role in supporting these companies.
BJP MLA is the kingpin of Amway in Andhra Pradesh. Naturally, no police would dare to take action against that fraudulent company.
This infamous IITian thinks that Indian economy is such fragile that collapses if something happens to Amway. It shows his stupidity.
Fatso! My primary aim is to bring awareness among people regarding such fraudulent companies. But people like you who are interested in door to door delivery never listen to the sane reason. They are carried away by the cult-like schemes.
My blog is viewed in 62 countries with more than 5 lakh page views, can't you see FATSO. Is it a flop show? Shall I publish the names of countries viewing my blog?
Tuck the tail and slink off fatso. HAHAHA

Shyam Sundar said...

This fellow is in a denial mode.
Overawed by cult of Amway, this fellow has gone to the extent of alleging that everyone including government, police, judiciary and consumer forum, has colluded against Amway. That is why David Brear rightly calls it a cult.
The judiciary pronounced its judgement basing on the affidavit filed by Amway which stated that its 6-4-3 enrollment is ideal for its consumers to make money.
But this fellow simply denies that there is no 6-4-3 scheme at all.
Amway survives on enrollment and without enrollment there is no business for Amway. It encourages its IBOs to chase people to become IBOs. You sit in denial mode forever young man.

Shankar Mokena said...

Mr. Shyam
It's very interesting going through your blog and replies that you gave to each of the queries. Hats off for your struggle to save at least a few fellows from this fault logic of quick earning money. True, many poor fellows are investing their valid time (the crucial period when they have to build their careers) to the cause of earning quick money. You are right they are losing more than what they are earning.

shanmuga said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shyam Sundar said...

Shanmuga, It is really hilarious and eye-opener.
It is good it has English sub-titles.
Nice once.
It is half an hour film and I just enjoyed it.

gigirichard said...

I say, I just came across this very entertaining blog. I must say that this Shyam Sundar guy is one closed minded person, who cannot tolerate any opinions different from his and denounces others. He surely has a lot of time and it is a total waste to continue arguing with him. As an Amway distributor myself in Singapore, I would advise all distributors to simply ignore this blog and spend your time building your Amway business. As long as Amway is allowed to operate in India, go build your business and don't waste further time on this blog. This is my first and last post as I will not come back to it

Shyam Sundar said...

This blog has seen so many such nameless, faceless fellows. They behave like ostrich. They don't want to see reason and they don't want see the reality.
They don't accept the law of the land. They don't respect the court judgements.
They just sweep every thing under a carpet to make it look clean.
If this fellow thinks it is waste of time, why did he waste his time to write in this blog.
Like so many of his predecessors he too could tuck the tail and slink off.

alttaf said...

Jab haathi (elephant) chalta hai to kutte (dogs) bhaukte (barks) hai. Lekin haathi ( Amway) apni masti me chalta hai or chalta rahega.

Shyam Sundar said...

Ye kutta kahaka hai. Abhi abhi yaha ayee ahi. Kuch kahana hai to kaho bey nahin to bhag jaa. Kyon yaha bhook rahe ho.

Kamlesh said...

Thanks Mr Shyam Sundar
you saved me from mirage
amway had zeroed in on me through one of my friend who had recently been baptised.He alongwith his senior visited me 10 days ago and pressurised me to enrol.I signed to save the relation.
Now I understand why they did not agree to my offer of buying their product and insisted on my enrolment.They just want to have another puppet in their system.
Going to share this blog with my friend so that he does not risk any more relation
Hats off to you for standing for the cause and sticking to your stand
we are proud of you

Paul said...

Mr. Shaym Sunder
I feel pity for you for your comments...looks like you got bribed by someone to write like this...shame on you man..Amway has a 100% Money back guarantee for business and for the product, to try or leave it in 90 days. If you were sitting on it like a duck and lost your money, that won't make a company bad..Being a lawyer..don't be so ignorant and try to fool others.

Paul said...

Ofcourse the price is high, thus the quality. Nothing comes free dude. At least compare it with something of same standard and see the price. If you buy a shirt from footpath and compare it with the price of Raymond shirt..Definitely it will be costly for you...Its up to you to choose which one you want..if you need to live a better life, you need quality stuff and if you need quality stuff you need to pay for it. Its a truth about anything not Just Amway.

Paul said...

Shyam must know what is network marketing or what is network before you state about selling....Do you think everyone go out there and start selling? What are you trying to state by selling products and being millionaire? If you are so particular about selling and can sell so many products you can be millionaire..Amway is not stopping you from doing that. Have you heard of McDonalds or Walmart or any company? Do you think McDonalds go and still cook in all of his 2 Lakhs + outlets? Man think sensible...not only in amway, in none of the companies, no one has done direct selling and become billinaire..if it was about selling it won't be called business, may be you need to understand few terms as such, Business, Investment, Network, Network marketing etc...again, you need to be open minded to learn, unless you open yourself and take things positively, you won't see anything positive in yourself and in things around you..If you are trying to find fault with a company, I can show you n number of companies, why write only about Amway if you are so sincere against frauds? your defends is in vein dude, you cannot prove its a fraud company. and I like you, because there should be people like you to criticize things...then only others will know the truth..There are people who are critics at everything, if they don't succeed in things they think that it is wrong and not them. When you close your eyes, it becomes dark only for you, not for everyone around you...Guys..Do you want to learn Batting from a Successful batsman or a no:11 Player?...choose the person as per your decision and that will decide your level of success.

warrior said...

Shyam garu, you are still here saying blahblaahblaaah....such a looooooooser!

i visited this blog a year and a half ago while someone approached me with this opportunity. As most people, pretty new to business at the time, I was very sceptic but not anybody out there i googled about the company and end up here in the blog. ( Shyam and Renjit was having some chat then)

This time i was simply searching something and saw the blog again so wanted to express my gratitude and thanks to Shyam garu and everyone who contributed their opinions here...I joined with this fantastic organization back then and made some amazing friends learning a whole lot of things...
Keep going Shyam garu...ATP

Some thing for you to watch:

Shyam Sundar said...

Warrior, You did not say how much you are making money in the scheme of things. How much and how you are making money is important.
By enrolling members into the scheme or by selling products door-to-door? hahaha

warrior said...

Shyam garu, why are you wasting your time dear?i think you are not much bothered about time...
anyway, it's Sunday and i have some free time now, let's talk.....

Shyam says:
Warrior, You did not say how much you are making money in the scheme of things. How much and how you are making money is important.
By enrolling members into the scheme or by selling products door-to-door? hahaha

Shyam garu, you know very well that im not going to tell you how much im making, why are you acting like an idiot? how do that matters to you anyway? hehe, im not going to give you a single paise!

Yes, i'll do whatever it takes to get the job done whether its enrolling people, selling door- to- door or whatever...that's none of your business too. It only matters to people in the business who are building it for their family. so why should i tell you all this over here my dear. You don't benefit from it anyway Shyam garu. you are here enjoying the time right hehe. i'm also doing the same. So keep it going i'll drop in whenever im free and nothing worthwhile to do!!

Oh! btw let me ask you Shyam garu, did you watch my video link?
Shyam garu, Amway is not operating a scheme you Stupid. Amway is in business and is offering a business opportunity for the public. Will everybody take it? hell no!
so what? That is what this business model is all about....will all the friends and relatives join? no!

can i ask you Shyam garu? you are saying that you are a journalist and an advocate too correct?

so if your are a journalist ,are you expecting to write about only your friends and family and as an advocate you fight for only those cases in your family and friends? or you choose your clients and work with them....tell me.
Understand, nobody need to run after their friends or relatives and if someone doing that its their problem not the Company's issue. if you do that in your profession, you are screwed! Then why in a business??

warrior said...

Shyam Said:
Mr Padmanabhan in a comment in an open forum on Amway India stated: This is for the information of

Can you survive in Amway only by selling these products and with out ever joining others in your network? If you have good products why not sell it directly?

Shyam garu, can you survive only by eating the breakfast and not lunch,dinner & supper?

If Amway sells through the traditional supply chain model, there's no such opportunity in existence you moron! you need to take a business course and learn how commerce works, hehe. no, seriously.

Dear, Business is not about idiot. you either make it or don't period
In Amway business model, the averages never work......the question is are you an average?
if so why you are in a business? you are at the wrong place buddy. just get a job and be an average and be happy with that. Don't act like you know something which you really don't and stop acting like a savior!

Guide and advise people in your area of expertise.
Otherwise, some will tell you:
Jab haathi (elephant) chalta hai to kutte (dogs) bhaukte (barks) hai. Lekin haathi ( Amway) apni masti me chalta hai or chalta rahega. hahaha it's so funny.ROFL

Shyam Sundar said...

Haathi ko kya hogaya dekhne ke liye ek baar HOME button dabao. Kerala mein phir ek baar kyaa hogayaa maloom padegaa tumhaara good business opportunity ko.
It showed how stupid you are. You don't open your eyes to learn what Indian judiciary has decided on your good business opportunity. We have such kind of anti-social elements amdist us. What can we do?

pragnesh parmar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pragnesh parmar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shyam Sundar said...

Amway India is the founder-member of Indian Direct Selling Association. What could it say.
Kerala police closed Amway India down because it is illegal. The rest of India is watching the development. Any minute other state police could also follow suit.
Don't fall for the easy and quick money scheme of Amway. You would lose everything before your know what happened.

Endou Kenji said...

pragnesh: Amway India is a founder member of it is not suprising that they would support their own cause
and stop using this blog for advertising!
Mr.Shyam, great job! I could see the angry faces of the poor people who fell for the Amway scheme and in denial when I take a glance at the comments.. forget the people wo refuse to believe and keep on fighting!!

Ding Dong said...

Ha ha ha..this blog is ongoing since Aug..and still no one could find an end to this waste of time and effort. It would be appropriate that you leave each citizen to choose what they want in it amway..or any this is a democratic country..Seriously such a perception can only happen in India in this huge wasted manner..and that's why it is said that INDIA is said to be IT's NEVER DEVELOPED IN ANYTHING..[INDIA]
FYI- I do not have any interest to further comment about this. Just thought to post my opinion...and do not expect any reaction...

Shyam Sundar said...

HEE HEE HEE. Mr Ding Dong Bell, it is closed down because it is a racket.
Indian police are wise enough to book the racketeers though it is a bit late. People like you have been exploiting the gullible in many countries and India is one and only country which raised to the occasion.
Who said India is not developed. Even the Western countries recently acknowledged that India is a developed country.

Binoy Alaylo said...

Hey Dude,
Would u please go easy when u call people names like stupid and pigs and thieves etc..its not good manners to call people names when u don't really know them..

As for the question in this blog, here is my VIEW:

I have been an Amway distributor for the past 12 years. I a Use the products as I like the quality and the pricing is right for Me as i am used to similarly or higher priced, equal quality Branded products. I ma not building the business proactively but have got a few friends over the years who liked the products and buy regularly. I also have a lady who earns about 3000 rs every month without sponsoring anyone by retailing the products as she doesn't have contacts and is happy with some extra cash... so ya u can earn money although not much without sponsoring...

I personally am not comfortable enough to sell so i just use and as mentioned earlier have some friends on-board who do the same.. over these 12 years i have reached 12% ( a level in the business) and it happens automatically every month as we are regular customer... this is just like going to d mart or big bazaar... (i could show u my bank statement)
now i appreciate what u r trying to do and as u said, u were responsible for closure of a lot of MLM's, i Thank you. There are a lot of schemes looting people out there.. my only request to u is to find out the facts..
I am a successful hotelier and builder.. i know how much it takes to setup a business and to b successful.. i would not discredit any company or person just so easily. 90 countries + WHO recommendations + UN Appreciations + 998 patents + 5 A+ ratings + 50 years in business is not something i take lightly.
Again to clarify, I don't DO the business.. just go along for the products, but i Have followed the company for its progress and ways as i found it interesting.. if u need to know anything about Amway please feel free to contact me:

Shyam Sundar said...

I could not contain laugh. On one hand this gentleman Binoy says that he is not into business but in the same breath he says that he had reached 12 per cent level. What does that mean? LoL.

Shyam Sundar said...

Anyway, Benoy why Kerala police after one year once again closed down Amway outlets all over Kerala? Go and convince the Kerala police that the business of Amway is legal.

Unknown said...

Hi Shyam Sundar:
I have been reading your blog all these hours. I am an Amway Distributor.

Your reply to Benoy gives me an impression that you need to sit with an Amway distributor to know who to reach 12%. It caught you on the wrong foot. You can purchase goods worth to reach 12% or 21% and can reach that level. I sincerely think you should atleast, for the sake of understanding the business, sit with a Leader of Amway business. With best of luck

Subin Abraham said...

Just couple of weeks back one guy named, Mr. R, who is my new neighbor started to interact me quite often. And on one fine Saturday evening, he landed at my home with one Mr. X and Mrs. X claiming to be the AMWAY senior personalities. They tried to convinced me quite hard and handed over some DVDs and books.3-4 days passed, this guy started to call me for meetings, conferences taking my precious time at work.
I told him 100 times that I am not interested and convinced, but he is not ready to listen. Now I understand how AMWAY spoiled so many relationships in India. In America,they value business over relationships and that simply don' work here.

You will always get people to follow in any fraud scheme in this 1.2 billion population bu that doesn't mean that this business model is justified.

Beware of Amway. If their claims work, there will be jets hovering on the skies of India in 3-4 year time. Already fed up with traffic on road. Same situation on air too.. OMG.

Please... Be with Truth said...

Mr. shyam,
its real fact that nobody can rich at the top of the mountain without hard work.....
but there are some lazy people want that they rich there with the help of other....
and they are calling that way to Business(Amway)

Manzoor Ahmed said...

All the 88 countries in which amway is operating are fools.... all the presidents vice presidents and financial wings off all the 88 countries are of no values and all are illegal who play games with their people... Only Mr. shyam sundar is heroic, super researcher on amway..
what do you think Mr.Shyam, Bill Clinton is a fool??? John Mc Cain is a fool??? Robert Kiyosaki is a fool??? Paul Zane pilzer is also a fool???? hahaha... You must be kidding saying all of them are fools and only you are smart... Open your eyes Mr.shaym else god will kick you ass when you leave this world..

Shyam Sundar said...

Dear Manzoor, You closed your eyes and ears and all other faculties.
It is not me who said that Amway business model is illegal. It is the Andhra Pradesh High Court which said so. And even the Supreme Court of India confirmed it. If you want the full judgement of the High Court, go to old posts and read it.
Take care of your ass from getting kicked in this world.
It seems you are under the impression that it is good because a white man said so.
Ajnanam anantam viswa vyaptam. Do you know what does that mean? Ignorance is everywhere in the world.

warrior said...

hi Shyam garu, how are you doing man?
It has been long since we talked and i am free now, so just drop by to see how's your silly talk going on!

Wah re wah! what an idea sirjee?
Now you people here, see and learn gifted is our Shyam garu even in philosophy also.

Shyam said Ajnanam anantam viswa vyaptam. Do you know what does that mean?
"Ignorance is everywhere in the world"

But are you an exception in this so called "Everywhere" Shyam garu? or you belong nowhere!!

So let me try convey you something philosophical too n btw, not by me but from a reasonably well known personality said once.....

“The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be
made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him.”

keep going...

Shyam Sundar said...

Excellent warrior, the nameless who is afraid of revealing real identity.
The easiest thing in the world is to convince yourself that you are right.
You refuse to the reality. You claim that everyone is wrong. The judiciary, the police, the law and the reasonable arguments. You find no truth in all these but claim that you have an opinion and that is right.
This type of intellectuals we have around us.

Shan said...

In the amway product lists (price list) - I could see DAP (I dont know the abbrevation for DAP) Nutrilite products ranging from Rs 741 to Rs 2000. I think the MRP o the above products will be Rs(DAP+20%). And also washing liquids, car wash, soap, toothpastes/brush and skin care items.

But why not they selling regular grocery items like toor daal, turmeric powder, rice, etc which are more necessary and can be purchased in good volumes over the year by all. I learnt that to start being a distributor one need to reach 50 points within 60 days. If amway sells grocery items, I think I can reach 50 points within 60 days. But I should be able to get the grocery items at the market rates(through amway. Also door delivery please.).

Instead of buying Nutrilite protein powder/tablets for Rs 1000, I can buy 1 Kg of fish. By eating fish I can have three things - 1.fulfill my hunger 2.Tasty food 3.Most important is I will get enough protein from fish.

Remember guys I am not a patient to eat tablet(nutrilite)even it has proteins/vitamins, etc..). And even patients can eat fish.

On December 21, my cook was calling me/my roommates for some meeting. Also she said we can earn Rs 9000 per week.(remember she is not educated but can talk a lot. age around 35) I couldn't control my laugh and asked what is being sold there. But she want us to come to the meeting to know more. We asked the company name - she dont know that company name even.
Even today she called us for the same and I warned her to do her work alone(cooking) and dont try any of your other smart skills here.

krish said...

Mr shyam sundar you are doing good job but looks like your personal issue at all with the company u named .Is mlm not good speak for all company running in india .how many companies in india do u know .do some home work and then do some solid work .writting here not solve any problem .and now fdi is coming in front of your eyes .there are so many issues in india exclude not try to be popular with popular company .you and i both know our court system our political system and much more .read wto world bank documents .advocate not means that you know every thing or you can do something .you are wasting your time as i think.mlm is good or bad amway is good aor bad i do not know but your intention shows another picture .if you are against amway you will not get anything but if you are against all mlm companies in india then you can get something and you work may get some result .

krish said...

tata aia insurance ,birla insurance ,bajaj ins,bharti axa,future genrally,and many more companies in insurance sector exclude lic where this mlm system is applied .shara ,pacl,sai parsad and many more in india doing business using mlm.and there are so many examples that we can't discuss even in ten days .write about them but you will not .why? you better know!
lage raho munna of luck.

Shyam Sundar said...

Dear Abhishek, one thing is sure. You have not used the Amway products. You don't know even the names of the products you purchased once or keep on purchasing even now. I am leaving it there.
Then how come being an army officer you don't care for the law of the land. That is really odd. For any citizen, the law of the land is supreme. I am leaving it there.
Now, is it necessary to become a member of a scam to understand that it is a scam?
You admit that the business model of Amway is illegal. But you stopped there.
In the name of easy and quick money several hundreds of thousands of people lost their hard-earned money. Do you have any idea how people lose their money in this scam? Amway propagates that the IBOs could earn wads of money if they enroll more members into the scheme and the IBOs would earn money if they purchase products. No person would spend Rs. 200 to purchase 'Glister' toothpaste unless he is induced that he would be rich if he purchases the products. He should purchase at least Rs. 2500 worth products every month to be in the list of members to earn commission. In effect, he would be spending Rs. 30,000 every year in the belief that he would become rich. After a year or two, he realises that it is a mirage and stops purchasing products. But by that time he would have spent more than half of his income.
The Andhra Pradesh High Court rightly said that it is a vicious circle and very difficult to come out of it.
Who am I to tell anyone not to purchase products of his choice. I am bringing awareness among people not to fall prey to the evil designs of money circulation schemes and lose their hard-earned money.

Shyam Sundar said...

Krish I have not read your comment earlier. That is why I did not answer your query.
I filed a criminal case against Bajaj Allianz for indulging in MLM. Later, the IRDA changed the rules and now no ULIP should charge more than five per cent as premium allocation charge.
We need a complainant to file a criminal case against any company.
Unfortunately, people who lost their money in such scams would never come out to lodge complaints because they are joined in such schemes by their friends and relatives. This is a big hurdle.
For your information go through the blog to find how many criminal cases Corporate Frauds Watch filed against fraudulent companies.
GoldQuest, speakasiaonline, Gemini Techno, the list is very long.
Come out and see for yourself.

vicky malviya said...

hey mr. shyam sundar, please cool down a bit you know one thing you are acting like an annoyed man who failed to get success in amway. this is my humble request to you please tell me, that is there any option by which we can earn money which will continue to flow till my third generation, is it possible if yes i swear i will never join amway, and if it is not true then please "shut up".

Shyam Sundar said...

OK Vicky, Amway has been around for the last fifty years. Do you know any generation which has been continuously receiving income forever. HAHAHA.
I can understand your anguish for saying whatever you believe is a lie. But that is reality.
Just go through the AP High Court judgement to get clear thoughts of mud-filled brain. I have seen enough intellectually-castrated people like you.

T karthikeyan said...

Hey Shyam,

Dont think you are too intelligent and you know all things... You are just a fool and try to make others fool.. I think you can not accept others earning money.. We have lakhs people success through amway. Try to read some basic business concept in the books.. Try to search something about amway in Google.

Do you know what is franchise model.. Amway just doing the same but little different.

What degree you have studied.. I think I have wasted my precious time by reading your blog..

And you idiot you just know maximum products made in india and Amway have plant in Tamilnadu.

Shyam Sundar said...

My dear fellow, how much you are earning as an IBO. How much money you are spending every month to buy products. What is the commission you are earning every month. Do you have any proof that you are earning by way of selling products.
Do you need to study any degree to understand a fraud.
This type of 'educated crooks' are the dangerous lot to the society.
Just answer the questions, my dear intellectually-castrated fellow.

Indian said...

This model is not a ethical one.(at least in India with majority poor). This amway model will work only when you have enough money and want to make more out of it. This will work with rich people or poeple who amassed lot of wealth and want to have more money. For poor or hard earning people, this will not work.
Assume that if you bring in one poor guy into this, then he brings more poor people from their surroundings (who too must be poor) .Then think of their situation. There may be young poor adults , poor students who have the dream of becoming rich some day.

This model is good only when you reach a certain level of the pyramid. This model will be fair when the IBO's take oath as below.

1. that you will not entice the poor and low middle income class people. For (say less than 10000 per month). But instead educate them to not join in this.
2. You should not bring your near and dear ones to business. You pledge that you will sell only to the strangers.

This is a win-lose model like a game. Those who are good in oral skills(good in enticing others) will win and those who are not will lose. Atllast there should be at some point someone who should be at bottom in the pyramid chain. Now who wants to be at the bottom of the pyramid(bakra)?

babu pittala said...

hi Shyam Sundar, Just Show the following link to all which is the website of police department of Andhra pradesh where we can belive, Here AMWAY was mentioned as illegal and Fraud. I think this Police website is very useful to prove that amway is fraud in india, especially in andhra pradesh.

Patrick Viswanathan said...

Shyam Sundar...Hats off and bow to you!

Educating the eductaed is very difficult !

You're doing a great job!!

MLM is like a nuclear's very unfortnate that even educated people keep igniting them...MLM is a social evil..

RAYSUB said...

Please Shyam continue your holy fight against the frauds. Thanx a lot.

Unknown said...

Shyam Sunder you are great. Even without a court order the business model itself speak about it's fraudulent nature. Any person with common sense can make out what the company is trying to do. The posts against your facts are posted by none but real crooks, getting illegal benefits out of illegal company. Chinese government banned Amway model in 90's itself. And as somebody was saying as if people in parliament are fools, in India. No they are not fools, but are crooks like Amway, which Amway has bought by money. Corporate had bought American government around 60 years back, and India has started it's similar pattern in last 15 years. They are all bought by money. If the crooks need proof, look for the Chinese ban on the Amway model. China allowed Amway to have only retail shops and no network. Their government noted that citizens have lost their savings on such fraud networks and banned it.

Anonymous said...

Amway is a fantastic company with great quality products and very good business opportunity. Most of the people here who put down amway either have not understood the business properly or someone has explained it wrongly to them. If you need to get the right idea about Amway, why not visit nearest Amway office and ask them your questions?

If you ask Mr. Shyam Sundar a valid question or point a valid argument supporting Amway, he will get into personal abuse (like "This guy is a idot", etc). This itself shows how biased and ignorant he is.

If you dont know much about Amway or would like to look into the business opportunity then approach the nearest Amway office and ask them about the business. Dont let people here discourage you from understanding Amway from Amway's perspective. After that its your decision to join or not/use products or not. BUT GET THE RIGHT PERSPECTIVE FIRST! Otherwise its a waste of time to take advice from people who have no clue about building the Amway business correctly.

Shyam Sundar said...

This man thinks that nobody understood the Amway business model.
Just go to the Andhra Pradesh High Court judgement in this blog to learn how the business model of Amway is illegal. Still, you think that I did not understand the Amway business model.
Amway has been cheating people for the last several years in the country and elsewhere.
People simply shut their faculties and ask irrelevant questions.
For your information I have not received so far one valid question or point or a valid argument.
When I am talking of the illegal business model, these apologists talk of quality. When I point out the dubious quality of Amway products, they talk of something else.
Keep your eyes open and learn what is the position of the law in the business model of Amway. Then you would realise the fact.

Anonymous said...

Guys, Like I said earlier, DON'T listen to people who are not successful in building the Amway business CORRECTLY. CHECK WITH AMWAY OFFICE ABOUT THE INFORMATION YOU GET. Don't believe everything people tell here, especially people who say they know everything.

Anything more said here is just a waste of time.

Good bye and good luck!

babu pittala said...

Hi Mr Raj and Nprasd please read this website of hyderbad police department then talk about amway meetings... even inviting meeting like amway meeting is also a crime according to money circulation act 1978... please go through the following police department website and understand the concept

Shyam Sundar said...

RajIndian has given good advice. Ask the thief whether what he is doing is legitimate. HAHAHA.
Amway would say, even brainwash you stating that it is a good business opportunity.
But What the AP High Court said about it is very important. Read the full judgement in this blog.

ddaS said...

I am really surprised at how long this page has become with people's comments. Let me add my bit to the discussion. All should once go through this page to understand "What's Wrong With Multi-Level Marketing?":

NaikSan said...

To all those who say AMWAY is scam free..what do you have to say on this>>

Srinivas said...

simply don't talk about Amway without knowing it, i wanted to know only one thing who are against Amway or who are talking negative about Amway, there 150+ products and you are buying only required one like soap, brush ,paste etc what is loss in that, anyway you have to buy outside, instead of that you are buying here and getting some commission if you show some volume to company, what is fraud, people simply will keep these type stupid blogs and will waste other's time and misguiding others, if you don't know about business first know about it and then comment, we are human being not animals, suppose if you are working for a software company that company will pay for each employee 20k or 50k how much they are taking from client do you know that, that is also fraud right then why you are working like a slave from morning 9 to till night 12 am or 2am, here work daily one hour and earn same money within 2 to 3 yrs, which is best and better decide yourself, please don't comment without knowing Amways products quality and its value, they are worthfull for money, it could be costly but worthfull for money

Shyam Sundar said...

Srinivas read Indian Express dated 30 May to know about the products of Amway. I am posting it soon.

Pradeep said...

Dear Friends, I have been closely watching the euphoria of my, nearly lost, friends. I have been through Goldquest, earlier. It is a pity, this cult multilevel eats up our social groups as well.
Finally, after so many years and kudos to Mr Shyam Sundar, for the last 2 to 3 years. I knew you will keep fighting till you show the real light.

Suresh kumar said...

Dear Mr Shyam.
I need to know one thing, why the Amway has not been stopped to work in India and asked to go away from India , even after Judgements from AP and SC, I am not a supporter of Amway or any other such company, but I am asking this question from a legal point of view.
If there is a judgement of a HC and SC against some company then under which law it is being allowed to work and why any contempt petition has not filed in HC or SC against Amway or against the Govt Departments which are allowing such company to operate , whose buisness model and working has been declared illegal under money circulation Act

Kamlesh Chandra said...

shyam sunder ji.
my ABO no is 90690658
Password is tathagat83

just go thru my commision earned, it will show you that cheque fro amway are Gurranted but one has to put hard work.

I am very statisfied with Products.just tell the oppurtunity to everyone,
never force them to join or take products.
Results are awesome and last nnot the least Companies like amway , tupperware and other are offering low investment Oppurtunity to Housewives .

I do not see anything wrong with it. Let the People decide whether to join it or not.

kamlesh kholiya

Shyam Sundar said...

Kamalesh, You did not mention how many people you have enrolled to earn commission. It is sure you are not earning money by selling products. But by way of commission after your downline members purchased products.
As per Indian laws, that is illegal.
Just read AP High Court judgement against Amway.

Santosh Anand said...

this is all happening in herbalife also ...thanks god we are out...please write on herbalife also

Santosh Anand said...

i have seen many people investing their hard earn money for herbalife.. they play pshycological game by telling lot of stories.. mainly ladies involve in these schemes..oh..thanks i was lucky..i am out.

shirilnx sk said...

First Shyam bhai thanks a lot for this useful conversation, this may save money of many guys .
Let me clear few things ..
1. Just try open a shop and shell Amway product ppls you will come to conclusions .
2. Products are not for common earning families, as it’s overpriced although their some products are good quality but per price better are available in market with registered brand .
3. You couldn’t make money only by selling Amway products you have to have make chain bigger in bigger, it's like making fool to your friends and families .

kabeer said...

Mr.Shyam , I really appreciate your efforts.You Saved me from the scam.Your comments have open up my eyes.You will loose your friends,relatives and many other important social relations if you try to sell Amway membership.I have seen this.There is a term in economics "Opportunity cost".here your Opportunity cost is you worth spending family time that you should give to your loved ones not to work restlessly entire day.
Some economist rightly said,"There is nothing called FREE LUNCH"

Prabhat Kumar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prabhat Kumar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prabhat Kumar said...

how can i trust on indian judiciary system on new issues which came after our law system formed (during 1947-1950). judges are also human not superman. an example is....Rummy (a luck game of playing cards) has been made legal by supreme court in 1967 but poker (a predominantly skill game of playing cards) is still waiting for its authentication. supreme court says its gambling but recently karnataka high court gave decision that its skill game. so stop whopping around one issue....use ur brain also....
so far amway company is not in the company....but i know its a profit sharing company with general people like us. if they put their product through traditional system....the commission part will go to malls, retailers, wholesalers..and so on. a middle class person can earn some more money by providing customers to company. whats wrong in that? what do u want?......only professional business person shd earn money doing business? remember....60 % of our expenses go to middle man and only 40% worth we take the products. it seems...u r a pro-corporate....even amrerican president george bush senior was amway consumer and distributor (he was ruby...a rank higer than platinum). all world is wrong...u r wright...keep it this country....there r so many people who abuses mahatama gandhi on u....bye...

Prabhat Kumar said...

every thing in this world has positive and negative aspect. negative attracts more easily than positive. what is negaive in amway or depends upon ur look. what do u want to depends...those who trusted earlier....have a financially free life...those who searched negative...still r in the same place and situation. people r capable of finding negatives even in god.

Shyam Sundar said...

WOW! What a brilliant comment. Prabhat Kumar says that he is not part of Amway but goes all out to defend it. I wonder whether he is aware that Enforcement Directorate has served notice on Amway for illegally siphoning out Rs. 2,000 crore from India. I also wonder whether he is aware that the AP High Court and later the Supreme Court held that the business model of Amway is illegal. Just open your eyes man. See the reality. Don't be carried away by the propaganda of Amway over profit-sharing. It is a big racket.

Arun Vyshakh said...

With all due respect Mr.Sundhar, A company as open AMWAY welcomes your kind of scrutiny. This is the way we grow. But please do not embarrass yourself by getting low down and start whining. It was funny the way how you brought 'If you are real Indian' stuff.
I guess you just joined and may be brought a Glister and LOC and sponsored a few people and waited to get your bonus. You are right, not all IBOs make money. Only leaders and hard workers do.
After all it was your choice whether to join and nobody forces you to buy the products.
Joining in India is free. So where you want to take the business after that is up to you...
Farewell Mr.Sundhar. Good luck with your crusade and 'trying to Educate people'.
And we are not 'Crooks'.

Shyam Sundar said...

I pity people who do not see the reality. Many people refuse to accept the truth. I only pity them. If anyone induces people with false promises, what they could be called?
Arun, how many people you have recruited in your downline? How many of them already left the 'business' and how many of other are making money?

Kamal Raghav said...

Hi Shyam Sunder, Thanks for your eye opener and your struggle through it. The first thing my mind does on hearing a typical question "Do you want to make lakhs per month?", "I started it part time and in a matter of months I started getting equivalent of my salary and went full time in it". I have asked all these guys a few questions like whats the business(manufacturing, distribution, development). They all say one thing you need to set up a meeting with a guy who is a brain wash expert and will give you an insight into the model, otherwise you will not get it. They will take you to a guy who is blinded by his ambition and greed oblivious to social well-being, adept at brainwashing people to jump in the pit. They want money indiscriminately and by hook or crook, would want you in.

If you see any business, it takes a lot of hard-work and time, and you will value it. If you cant appreciate it, then you are not fit for doing business. And Amway is not business.

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Shyam Sundar said...

Warewah! What kind of pearls of wisdom this gentleman is throwing at us. How the Andhra Pradesh High Court missed this simple logic? It is really pathetic and penalising an innocent company?
Look how simply this gentleman covered the crime of Amway with his senseless logic.
Better read the court judgement man to know how the crime is perpetrated.

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Shyam Sundar said...

I recall someone like you who did the same HAHAHA. It appears you are wantonly making spelling mistakes to escape identification. Anyway more pearls of wisdom.
The Enforcement Directorate issued notice to Amway for illegally siphoning out Rs. 2,000 crore (Rs. twenty billion) from India. First watch it out. Next you could have a hearty laugh.

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Amway is still growing all around the world.


Amway is still growing all around the world.

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Don't cry you will get your toffes.


Don't cry you will get your toffes.


My dear grownup shyam sunder

What are you doing in about Agri Gold scam.
You are an Advocate with lot of toffes.

Shyam Sundar said...

HAHAHA. Scammers are shameless too.

Shyam Sundar said...

Dear Pearls sans wisdom, We only guide the society not to fall for the dubious designs of these fraudsters. It is up to people to decide whether fall for the easy and quick money with greed.Crooks like you always encourage the gullible to lose their hard-earned money.

Arup Kundu said...

Maa kasam,
Abhi bhi chal raha hai.
Kya khatey ho bhai, jo itna energy deta hai for 4 long years.

Lage raho munna bhai.

Junu Yeshudas said...

I was a saleman. Forteen years back when I heard of Amway and Modicare I did not join it because I realised that I could not make money by selling the products. I am not talking about getting new people to join. I just realized that the expense incurred in trying to sell will outweigh the meager commission got from a sale.

I spent months trying to figure out how this works. Many pressurized me to join the Amway weekly meetings, but I did not. None of them are around anyway.Strangely they were all proffessionals including IITs, with stories of others making lakhs. The Amway showroom at Ekm was ten shops big. Now it is one shop or so.

One day in the train I chanced to see the bank statement of the commission handed out by Amway to their dealers in South Kerala. It had hundreds of names. One person was making about Rs 20,000. The person who showed me the statement said that Amway dealer was working in the bank and forced people wanting loans to take an Amaway dealership.Three or four people were making Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 but it is not clear how much went by way of expenses. All the rest were making nothing. Society consists of suckers who get cheated in one scam after the other like teak farm etc. There are a number of ways I can show to prove the superiority of the Amway products is a sham. But there will always be fools so it is not worth the effort.regards,Junu

Unknown said...

Congrats Amway India. It has given a very BIG SLAP to Amway Haters in India by launching A very big & eco friendly manufacturing Plant at Madurai, Tamilnadu on 18 nov 2015. People who say this is a foreign country's business , i have only one question for them- which brand of mobile or laptop u use- indian brand or samsung, nokia, LG etc ?
So first start using only all Indian mobiles etc, then only u have right to comment like this.
people use products due to its high quality & eco friendly nature.

In this business only strong ambitious people win & earn money. There is no place for loose people in not only in this business ,but also in any business. Such people never progress in life & never let the other to grow . When such people fail in anything , they start blaming the business instead of looking at own mistakes. My friend Sushant Zaveri from poor family background ( his father- Riksha driver ) , an Engi. student is earning around 80000 Rs. per month through the Amway business.

i have a lot to say here, but can't. just one thing, Dear Haters, grow up, do ur work, if u can't grow in life, u have not right to stop the ambitious dreamers to depress or demotivate.

It is rightly said that " Amway is least Understood & most debated Topic in India "

Thank u...

Shyam Sundar said...

This Unknown fellow is happy with the manufacturing plant in Tamil Nadu after the dubious company siphoned out Rs 2,000 crore from India illegally. HAHAHA. It is not a question of foreign company or Indian company. The question is whether it is cheating or not. It is cheating people and it is confirmed. We have heard enough number of stories people making thousands of rupees. It is rightly understood as a cheating company and most debated about its dubious ways of cheating. LoL

aarti said...

hi...shyam ji. i am manjeet from punjab.Sir i am already employed in Swiss mnc org.
i just want to say that,Amway is not about making people or money circulation its about making our own life better. By not spending our money to middleman like advertiser, distributors, Whole sellers. Market study reveals that we spend 70 percent of our income to these middle man.Amway business is to save and spend this 70 percent of our income on ourself.
So sir plzz study and understand these facts by keeping your ego and your intelligence aside,because in india poor people dies because of their fear and rich people because of their ego and over intelligence.Amway is the only buisness which starts with equal terms and conditions for all other rich or poor. you are mature enough to see that amway is continously running from the last 18 years regularly in india and will continue.

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