Sunday, 13 November 2011

Kerala officials have been caught red handed helping 'MLM' racketeers

The bosses of the 'Amway' mob continue to behave as though the rest of the world is  too stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, to work out how their insidious racket functions.
The ongoing, extensive 'payment for legislation' racket that Jack Abramoff has admitted once being a part of  in Washington, and which he lately-condemns, is exactly the same as the one which is now evidently appearing in the Indian State of Kerala.
Abramoff has described how, just by introducing precise, but essentially meaningless, language into US federal legislation, it was possible to subvert the democratic process to the financial advantage of anyone who supplied him with piles of loot to bribe greedy US politicians and key members of their advisory staff, with valuable gifts and highly-paid job offers. These traitors to the American Republic, then unlawfully gave Abramoff a free-hand to write the legislation. Abramoff does not hide the alarming fact that he had significant influence in the offices of around one hundred key Washington legislators, and that his ambition had been to own all of them.
The available evidence strongly suggests that the 'Amway' bosses are currently attempting to buy  stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, key legislators in Kerala in order to try to continue to commit the same fraud which they have already paid stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, key Washington legislators to ignore.
The size, and duration, of this (still-largely hidden) scandal is absolutely without precedent, but where the Hell is the mainstream media?
Some more of the obvious questions I have, are:
-  What are the names of the Kerala officials who claim to have written the 'direct selling guidelines,'  but who obviously haven't written them at all?
-  What has been the exact nature of the relationship between these Kerala officials and persons representing 'Amway India Enterprises' from the so called 'Indian Direct Selling Association'  who have been allowed to draft these precise, but essentially meaningless,  'direct selling guidelines' to the financial advantage of the billionaire 'Amway' bosses in the USA?
- How can we get a rigorous corruption investigation started in Kerala? 
David Brear (copyright 2011)

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