Friday, 24 February 2012

Several copycats of Amway are raising their ugly heads

On one hand, Corporate Frauds Watch has been exposing the rackets of various hues who have been cheating public in the name of selling products and services, several copycats of this old crook Amway have been raising their ugly heads.
Crooks like LifeIsSpeed, Dreams1000 are out on the prowl to cheat the gullible with their promise of self-styled  world class products and services.
What is more the LifeIsSpeed claims to have a host of celebrities in its advisory board though it is doubtful whether they know that they are members of that board.
Dreams1000 is just another dubious company which sells Nano bio card which enhances the health of the card holder. For every enrollment Rs. 500 will be paid.
If Amway says its products are world class, these crooks also say the same thing that their products and services world class. 
Dear fellow Indians! Do not fall for the false promises of these crooks with easy and quick money. There is nothing like easy and quick money. 


Praveen said...

Do not use the word 'Crook". MLM is a business. Somebody choose it to build it. If you do not like it or if you feel it is fraud, fight for the justice in the court of law. Mind you brain, when you speak filthy language and change your attitude towards public.

nationwide said...

Do not use the chat 'Crook". MLM is a business. Somebody accept it to body it. If you do not like it or if you feel it is fraud, action for the amends in the cloister of law. Mind you brain, back you allege begrimed accent and change your attitude appear public.

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Shyam Sundar said...

It seems you both are in two minds. On one hand you agree that there is nothing like infinite chain and on the other hand you are supporting MLM. MLM means infinite chain. It is not the question of liking or disliking. It is a fraud. People are induced to enroll more members to earn money and that is a scam. Building MLM means nothing but enrolling new members infinitely. Realise the fact.