Saturday, 3 August 2013

Chief Secretary of Mizoram to take disciplinary action against IPS officer behind Mizodirect

THE SHILLONG TIMES NEWSPAPER on August 2, 2013 reported that the Mizoram government has nothing to do with the Mizodirect and it is backed by a senior IPS officer with the rank of Addl Director General of Police.
Here is the report which reflects the story earlier published in this blog.

Aizawl: The Mizoram government ton Thursday disowned a company which claimed itself to be a state government undertaking and said strict disciplinary action would be taken against the senior IPS officer who has floated the firm. 
A disclaimer issued by the Chief Secretary’s office said Mizoram Direct Marketing Limited, registered under the Companies Act 1956 on March 11, 2013 was launched by Principal Secretary of the State Industries department P C Lallawmsanga in his personal capacity, and not on behalf of the government of Mizoram.
The Government officials floating business outfits to conduct commercial activities by branding the concern as a wholly owned company of the government of Mizoram required a policy decision by the Cabinet, the disclaimer said.
“Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association have neither been vetted by the Law Department nor concurred by the Finance Department, Government of Mizoram before approaching the Registrar of Companies and the Directors and have also not obtained prior permission as required under the CCS (Conduct) Rules to float a commercial concern,” it said.
Lallawmsanga has not been authorised to sign the MoU between the State government and Chennai-based RMP Infotec Pvt Ltd and the licensee agreement between Mizoram Direct Marketing Ltd and Mizo Lifestyle Marketing Pvt Ltd  purportedly on behalf of government the disclaimer said.
Chief Secretary L Tochhong August 1, told the media persons that the government was contemplating taking disciplinary action against Lallawmsanga, a 1984 batch Tamil Nadu cadre IPS officer holding the rank of Additional DG of Police.
Punitive action might also be taken against the other two company ‘directors’ – Teresy Vanlalhruaii and Lalbiakthanga Chhakchhuak, sources said.
The Mizoram Direct Marketing Limited was formally launched on July 18 at Science City Auditorium in Kolkata, attended by well-known personalities including those from big companies.
Sources said Mizoram Chief Secretary informed Lallawmsanga not to attend the launching function, but the latter disobeyed her orders claiming that he and the newly-formed company had the blessings of the State Chief Minister.
The company’s website was taken offline soon after launching of the company while it was suspected that some other government officials in the state Information and Communication Technology department and National Informatics Centre (NIC) were involved as the website was also reportedly designed by the state government-owned Zoram Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. (ZENICS).
The company’s main business, according to the pre-launch advertisements, was promoting direct selling of branded consumer goods in the country. (PTI)


Anonymous said...

Missoram principal secretary for industries suspended.

Government disowns mizodirect

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on following up on this company and help bringing out the fraud to unsuspecting public. It is a pleasure reading your blog and knowing that all is not lost to greed in India. We still have hope.

- Ronnie

Anonymous said...

Mizodirect government clarification note.


Dated Aizawl the 31st July, 2013


WHEREAS, a company under the name of Mizoram Direct Marketing Ltd. has been registered under the Companies Act 1956, on 1lth March ,2OI3.

1. Government Departmental officers floating a business outfit to conduct
commercial activities by branding the Concern as a wholly owned Company by the Government of Mizoram requires POLICY DECISION by the Cabinet;
2. the Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association have neither been vetted by the Law Department nor concurred by the Finance Department, Government of Mizoram before approaching the Registrar of Companies;
3. the Directors (who are all government officials) have not obtained prior permission as required under the CCS(Conduct) Rules to float a commercial concern;

And WHEREAS, Shri P.C. Lallawmsanga. IPS, the Principal Secretary,
Department of Industries has not been authorized to sign the Memorandum of Understanding between Government of Mizoram & RMP Infotec Pvt. Ltd., Chennai dated 10th December, 2Ol2 and Licensee Agreement between Mizoram Direct Marketing Ltd. and Mizo Lifestyle Marketing Pvt. Ltd. dated
13ft March,2O13 purportedly on behalf of the Government of Mizoram,

( L. rocHHoNG )' I / Chief Secretary, '
Government of Mizoram.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha... It's really tough to collect one thousand rupees in India for a good cause but it's a child's play to collect a few thousand crore rupees if you are a fraudsters. Who say we are a poor nation? First I thought that Mizo govt sold out to fraudsters. Thanks to the Mizo govt for clarification. And of course a big thanks to Shyam for keeping our eyes open. Keep it up Shyam. Keep exposing these greedy MLM/CHAIN/DIRECT jokers!!!! Now you will see people coming with their sob stories of losing money to Mizo Direct. A very familiar pattern. Whom should I blame lack of laws or blind greed of people?

Anonymous said...

Couple of days back Amway case in Viajayawada has been acqitted and all the Amway Officials who were chargesheeted was set free!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,
Even after visiting CFW if you are seeing any hope in Amway then only Amway could help you. First they promise to satiate your greed and then when the greed blinds your reasoning you dole out your money to them. Later you try to exploit your near and dear ones who trust you to con some more money. Finally when the bubble bursts then you are the biggest loser. Having lost money, friends and credibility. Amway is fighting and winning numerous legal battles all over the world. You should use your common sense and apply simple mathematics instead of trusting them because they are legally OK. Do you recall that nobody could nail Al Capone legally for his mafia activities but he was nailed in a simple Income Tax case. That does not make Al Capone a law abiding citizen who missed his tax returns.

Anonymous said...

Dear shyam ji we got below information regarding mlm......
is it true??? please let us know.

State's MLM Bill is India's First: Kerala

Bill to Regulate Multi Level Marketing Companies is finalised and is expected to be presented in the Assembly.

Anonymous said...

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B Positive said...

Shyam ji.....
U know u are a lawayer and u know very well that u are a self employee...but one thing u know u can not generate any employment to any if mizo is fraud ... i feel u are misguidng the people... because every boy using the jeans...adani spices... if all they are fraud ... u are also fraud ......

sumantaworld said...

Now they changed their Name again ???
Now it is...lifestylemarketing ??? ????

Now They will say....JAY Lifestylemarketing, Jay Jay lifestylemarketing !!!!!!

sumantaworld said...

This site is registered by a company named ELEMENTS WELLNESS PRIVATE LIMITED which was incorporated on 30/04/2013 from chennai with only rs.1,00,000 authorized capital and rs.100000 paid up capital ???

Again a lot of question will arise !!!.......let see.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Shayam,

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Anonymous said...

Ip adrsses of the cheaters of Rmp Pvt ltd is given The andhrapradesh CID police higher officals taken huge bribe and they escaped theair are stated with theaire AP franchise pepole this information is in the records of AP CID POLICE

Anonymous said...

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Vijay said...

Can anyone of the intellectuals out here just give one logical reply...
-The Mizodirect website was launched in Jun and was available upto 17 Jul. Was Govt of Mizoram really unaware of the website ?
-Can a senior IPS Officer having almost 29 Years of service and holding a very reputable position go for such insane things like floating a company in the name of Government very well knowing that it would lead to his career getting spoiled. And he was not alone..two more IAS officers with him.
-Final Question, The Mizodirect was launched at Kolkata in a public function in presence of 5000 people with live recording...Why did Mizoram Govt not take immediate action on 18 or 19 July itself and why did it wait till 31 Jul 2013??
Any Replies are welcome...

Anonymous said...

Ap POLICE CID AND KERALA CID police taken huge bribe from RMP PEPOLE they are sleepining

shut up ok said...

Mr,Anonymous & mr;shyam....In R M P , Or mizo Or In life style com is giving product & taking miney...which is to normal...nobody is is working in this com forssefully....So if u both r not the part of mlm...why u r poking your nose in such matters...every humanbings r eating food...not let them live with thair own wey...!!

Shyam Sundar said...

I have come across a number of crooks like you. When it is an illegal activity how could you continue it.
When a large number of people are cheated how could you keep yourself shut up.
"Crime is a wrong against the society at large and therefore, as a general rule, any person having knowledge of the commission of an offense may st the law in motion by a complaint."
Says the Supreme Court of India in AR Antulay vs. RS Nayak (AIR 1984 SC 718)

Vinod said...

Hi Shyam, I was contacted by a friend of mine representing Lifestyle Marketing. I would like to help the authorities stop this scam. How do I start?

Shyam Sundar said...

Vinod, contact the nearest police station and lodge a complaint with them stating the company's scheme attracted the provisions of Prize chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

An IPS officer of the Tamil Nadu Cadre known for it's excellence in Policing and Administration... much to the chagrin of the then Chief Secretary L Tochhong who being an IAS officer has almost no to little experience outside mizoram. It is clearly obvious the then Chief Secretary's experience is not even half that of Mr. PC Lallawmsanga a distinguished police officer being among the first IPS officer's in the country to be empanelled as Joint Secretary to the Govt. Of India in the year 2010. Do you people really think he is stupid enough to do this without the backing of the Chief Minister..... if so you are clearly mistaken. And coming back to L Tochhong the then Chief Secretary her ego was just bruised that this distinguished IPS officer had the entire confidence of the Chief Minister and rightly so ( Classic case of pride and ego being bruised ). It is no wonder that Mr. PC Lallawmsanga has been acquitted of all charges and his suspension period is being treated as duty. The Govt. Of Mizoram and especially the then Chief Secretary should be grateful and thankful Mr. PC Lallawmsanga has chosen to be the more mature person and not taken severe action against them. Naturally a senior officer of a much larger state will be having tremendous clout and more powerful contacts throughout the country than the Govt. Of Mizoram and a Chief Secretary who has served 33 of her 36 years in service within mizoram ( which is a joke for an IAS officer making her no different than a State Civil Service Officer in terms of thinking and experience). To all those jokers out there Amway has signed a deal in 2016 with the Govt. Of Tamil Nadu worth Rs. 500 initially. This clearly shows how advanced, far sighted and great visionary Mr. PC Lallawmsanga was having tried this a clear 3 years earlier... much to the irritance of a few narrow minded and short sighted but yet important people in the Govt. of Mizoram. The real winner: Mr. PC Lallawmsanga IPS, DGP Retd Tamil Nadu, The loser: Govt. Of Mizoram.