Tuesday, 27 December 2016

'MLM' Pitchman, Donald Trump, Picks 'MLM' Racketeer, Betsy DeVos, as Education Secretary.

Donald Trump,Betsy DeVos


Earlier today my Blog was swamped with visits to 'Amway' pages. I then discovered that Donald Trump has named Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary.

As Donald Trump gets set to take over as the next US President, media attention has again suddenly focused on what he will do with his business and whether his largely-opaque money making activities represent a conflict of interest prohibited by the US Constitution.

During the campaign,Trump never stopped boasting of his tremendous wealth and business skills. He now claims he will hand complete control of his business to his three eldest children - Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric. However, this move has done nothing to allay fears that Trump will exploit the presidency to his own financial advantage and to that of his associates.

To date, only a few journalists have delved into Trump's 'MLM' racketeering activities, but perhaps the appointment of Betsy DeVos will change this situation.

For decades, the Utopian 'MLM income opportunity'  lie has been used to bedazzle, blame and steal billions of dollars from, millions of constantly-churning victims around the world. 

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The appointment Ms. DeVos to an influential position of government in itself represents a huge conflict of interest. For a start, she is a prominent member of one of the original 'Amway' cultic crime families, whilst her brother, Erik Prince (the instigator of 'Blackwater'), has been one of the most-controversial figures in the USA in recent years.

David Brear (copyright 2016)


Shyam Sundar said...

Will any Indian politician listen to the sane voices of people to drive out Amway from India.

David Brear said...

Shyam - In the light of Betsy DeVos being appointed US Education Secretary, senior Indian politicians (and perhaps their security advisors) might now take notice of the alarming facts that this woman is not only the wife of a major 'MLM' racketeer, but also the sister of the notorious 'Dominionist,' Erik Prince.


Unknown said...

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David Smith said...

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