Wednesday, 12 April 2017

NETSURF, yet another racketeer on prowl BEWARE

My dear fellow Indians, BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE
Here is another crook joined the rank  of dubious companies to sell products in the name of direct selling. Its business model is also same that of Amway which was pronounced by the Andhra Pradesh High Court guilty of promoting illegal money circulation scheme.
These crooks sell their products in the name of direct selling but in fact there are hundreds and thousands of intermediaries who collect the commission on the purchase of products. 
All these products are high-priced and every person who wants to purchase these products should become a member of the company. If he wants to earn commission he needs to enroll more members under him and he would be paid commission for every product the downline members purchased from the company, which is nothing but a ponzi scheme. The Andhra Pradesh High Court in Speakasia case, stated that enrollment itself is ample proof of illegal money circulation scheme. 
Beware of the agents who are already on prowl to enroll more members into the vortex on the pretext that early bird would get the benefits and late entrants would be losers. 
Everyone is a loser in this direct selling as everyone should purchase products of some thousands of rupees every month to remain as member. 


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Unknown said...

Philippe Bellasio Investing money in a fake business.
This scam is Ponzi-style and it is a fraud to invest carried out by Philippe Bellasio capturing unsuspecting people who are given the “opportunity” to invest in a program to which he sells as a revolutionary, he even goes so far as to say that Apple tried it buy, but did not want, because you want to organize your own company. But what happens is that the money is used to pay for major investments. That is, the money you contribute serves to pay other people and you will not see the fruits of your investment.

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