Saturday, 26 January 2008

A letter to all citizens of India

Respected Friend,
We likeminded citizens have come together to fight a systematic fraud being committed by Multi-Level Marketing 9MLM), Direct Selling, Network marketing and Multi-National Companies (MNCs) to save the country and society. These companies are exploiting and destroying the economic fabric of our country as well as social fabric of our society.
MLM is nothing but Money circulation Schemes camouflaged with goods and services. According to Prize Chits and Money circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978 running Money circulation Schemes is banned in this country. Many MNCs under the banner of Indian Direct Selling Association 9IDSA) are running Money circulation schemes claiming that they are doing direct selling and multilevel marketing in this country. These schemes are ruining this country economically and also socially as these schemes aim at enrolment of own brothers, Sisters, Family members and thus ultimately make our house as well as neighbourhood as market.
There is an urgent need to curb this menace. Amway is the leader for these scheme companies. Taking cue from Amway many local companies have sprouted in this country. Recently Amway was declared an illegal and Money Circulation Scheme by the High Court of A.P. Even the Supreme Court has dismissed their Special Leave petition. Thus Amway is illegal in this country. A Consumer Court of A.P. has ruled against the products of Amway and fined them heavily. It is facing problems in Great Britain, china and other countries for this fraud. In 2004 Madras High Court has ruled that MLM schemes are nothing but Money Circulation Schemes and are banned according to Prize Chits and money circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978.
In the interest of our country and society, I request you to go through the attachments and forward this message to your relatives, friends and every known person and also spread this message orally / written to everyone (at least 10 persons and in turn request those 10 to spread it to another 10 and so on…). “Be Bold and speak against MLM”. If we don’t do it coming generations will curse us for passing over a con scheme to them without curing it.
The worst part is the Government, Bureaucrats, Police, Politicians and Political parties are not acting against such companies. The basic reason is each one of them is afraid and do not have the courage to fight these MNCs who are promoting these MLMs against the spirit of the law of the land and the Constitution of India.
Because of their inaction, this modern economic evil has extended its tentacles not only in urban areas but also to the remotest corners of the country and thus eating away the hard earned money of our fellow country men. This evil has resulted in suicides, murders, divorces etc. and is affecting the social fabric of our society. Today it is some one who is victim, tomorrow you may be one of the victims. So act now otherwise it may be late.
I request you to take forward this fight because only enlightened people like you can project the menace and create awareness about it.
“Spread this message and save the country and society”.

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IBOFightback - Fighting the Amway Myths said...

what a load of utter rubbish. Do you actually believe this rot or are you getting paid by unilever or something?