Monday, 28 January 2008

A reply to the friend from Amway

Dear Friend,
Thank you for you response to the appeal in Corporate Frauds Watch blog. Whatever is written on that blog is not just against Amway. It is against Unilevel, Modi, Quantum, Gold Quest and a score of other fraudsters who have been bleeding our economy. I am happy to tell you that the Supreme Court of India has branded Amway is illegal and its multi-level marketing scheme falls under Prize Chits and Money Circulating Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. Krishna District Forum in Andhra Pradesh had conclusively decided that the products sold by Amway are misbranded, adulterated and high priced. The tests were conducted by the State-owned testing labs at Hyderabad. If you want further proofs we will send you the findings to you also. The Amway's multi-level marketing scheme is legally untenable, morally wrong and physically impossible to continue. The world pouplation is not sufficient to complete at least 12th level of the pyramid. I hope you are aware of what is pyramid. Herewith I am posting more links to go through to get convinced.
Friend go through these files you will learn more about how the people are cheated in India and at least 88 other countries.

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vijay bhasker raju said...

Dear shyam ,

Congratulations, for your effort for bringing awareness also the frauds of amway, Gold quest , herbal life, & similar companies .

All the best for your efforts