Monday, 17 January 2011

The 'Amway' golden calf is a cruel illusion

I see that your Blog has been visited by a certain Abhijeet Mantri - another poor little fellow bedazzled by the 'Amway' golden calf.
Based on the organization's own claimed numbers of adherents and declared annual drop-out figures, it has been extrapolated that, during the previous 50+ years, as many 40 millions persons - like Abhijeet Mantri - have already been churned through the closed-market swindle arbitrarily defined by its instigators as the 'Amway Business Opportunity'. More than 50% of these persons never renewed their first annual contract, and less than 5% managed to remain under contract for more than 5 years. Other than piles of effectively-worthless materials, 100% of them never received an overall material benefit from their so-called 'Businesses.' The insignificant minority of grinning 'Amway' decoys who were constantly advertised by the organization as perfect examples of 'success,' were either insolvent dupes or wealthy liars - the majority of whose vulgar prosperity secretly derived from a secondary fraud commonly-referred to as the 'Amway Tool Scam'.
From his intellectually-castrated reaction to your thought-provoking Blog, Abhijeet Mantri would appear to be a chronic 'Amway' worshipper who has been dissociated from external reality and reformed into a de facto slave furthering the hidden criminal objectives of the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob in the USA. At the present time, he is completely dependent on a collective, paranoid delusion of absolute moral and intellectual supremacy.
Meanwhile, in the adult world of quantifiable reality, because the overwhelming majority of customers for 'Amway's' over-priced wampum have always been the temporary 'Amway' worshippers, rather than the public, the 'Amway' golden calf has always been a cruel illusion made out of the temporary worshippers' own gold. In other words, the overwhelming majority of 'Amway' participants have failed to make a profit, because it was a mathematical impossibility for them to do so. Indeed, this dissimulated, illegal money circulation scheme has already been clearly identified by senior Indian Judges. However, this crime only came to the attention of Indian Judges when the bosses of the 'Amway' mob arrogantly attempted to use their stolen wealth to obstuct an ongoing criminal investigation in India.
As you know Shyam, the 'Amway' fraud has been maliciously designed to blame its constantly-churning victims, who generally prefer to remain convinced that they were'Independent Business Owners' rather than face the ego-destroying reality that they were de facto slaves who were manipulated by their own instinctual desires. This is why so few of them file complaints.
Thus, if my analysis is correct, Abhijeet Mantri will continue to recite the reality-inverting 'Amway' script and insist that:
'Amway' is the 'Best Business Opportunity in the World' and not a fraud
Anyone criticizing 'Amway' is a 'Loser' speading false rumours.
'Amway' products are all wonderful and good value.
'Amway' products are being retailed to the public in significant quantities, etc.
Abhijeet Mantri will also continue to regurgitate closed-logic excuses to explain why he has never seen, and is unable to supply, any independent quantifiable evidence to support the reality-inverting 'Amway Business Opportunity' fairytale.
Perhaps we should remind Abhijeet Mantri that the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob have just agreed to hand-over a total of $155 millions to halt a major class-action lawsuit in California which was filed against them under US federal anti-racketeering legislation (the RICO Act 1970). The former de facto slaves on whose behalf this suit was filed, were all once deluded worshippers of the 'Amway' golden calf. They have now returned to the adult world of quantifiable reality, and I sincerely hope that Abhijeet Mantri will soon find the strength of character to join them.
David Brear (copyright 2011)

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