Sunday, 23 January 2011

Canadian police and regulators have sanctioned racketeering

I thought that you and your free-thinking readers might like to examine some remarkable evidence which proves that Canadian police officers and regulators have failed to enforce laws enacted by the Canadian parliament which prohibit pyramid schemes . This takes the form of letter which was sent to Arlan Galbraith (the criminal-owner of 'Pigeon King International') by David Thornton in August 2007.
In brief, David Thornton informed Mr. Galbraith that he knew him to be running a pernicious pyramid scheme disguised as a 'business opportunity' which was destroying people's lives. David warned Mr. Galbraith that he would do everything in his power legally to expose him as a dangerous charlatan, and that he would not be intimidated into silence.
As you know, David Thornton is a courageous Canadian whistle-blower whose urgent concerns about 'MLM business opportunity' fraud have been ignored by the Canadian police and regulators for many years. Indeed, by standing up to, and trying to warn his fellow citizens about, Canadian crooks (like Arlan Galbraith and Alan Kippax), David Thornton has been doing the job of the Canadian police and regulators. I have previously described David Thornton as an unsung Canadian hero, being punished by cowards for acting in defence of his country.Consequently, it beggars belief that Mr. Galbraith was not arrested until December 2010 for running, and concealing, a serious fraud which he started in 2004 and which David Thornton had clearly uncovered in 2007. I would be very interested to know if there is any ongoing official investigation into why certain Canadian police officers and regulators turned a blind-eye to this obvious racket, eventually enabling Mr. Galbraith to cheat around 1000 persons in the USA and Canada out of an estimated $20 million.
Furthermore, in order to sustain his racket, Mr. Galbraith spread rumors that he would pursue private prosecutions (for 'defamation' ) against anyone challenging the authenticity of his'business opportunity'. Yet, RICO legislation also defines the intimidation of witnesses (including the filing of malicious lawsuits against them) as being part of an pattern of racketeering activity. The same legislation makes it a criminal offence for an attorney to file a malicious prosecution against witnesses to racketeering, on behalf of racketeers. I would also be very interested to know if there is any ongoing criminal investigation into the role played Mr. Galbraith's attorneys and accountants. Surely, they must have known that they were being paid with stolen money.
David Brear (copyright 2011)


CrimeBustersNow said...

Hello Shyam and world-wide victims of Canadian pyramid/Ponzi schemes.

I am David Thornton President of CrimeBustersNow Canada. The BIM meeting we peacefully picketing in Kelowna British Columbia where I was falsely arrested and only released when the RCMP realized they had been caught on CBC camera had at least one active RCMP officer perpetrating the fraud.

Unfortunately, for Canada and the world, even the CBC Canadian Television Network refuses to expose to the Canadian public and the world that RCMP officers and police on down, government personnel i.e. CRA – (Income Tax Personnel), lawyers, accountants, school teachers, bankers, school board officials, chiropractors, hospital practitioners, pharmacists, etc, are the perpetrators of these Canadian frauds protected by corrupt, police corrupt prosecutors and the corrupted Canadian Government.

Many Indian immigrants in Canada have lost and are still losing their life savings in these frauds. On our website you can listen to a “brainwashed” Indian immigrant so enamoured by the crook Alan Kippax he is weeping during the “conference call” @ 1:14:35 ... “Alan, Alan, Raheem here... I am praying for you to come back .... I always told you, you are my mentor.... I wanted to take this business back to India”... And for potential victims, that is where he would have been had we not expose this fraud... in India defrauding the poorest of the poor!!! The police in the province he operated, (Ontario) are still engaged in “protection” and cover-up.

Those recently arrested in the BIM scheme so far, include a teacher, and a person involved in banking. We also have information of a loan officer actually securing loans so her victims would have the “stake” needed to pay her in this scheme. That is at least a conflict of interest: A loan officer securing a bank loan, for even a legitimate purpose, when you are a recipient of the proceeds. This is the nonsense that goes on, "hidden in plain view" in Canada that our government refuses to prosecute and our media refuses to expose to the Canadian people and the victims of Canadian fraud world-wide.

December 15, 2010 - Further malicious and ridiculous charges of "Assault Police" and “Assault with a Weapon; ” (my bullhorn) finally heard; these charges laid in September of 2009 were withdrawn within minutes of the first police officer (the arresting officer) beginning his testimony; the judge, having asked him if he had an “independent recollection of the events.”

Minutes into his testimony the officer stated, he did not actually see the assault; his fellow officer told him about it later. The judge called an immediate 2 ½ hour recess after which the prosecutor withdrew these absurd charges. Imagine, he was supposed to have been assaulted with a 14 inch bullhorn swung at his head, and he neither felt it nor did he see it!!! ....... cont...

CrimeBustersNow said...

I’m currently on trial: Again on ridiculous trumped up charges of assault having been arrested distributing leaflets in front of a local high school warning students of not only this particular BIM fraudulent pyramid scheme, but myriad others involving RCMP, teachers and school board officials in addition to church ministers and myriad others of the upper echelon. Google search - wesley campbell ponzi scheme b.c. securities commission – he was already heavily fined some $1,000,000 in a Ponzi scheme, then involves himself in BIM and other pyramid schemes having been ordered to stay away from them. Notwithstanding, no further action has ever been taken against church leader, Wesley Campbell.

In the first case in 2003, when my ribs were broken and after being held four months without bail, once out of jail, within hours, I was able to establish that the chief of police in the Town of Walkerton, Burrell Gailing, at the time of the “Women Empowering Women” pyramid scheme was covering up this fraud that his own wife Tammie was heavily into and the women she “ripped off” for a minimum of $5000 each, fearing to speak out. Chief Gailing himself, involved about the same time, in an unrelated matter had been charged for fraud, theft, and breach of trust. He pled guilty to “Breach of Trust” in exchange for the dropping fraud and theft charges… I was later to learn that prison guards, their wives, a probation officer and others in “Corrections” were in these pyramid/Ponzi schemes.

The constant harassment, false arrests on trumped up charges against me are in retaliation for my public exposure of these Canadian pyramid/Ponzi schemes and corruption within Canadian law enforcement and the Canadian government and in no wise aimed at securing compliance with any Canadian law, but rather a vile and violent attempt to force me to conform to this abhorrent and illegal system perpetrated in Canada; and to “keep my mouth shut.” ……

That’s the truth…..That’s the reality...... cont...

CrimeBustersNow said...

I am again in Criminal Court February 10, 2011, in Milton Ontario to face further trumped up charges of assault, in front of the Oakville Trafalgar High School. There are psychiatrists now, aiding and abetting the prosecution claiming I am paranoid, schizophrenic, delusional, out of touch with reality etc; that these claims of fraud and those in government perpetrating them; all “in my head;” and that I am also violent and dangerous. But consider; it was me beaten by jail guards, my ribs broken; violently arrested and falsely accused of “assault with a bull horn;” a police officer pointing a gun at my face; another pushing me toward traffic, another smashing me up against the wall of an enclosed elevator. and consider also that these pyramid schemes are running rampant throughout our Ontario hospitals perpetrated by clinicians. Is that something authorities would want to cover-up???

Court Transcript June 25 2010 - EXCERPT:
Prosecutor: “I understand that the accused suffers from paranoia and post traumatic stress disorder. The accused also claims to have been [falsely] diagnosed as schizophrenic. [key words edited]. He compulsively tries to expose what he believes to be fraud schemes involving the police…. The accused began speaking of police corruption within the RCMP and provided both girls with business cards for Crime Busters. [CrimeBustersNow]…. He also produced photographs of RCMP officers to the girl….”

That's what I did.

Three days later, June 28, 2010 - (CP) Canadian Press, under the “Access to Information Act” discovered a suppressed internal fraud investigation disciplining dozens of CRA (Tax Dept Personnel) for among other serious offenses but never prosecuted) “running pyramid schemes” as I have alleged for more than half a decade……

Notwithstanding, I am still on trial.

That the truth…. That’s Reality!

Ironically this is the same Court House where, in 2006, I won the 18 page Judgment from the unbiased and decent judge, Justice Quigley of the Ontario Superior Court, against the TTI & BIM fraudulent pyramid schemes.

That too is the ironic truth…. That too is reality.

dave – CBNow
Exposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption
One Abhorrent Fraud at a Time

CrimeBustersNow said...

To David Brear

Thanks David, for bringing your comments on my situation to the forum. I know authorities in Canada are very nervous over the information they know I have. There is however far, far more information they have no idea I am possession of, but I can’t get it out in the Canadian Media.

Even the “broad picture” that has immerged from the simple fact I have taken the time to “connect the dots” and read “between the lines” in stories that, even though given superfluous coverage in the Canadian media, result in more questions than answers... i.e. this story on CBC TV (Canada) July 2009 I am currently pursuing, That should be headlined.... “THE ‘CHRISTIANS,’ THE COPS & THE CROOKS”....


EXCERPT: “Paul wrote every Christian magazine in Canada last week asking them to cover this story. He didn’t get a single response. Social media is by its nature ahead of a news cycle. Blogs rock. It’s not either/or, it’s not competition, or us/them.
Sadly, in the world of investors and ponzi schemes 14.1M is not a large amount. In a community 100+ people the cost is staggering.”….

And the Ontario Securities (in Canada)???

What incredible influence do these religious Ponzi scammers have over law enforcement and the National Media in Canada???..... pursing answers to that appears to be “a can of worms” and with the pursuit comes retaliation.

and Google...

And the result of this corruption is that the schemes are not contained in Canada where citizens enjoy relative affluence; where a relatively few are taken for hundreds, thousands, even millions, but rather to keep the scams going the schemes are “exported” to heavily populated poorer countries where massive numbers of the poorest of the poor are defrauded for what little they have so, collectively the Ponzi scammer’s “quota” of millions of dollars from “later investors” required to keep the scams going to ultimate mathematical demise, can be met.

I have heard it many times said.... “If we could get $1 from every Asian we would have billions.”... Oh that they would be content with $1: Instead these unconscionable scammers have their victims waste their time, energy and what little resources they have, destroying family relationships, friendships and spreading descent throughout the workplace, often times leading to suicide; all to chase the American Dream - the "American Way" .... AMWAY, and the massive number of “clones” this abhorrent abomination has “spawned.’

That’s the truth.... And that’s reality.

Thanks again Shyam and David for another forum for victims and potential victims to learn the truth an the evils of pyramid/Ponzi schemes, MLM an “Network Marketing” and the people and the power behind them.

dave – CBNow
Exposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption
One Abhorrent Fraud at a Time

CrimeBustersNow said...

ACN: Another Socially destructive Amway, MLM "clone" now invading Asia.

Recognized as a pyramid fraud and closed down by the U.S. State of Montana until the political intimidation from this ACN billion dollar fraud backed by the power of the billions behind the DSA resulted in the "cash strapped," relatively small state of Montana, "backing down."

Woe to Asian countries who embrace this U.S. and Canadian government-backed economic “Trojan Horse’ promoted by many, not all, U.S. and Canadian mainstream media... A fraud “too big to prosecute”....

That’s the truth ...... That’s the reality!

Read the challenge from CrimeBustersNow, moulded from "The Donald's” own words.

And for now, on the front page at watch the Charlotte North Carolina TV video of the revelations of Donald Trump and the ACN scam. (Charlotte N.C. the headquarters of ACN.)

David Thornton
Exposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption
One Abhorrent Fraud at a Time

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