Thursday, 1 November 2012

Deluded Ambot or 'Amway' Ministry of Truth in thin disguise?

The many free-thinking readers of this Blog should be amused to learn that, Corporate Frauds Watch has received another load of reality-inverting, scripted-bullshit from either a temporarily-deluded Ambot or from the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth in thin disguise.
Laughably, a classic piece of 'Amway' propaganda, signed 'gigirichard' (who claimsto be an 'Amway Distributor Building the Business in Singapore') instructs 'Amway'adherents not to read CFW, but (in almost the same breath) attempts to portray the authors of this Blog as time-wasting, closed-minded propagandists who cannot tolerate the free-opinions of others.
In the adult world of quantifiable reality, the position of CFW remains as follows:
The quantifiable evidence (in the form of an effectively-total lack of income-tax payments, over many decades, by a never-ending chain of tens of millions of temporarily-deluded persons imagining themselves to be 'Independent Amway Business Owners') proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the so-called 'Amway Income Opportunity' has been a pernicious, Utopian lie designed to steal its victims cash whilst loading them with guilt. 
So come on 'gigirichard', don't be shy, I'm giving you the perfect opportunity to prove to the many free-thinking readers of CFW that you are neither a temporarily-deluded Ambot nor the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth in thin disguise - please demonstrate that your critical and evaluative faculties are, indeed, fully-functioning(as you claim) simply by answering the following common-sense questions:
  • Since the organization's instigation, exactly how many people around the world have signed-up with 'Amway' and exactly how many of these alleged 'Independent Business Owners' have got back more money than they paid in?
  • What quantifiable evidence can you supply which would prove that the so-called 'Amway Income Opportunity' has had any significant and sustainable revenue other than that deriving from a never-ending chain of losing participants?
David Brear (copyright (2012)


Shan said...

Hi Shyam, I have been following your blog for the past few months. Accidentally one of my colleagues fallen pray to a FRAUD company named 'shift thoughts'. I trust you that you could help us/others to stop that fraud company who may cheat many in future. I have provided some of the links at the end. ICICI bank is not coming for our support in this case. They(bank) simply saying that they were not responsible. Since you are a lawyer, I think you know more than us and how to proceed further for such scenarios. My colleague is a girl, so she dont want to raise a police complaint. I thought you would help us. Will you?

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