Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Police issue lookout notice for Gopal Shekhawat in all airports in India

NMart supremo Gopal Shekhawat who is running away from the law is said to be hiding in some foreign country. 
The police collected the details of the latest passport of Gopal Shekhawat and sent out a lookout notice to all the airports through out the country.
In essence, the police would arrest the fugitive on his arrival at any airport through out the country.
In spite of the clarifications issued in this blog on the issue of filing writ petitions in various high courts, many people are still arguing in this blog that NMart is a good company and its business model is legal.
Why these people are so assertively saying that the business of NMart is legal though Gopal Shekhawat himself could not say so. 
The only reason is these people are making easy and quick money by enrolling more members into the scheme. Many of these apologists have already amassed sizable amount in this scam. That is why they are showing more loyalty to NMart than Gopal Shekhawat himself. 
It seems Gopal Shekhawat is not interested in saving NMart. Otherwise, he would have sent his counsels to various courts to prove his case.
On the flip side, he knows that it is illegal business and that is why he disappeared with the money he stashed somewhere leaving all the members in the lurch.
Anyway, I have nothing to do in all these issues. I only passed on information to the police stating that it is an illegal money circulation scheme and it is up to the police to take action against the illegal business of NMart. The police did their job. Now it is up to the judiciary to decide whether it is illegal or not.
Let the judiciary decide the fate of NMart. If judiciary says it is not illegal, nobody has any objection to continue the business.


Unknown said...

dear sham pls wait for first week of dec 2012!

Unknown said...

Already he got anticipatory bail and it was stated in sakshi paper and SP sir retorted to go to court on it. He surprised how it is possible to get anticipatory bail when he was under nonbailable warrant. Plz reply how is it possible to look out at airforts. I am not supporting any mart

Unknown said...

Sear Shyam ji,
I appreciate your efforts against Speak Asia & other MLM companies but regarding N Mart you seem to be biased against MLM Pyramid Schemes without under standing the Independent Enrolment Plan of N Mart.
Although I am still very much obliged by you, as you have kept an eye of judiciary on N Mart which should be by the law of MLM in India, which is not existing to save the common people's interest.

Unknown said...

Kindly ignore typing mistake done in hurry.

Unknown said...

Through NMart you will have to finally change your opinion about MLM. You are always saying - easy money, quick money and the people who gained substantially are arguing for Nmart. Why can't you consider that, there are also the persons who are supporting the Nmart with good intent. I have not earned much more from Nmart. But I am supporting NMart because it is a revolutionary concept enabling countrymen to earn better. Many of us are even prepared for any police action. We will consider it as a freedom movement. Through this movement, we will cause to bring proper regulations for MLM in our country. Concept like Nmart should not die in the hands of Indians. NMart’s concept may appear illegal when the Law enacted to deal with a different situation at a couple of decade back is presently applied. This clearly indicates necessity of a separate set of regulations to deal with - in the present circumstances. A concept, in which the last-end person joined, is also not put into loss need not be termed as a ponzy scheme. Strength behind Nmart is that, it is not doing some harmful business, there will not be any loss either to the Government or to the joined members and this & other inherent characters of Nmart concept is the real strength of Nmart and that is why we are supporting it. You may be doing some social service. We are also considering supporting Nmart is a social service. Our own countrymen will be benefitted. I have no hesitation to introduce Nmart’s plan to my friends and relatives. Actually, some of them joined are appreciating me – despite of some of the recent turmoil created with the Nmart by some vested interests. Nmart’s concept is born in Indian soil and suitable for India!
Until and unless Gopal Shekhawat announces to the contrary, we will support Nmart and definitely we will succeed. History indicates, Indians discarded with many opportunities in the past and the defeat of Nmart’s concept, if any, will only add new to it. I strongly believe, this will not be the case. Nmart will cherish!

pravin kumar said...

shyam sundar bada hi inteligent aadmi hai,ek taraf to bolta hai ki cort faisla karega ki sach kya hai aur ye bhi bolta hai nmart illigle hai,to ye shyam sundar cort ka baap hai, ye mahan aadmi bolta hai 20 lakh log jude hue hai nmart ke saath aur aarop lagata hai 1400 cror ka ghotala ka mujhe so calculation samajh nahin aata 5500*20lakh kitna hota hai,hahahahaha shyam sundar........hahahahahaahah

prabha reddy said...


RAM DAS said...

main ek aam admi hu.maine v nmart kiya hi,ek aam admi bhorosa kyise karta hai? jab cmd tv channel me interview deta hai,company legal paper dikhati hai,shopping mall v khulta hai,best business man award v milta hai,sabse barkar diamond jaise bara lieder jab stage me kahta hai company bahot strong hai…,tab aam admi kaya kare? agar nmart bandh hoti hai or am admi ko dhoka milta hai to iska jimmedari srif nmart per he nahi us bebastha per v aata hai jinhone is lut ko khuli chut di or company itne din chalnek bad illegal ho jati hai.or sabse bara baat to yea hai big achiever to dusra company lunching karne chale jate hai,sayad miljul ke phir se aam admi ko lut ke crorepati banne ke liye…………………..

Unknown said...

my dear friends , this is the only blog where u find data against nmart. but piease ask yourself kya nmart ne logon ko luta hai.lutne ki jojana banaya hai. if nmart was planning to rob us then it must have started with small pick up centers like rcm.does it open so. no big,attractive well decorated malls not only in india but also in foreign indicates that company was planning for development. ap ka hamdard advocate shyam is telling gopal was planning to go and hide in abroad. tell me malls were also started in foreign countries. if gopalji was planning for hiding in foreign then why he started his plan in foreign also.kya mangal graha mein rehne ka irada tha unka.when malls were in openning condition,website in openning condition at that time no body was rejected by nmart for shopping. also inavvailability of goods in malls were admitted by gopalji. he was planning for logistics development.1314 trucks were bought for well logistics purpose.when abp news channel stated and shown the nmart case the next day gopalji also presented his visual message.that means he is fighting.if according to shyam police is searching for him then how he represented himself on the tv channel.where was the police and shyam then?please dont worry wait and watch.once gopalji will out youwill see this shyam will be thrown into a big problem. he does not know what he is doing?

Unknown said...

Dear Friends,

I am a regular visitor to this blog and support the efforts of shyam. Shaym garu namsakaram andi.

I was also a victim of so called 'MLM Industry', i was forced to join ebiz ( when i was in my college in delhi, within no time myself who used to hate these kind of concepts, started promoting it with blind belief, i made more than 18,000 people join my network with in a span of 2 years, bought a good vehicle on loan, forced my downlines to buy vehicles on loan and also used to conduct weekly meetings in Andhra's Prestigious halls like Ravindra Bharati.

Soon things started changing, i have started thinking about the real value of products,seeing the people even mortgaging their huts to join the company,guy selling his mothers mangalsutra to join etc.. In this concept most of the times, very few people really earn money and other large people are shown the hope of earning money, this hope of earning money and the motivation provided by the Uplines makes a person mad ans he starts beliveing that this is the only world on this earth.

Friends, when i realised my mistake i decided to quit the wrongdoing and concentrated on my carrier, very soon things changed. There was a case on ebiz in warangal and AP Highcourt stalled the operations, i was lucky i was not part of it. 8 students from IIT were arrested, many people who bought cars and bikes on loans lived a miserable life and more important the hopes and dreams of 1000's of people vanished.

Finally, no one to blame, not the company, not the distributors nor the judiciary. Company owners usually those who worked for other companies open new companies, they never realise this is wrong because this is what they are doing from years, distributors because they are brainwashed themselves seeing an opportunity of life and judiciary because it judges things correctly.

My opinion is this industry should be banned completely in India because bottom line 98% people loose money and 2% people earn. At any time u observe there are 98 people buying products with a hope to earn more money and 2% who motivate them to become like them.
This industry is also the reason for destruction of career of many people, it lead to many misguided youth.

Dear Supporters of MLM Industry, there is an other world besides the one you are living, the world is bigger, full of right opprtunities. am sure today u will not understand what i am saying and u will definitely feel defended, thats what i used to feel when many friends of mine used to criticize me for my work. I am no one to suggest you but this is a real story and its a fact that not even a single person in this country who is successfull through this concept is not still working for the company he started with. Like many people lost money, there are many people who earned money but lost their valuable time...

Good Day

Anonymous said...

I am 100% agree with you M. Sony K as I have also observed the same scenario in the society.

Shyam Sundar said...

Vaishali I have enough patience to wait till December first week of 2012. But someone else gave a deadline of January 26. OK anywway I keep on waiting even if it is eternal.
Anticipatory bail was issued in one court in Prakasam district but there are other court cases in Prakasam district and in other districts too.
He could be arrested, why not?

Shyam Sundar said...

Sharma, in the case of speakasiaonline and other companies, the judicial court announced that their business model is illegal. Now also let the court decide whether it is illegal or not. Why hurry?

sakil said...

Mr.Shyam don't you have any answer for Vidyashree B.'s comment.You are getting shocked why people are so crazy about Nmart that is above your narrow thinking you don't have vision for the future retail market and Nmart members will show you Insha Allah how this business can be part of every Indian's life.Your hammering false stories can't conceal the truth.Once you told this Nmart concept is illegal now you are saying let us see court has to decide that's your defeat before jumped blindly in this case but now you have to go back foot so stop watching day dreams and sell your law degree certificates to any scrape vender.This is none of your business.

Shyam Sundar said...

Sakil, Don't you have an answer to Sony K's comment.
NMart scheme is illegal and any court in the country would conclude finally. You people are still hopeful that it would be reopened.
Vidyasree said the same thing many times and I answered many times. Do you think I should repeat every time that it is illegal.
You don't have an answer to the question WHY gopal is hiding if his business is legal?
Don't beat around the bush.
I have seen enough number of clowns like you.
You don't have answers. I have already stated three points and on all those points you keep silent. But always repeat that my thinking is narrow.
Why are these people trying to tell me all these? Just go to the court and explain your point to get relief. You don't have a voice there. Here you are free to write whatever you want. That is why you are venting out your anger.What is the point?

sakil said...

Mr.Shyam there is no comparison between ebiz and Nmart.Do you know how marketing is tough in this century? Corporate companies do not find marketing persons these days.The most offensive challenging work in the world is marketing today.Sony K.said he was forced to join ebiz that is his weakness it does not mean that all the MLM companies to be banned.Sony K. what ever realize and after all the earnings he thought to become saint after all spoil.You said you know Nmart plan very well.But you forget that last member in the pyramid does not have to loose his benefit of Rs.10560/- why? because every one is customer their of their daily needs.Who gave you authority to give judgement of that Nmart's concept is illegal.See the industries eg.Mobile,electronics,education,travel,hospital every where some advance (or deposit) is must for security what there is wrong if retailer ask some money in advance? Does any business run without money? Mr. Shekhawat is hiding because your intention may be wrong (you want ransom)(Some private news i got that you are asking 170 crores for settlement such big money you want very bad Mr.Shyam) and so your thinking is narrow but your dreams are very Big.
Most of people who are saying such things in your favor but center of the gravity you are so what the fight is out of court between you and Nmart lovers.Every time you are applying salt on Nmart member's wound that go and explain to the court you are saying all this things out of the court and you don't like comment on you rubbish views.people are venting out there anger because you deserve it.

Shyam Sundar said...

Sakil, don't beat around the bush. Collecting deposit with the offer of giving some products in some future date is a crime.
Enrolling members by way of commission is a crime.
Inducing members with huge gifts to enroll members is a crime.
Jumping the bail is a crime.
Running away from the law is a crime.
So many crimes by a single person and you are all supporting them that means abetting a crime is also a crime.
Sakil says that the last member in the pyramid structure would not lose. In effect, he is admitting that it is a pyramid scheme.
Pyramid scheme is a crime.

Shyam Sundar said...

Sharma and Sakil and Amitabh Tahkur say that the court would decide the future of NMart.
But the judiciary is not given a chance to decide. All writ petitions filed in various courts were withdrawn. How could the court decide whether the business model of NMart is legal or not.
Let Gopal or his advocate approach the court with their plea taking assistance from the learned Sharma, Sakil and Thakur to defend the case. Let the court go through the plan thoroughly and decide. You are not giving a chance to the court. Running away from the law won't do any justice to the members or the company.

sonu said...

pehle yeh RMP,amway ke pichhe ,yeh money chain ,illegal bussiness ,pata nahi kya kya kittne case sab arrested,but now both company running success fully,.sham sunder ji aapne kissi ka paisa vapis dilwaya hai aaj tak .i think sirf aapna kam hi nikalte ho

javed said...

sahi kaha sonu

sakil said...

Mr.Shyam what you said "Let the court go through the plan thoroughly and decide."and every day you are blaming on Mr.shekhawat that must be stopped.I want to say shut up you blackmailer.

Unknown said...

dear friends do you notice one is continuously deleating my comments. becos i am giving correct and positive news on nmart. an update news today is nmart has opened three malls today.suratved,porbandar and jaipur,aap log please dua karo bimar shyam thik ho jayee.

Shyam Sundar said...

Who asked to believe me Sonu. And you sakil, just tuck the tail and slink off since it is proved that you are a crook of the same feather.
Instead of hurling abuses, just ask Gopal or his advocate to approach the and seek its opinion. Then the true colours would come out. These crooks are afraid that the court verdict would be against them. That is why they are not approaching the judiciary.
Sakil is more interested in hurling epithets at me. He refuses to answer some of the queries raised by me.
What are you expecting sakil?

Shyam Sundar said...

Thakur, I am not deleting your comments. Probably you are not posting properly. Sometimes Google do not accept comments which are abusive in nature.
Be civilised and post comments.

Rriks4u said...

What about UNICITY an American based mlm which is doing business recently in India.plz. reply

Shyam Sundar said...

It is just another racket. If you have any grievance you could lodge a complaint with the police.

Unknown said...

Amitabhji Nmart ka customer care bol raha ki nmart website is mahine ke anth tak chalu ho jayega. Kaya e sahi bol rahd hain?

pravin kumar said...

dear friends,mere hisab se ye shyam sundra ek blackmailer hai,aur ek frode org bana kar dusron ko frode bolta hai, mera sawal 1)nmart pe aarop hai 1400 cror ka dhokhadhari ka, kya aisa sach much hai? 2)nmart sabhi ke paise lekar bhag gaya, aisa hai to jo account seal hai usme shyam sundar k baap ka paisa hai?

3)nmart mall par latka tala, agar account seal hoga to rent & maal ka payment kaun karega?

teen maheene se lakho log berojgaar ho gaye,logon ko dar ho gaya ki kanhin unka paisa doob to nahin gaya hai, jara dil par haath rakh kar boliye iske liye zimmedat kaun, gopal shekhawat ya ye shyam sunder........... agar ye shyam real me logon ka bhala sochata to ye is baat k liye fight karta ki network marketing ke liye guidline aaye taki ye sara lafda hi khatam ho jaye, par ye shyam sundar chahata hi nahi ki guidline aaye wo aa gaya to iska dukaan band ho jayega.

yaad rakhana shyam sundar 20 lakh logon ko pareshan karne wale tum ho,dekhana inki baddua tera kya haal karegi, you bloody blakmailler.

Shyam Sundar said...

Praveen, It is illegal to collect deposits from public. That is cheating.
Gopal has stashed his money in other accounts which he is enjoying to pay to his advocates and to move around.
He is not paying rent to the malls for the last several months because he has given an advance for 18 months. Naturally, the owners of buildings are not pressing for rent money.
It is not true that the people became berozgaar (unemployed) because it is an employment. It is only enrollment to earn money which is also illegal.
How much money you have fraudulent earn Praveen? That is why you are hurling abuses at me.

shah712 said...

Gopal ji jab 18 months ka rent advance me diya hai to cheater kyu bol rahe ho unko.

Unknown said...

Mr.sham pichhle saal tum ne RMP k khilap bhi yahi sab karwaya tha jo nmart k sath kar rahe ho,(rmp k cmd,md arrest the, bank a/c freez website band thi etc,)kaha tha ki company illigal hai aur jald hi ITIHAS me jama hojanewali hai!
magar RMP ne tumhe galat sabit kar k itihas banaya hai! rmp tumhare samne aaj bhi acchha chal rah hai. kyo lakho logo ko faltu me pareshan kar rahe ho???? ans pls..

Shyam Sundar said...

Vaisali, At least RMP is not present in Andhra Pradesh. They just ran away. Since the PCMC Act has to be implemented by the State governments, the relevant state governments are not taking against such fraudsters.
That is why these fraudsters are flourishing.
Anyway, my mission is to bring awareness against such fraudulent schemes. Even some people have realised the fraudulent character of such companies, my mission is complete.

Shyam Sundar said...

Mac, the money came from people's pockets. Not from his own pocket. Collecting deposits like that is illegal. You are not talking about it.
It shows that you are also part of the racket.

pravin kumar said...

frist i want to clere u shyam, that i m associate of nmart bt not a leader of nmart,just a customer, aur tujhe maine isliye galiyaya kyonki 20lakh log 2 saal k ander nmart se jude ya to we bewkuf hai aur tu chalak hai, 20lakh me se kisi ne copm nahin kiya, tune kiya, aur tu nmart associate nahin hai, matlab begani shaadi me abdulla diwana ............
agar ye illigal hai to is se pahale tune RMP,AMWAY etc par bhi case kiya tha, aaj dono hi shaan se chal rahe hai........
iska matlab ya to tu sahi hai ya cort, agar cort sahi hai to tu case cort me kyon karta hai?????????????????

according to you enrollment to earn money which is also illegal. if its true then marketing namak word ko khatam ho jana chahiye,kyonki marketing means enrollment to earn money, har agent,advisor,sales boy,sales manager is tarah k jo naam hai sabhi product sale se income karte hai, agar tum ye diposite k baare me soch rahe ho to,case kar do real state comp pe ye log flate booking k naam par paisa leti hai aur bewkuf bank finance bhi karti hai, motors comp wale gadi k against me diposite leti hai aise hi bahot se exp hai kar do case sabhi pe,

aur raha baat 18 months adv payment ki to,pahal baat to ye jhoot hai,phir bhi.. galat aadmi kabhi bhi kisi ko adv payment nahin karta agar 18 month ka wo adv payment kiye hai to socho ki galat kaun hai wo ya tu aise bachho jaisa baat mat karo........

raha baat shekhawat sahab ka dusre account me paisa rakhane ka to ,agar tujhe pata hi hai ki dusre account me paisa rakhe hai to cort,aur pulish ko bol kyon nahin deta hai.....

aur ye baat jaan le ki har samjhadaar admi janta hai ki tu galat hai, agar real logic se tu sabit kar diya ki tu sahi hai to main maan jaunga ki main bhi tere jaisa bewkuf hun, bt bewkufi bhara logic nahin chahiye...........

PRABHAT said...


PRABHAT said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PRABHAT said...

mere ko avi tak samjh m nahi aya hai, ki syam sunder kahna kya chahta hai,or avi tak kya kah raha hai,enke anusaar, Nmart pahle stores open kare fir,wahan pe business kare,fir usi paise se another place pe nmart store open kare,, isi tarah se stores and business increase kre, pahle Nmart stores,then business and bachat to customer

PRABHAT said...

according to u syam, nmart ka Business modle kaisa hona chahihe, thora idea to de sakte ho na!

Unknown said...

kalyanji this may happen that nmart website will start shortly.but not last of this month. because i have information from our lawyer (mumbai H.court)that nmart has cleaned several of its cases.but as per him cmd has been waiting for delhi guidelines of mlm.rajastan govt.and kerala govt.mlm guidelines has been received.another news is cmd promised to pay all the due of associates,leaders,vendors once the account is opened.if account is not opened still he can pay .just a calculation.he has 145 malls in total.he had 500 crore property before if he invests only 150 crores for 145 malls then the vendors supply 300 crores worth product.he will earn a minimum profit of 25% = 75 crores as usual.220 voucher for 20lakhs customer will be 44 crore,staff salary rent all will be with 16 crores maximum.still he will make 15 crore profit.and he can do this. because he is a genius business dont worry shyam shyam hai. gopal gopal.shyam mahabharat yudh lagayega. gopal kansh ka nidhan karega.

Zeddy B. said...

we also waiting to see how govt give permission for a business which stands upon mathematical impossibilities.This is the issue which is not going to be sorted out soon for sure.

Here greed are creating the hurl...some people are only interested to get the money it just hardly matters whether it is being earned by cheating that poor farmer or old pensioner or that lonely poor widow who even not so literate to write something on blogs.But this 80% will come up....Shyam Ji just have ignite the flame.

At the starting of any great act there must be a huge pull back along with applause...BE SURE.

shah712 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Mr. Zeddy B, Who said mathematically impossible? Do you know not more than a maximum possible pay outs will be made even in binary system. Practical aspects are that, many will be joining as a customer. They are not the workers and they won't get binary income. Only a few will be the workers and therefore, practically it becomes possible to pay the binary income. Rarely, your presumptions may come true - when all the binary positions are filled up without any gap. In such a case, cut in the pay outs will be applied – it is called as trimming. Only the maximum possible pay outs will be paid as binary income - in full, if it is possible to pay in full depending upon the matching of binary of the period - if it is not possible to pay in full, proportionately reduced pay outs will be made. On no account, more than the maximum possible percentage of the amounts will be paid.
Regarding Nmart issue, Mr. Shyam Sundar has declared that it is 'illegal'. Hon. Advocate of his rank, Mr. Narayan Rao is the legal advisor to Nmart. In his opinion, Nmart is legal one. Why north and south pole difference between the opinions? It is because of their considerations and viewpoints.
If Nmart is so illegal:
1. Why & how the ISO certificate was granted to it?
2. Why & How the A.I., Journalist Federation award was offered?
3. Why & How the A.I., Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar award was offered?
4. Why & How the union ministers Mr. Oskar Fernandis & Kapil sibal have presented the award to NMart?
Mr. Sibal is the senior advocate and had served as Additional Solicitor General of India and President of the Supreme Court Bar Association. Was he so ignorant - to hand over the award to a fully illegal company?
5. Nmart's case is before the court since 2010. If Nmart is fully illegal, the Hon. court would have prima facie declared it as such.
But, the facts with Nmart are different. Allegations are made against it as it is illegal. Unfortunately, many of the companies misused the MLM concept and created a bad name to the industry. It is true that majority of MLM companies were actually cheated the people under the guise. Such experience and the atmospheres are only favouring the criers against Nmart. But remember, it is sure, Nmart will succeed and survive and create a history in Indian MLM industry. It will be a model player and at some point of time in future, people will say, 'MLM Company must be just like NMart"! Criticism and the hindrance against Nmart are making it more stronger. Remember, in the days to come - not only we like people - but also people like you will not find any hesitation to join your friends and relatives- if you wish so. My friends and relatives have realised the 'Shadyantra' behind the allegations and they are supporting Nmart along with me. I have not duped them. They have actually experienced that they are benefitted. Nmart will be back in the track and it will play role to enhance National GDP in the days to come! Such days are not far away! Why such a good concept is to be opposed merely because of suppositions?

Shyam Sundar said...

Vidyashree, Why Gopal did not hire the services of great Kapil Sibal to defend the cse or at least took the case for his perusal to instruct the police to withdraw the criminal case against it.
Even Union Minister Chidambaram's wife Nalini defended the GoldQuest International. After Corporate Frauds Watch filed the criminal case against GoldQuest, Nalini released a letter that she did not support the GoldQuest. The denial letter of Nalini would be published in this blog for our readers.
IF Gopal thinks his business is legal, he should immediate approach the court and clear the cases in Andhra Pradesh.

Shyam Sundar said...

ISO certificate is easy to get. Pay the prescribed fee and set a standard for your company by yourself and submit a report that you have met that standard. Lo! you got the ISO certificate.
The NMart had filed a writ petition in the AP High Court and after Corporate Frauds Watch filed an implead petition in it, the writ did not reach the Bench for reasons better known to NMart's counsel.
The High Court did not get a chance to hear the case otherwise it would have given its verdict long back.
OK. Now the NMar had filed fresh writ petitions and their counsel appealed to the High court to allow it to withdraw the petitions.
What does that mean?
They have no case to argue?
Exactly that is the case.
I rest my case.

Gagan said...

Hello MR.Sunder,
Just Read the topic Confirmation Bias on Wikipedia.
I feel very sorry for the people who are affected by this.
Hope they get well soon.
God bless them, so they can wake up soon.

shah712 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zeddy B. said...

Respected Vidyashree B,
I am putting my comments on your argument taking you as a sincere,responsible person having respect & responsibilities towards the masses.
1st of all in international context the concept is not much is kind of in a new and colour full bottle.

Now as the points you have given to prove it as not a mathematical impossibilities are not even relevant when any company is generalizing a plan by promoting among mass.

Just answer me can you quantify mathematically the nos of the people will be joined to use the product and not promote it by enrolling others? - NO.

then from where the points like"Practical aspects are that, many will be joining as a customer. They are not the workers and they won't get binary income. Only a few will be the workers and therefore, practically it becomes possible to pay the binary income."can come as a argument?-what do you mean by PRACTICAL?

More over as per your version after certain time when ever any "trimming" will be happened will make the latter one looser...and prove its mathematical impossibilities.Is not it Vidyashree B ?

I hope you will understand the arguments!

Shyam Sundar said...

Mac, Kerala government issued guidelines to regularise direct selling industry, and now Amway tucked the tail and slunk off. There is not even a feeble effort on the part of Amway to save its sheep in Kerala. That is because Amway knows that it is cheating.

Unknown said...

Vidyashree B,

n mart jaisi fraud companies me join ho ke log apna jivan aur paisa aur time sab barbad karte hai......

is se GDP badhati nahi, kam hoti youth ko galat raste pe le jate hai......

jo gopal shekhavat sahi hai to court ke samne aaye aur javab de.

jiske paise dub gaye n mart me uske pass ab aek hi vikalp hai....vo FIR and case kare aur kanooni ladai lade,to hi aapke paise shayad vapas aa sake..

and money coolection from more than 50 people without permission of SEBI, which is illegal.

n mart gaibo ke paise loot gaya,
muje aek baat batao,
n mart ke owner gopal shekhavat ke paas helicopter,luxurious cars,bada bungala etc.
sab kaise aaya?
ye sab public ke paiso se....

nmart totally illegal scheme hai,
mere bhole-bhale dosto aap loot chuke ho.....
company ke promoters aapko fool bana sakte hai,court ko nahi.....

Unknown said...



Shyam Sundar said...

Sharma, your counsel have very little knowledge of the enactment.
The name of the enactment is Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. It is not chit fund act. Traditional chit fund would not fall under the PCMC Act.
Anyway, why do you wait for more time to file a case against me. File a defamation case, or a libel suit or even slander case against me. I can argue my own case.
Just try it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. zeedy B You are arguing over a comments. Einstein make the formula of to the power of N. what you think about it. In one single class all student are got lesson from the same teacher. But in examinations some of them are good - in this case whom you have to blame ..... THE TEACHER, THE STUDENT, THE SCHOOL, THE LESSON, THE EXAMINATION. you are in them who are blame all the others except THE STUDENT. THANKS A LOT ?

Shyam Sundar said...

hahaha. such a verbal diarrhea.

Shyam Sundar said...

The real problem of network marketing is lost somewhere. That is why such bastards are barred from this blog. They raise their ugly head time and again.
The don't have any shame because they are the looters of their friends and relatives. These blood suckers do not mind to cheat anyone they come across.
Just ask your hiding boss to come out and defend his company and his sheep.
Instead of blaming the racketeer who pocketed all their money why these unscrupulous madarchoth blabber here.
Go and ask your boss in hiding because you only know where he is.

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