Thursday, 30 May 2013

Gullible housewives lose money in Amway tangle

By Athul Lal AG / Arun M | ENS - KOZHIKODE 29th May 2013 08:43 AM

The meltdown of US direct-selling giant Amway seems to have begun in Kerala with 
the arrest of its CEO William Scott Pinckney and two directors from Kozhikode on 
Monday. Police officials probing the case believe the amount of fraud detected is 
only a tip of the iceberg as Amway does country-wide operations.

And at the receiving end are a bunch of gullible housewives from the lower middle 
income bracket who have unwisely invested hard-earned money in this venture eying 
the quick returns promised by Amway.

Madhavikutty, 53, of Mukkam in rural Kozhikode had invested in Amway as a shortcut 
to multiply her money to construct a house. As her husband was bedridden, the 
income from her beauty parlour at Mukkam was the family’s only revenue. She came 
to know about Amway through her friend, who was a native of Pavangad in Kozhikode.

“The training sessions that I had attended were literally a magic world. Their 
words were so trustable that those who attend the class would definitely join the 
network. I also did join by remitting a fee of Rs 999 and became an Independent 
Awmay Business Owner (ABO) with Amway. Then, I attended similar sessions in Kochi, 
Thrissur and Coimbatore and had purchased products worth Rs19,000,” recollected 

“During the training sessions, the company enticed us by introducing certain 
persons who had become millionaires by selling Amway products.

“They always compelled us to sell the products and recruit people to make money. I 
had bought almost 90 per cent of the products marketed by Amway. Due to the heavy 
pricing, we could not sell the products. And the company refused to accept the 
unsold products. In the process, I lost around `6 lakh, the amount which my 
husband had received while retiring from service,’’ she said.

Vishalakshi, 48, of Vengerimadom near Chathamangalam had invested Rs 3 lakh in 
Amway in terms of purchasing products and taking insurance policy. 

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Anonymous said...

I am a ABO joined a year back. Nobody from Amway or sponsors compels to buy products. I never stock up the products. But I do retail for 10 to 15 thousand rupees. It is purely a fake case