Sunday, 5 May 2013

Police seek custody of Gopal Shekhawat

The police of various districts where criminal cases were filed against Gopal Mohan Singh Shekhawat, the kingpin in the multi-crore scam of NMart aka New Look Retails Ltd, are seeking his custody for his interrogation. They, it seems, wanted to know as to how much money he has illegally collected from public and where did he stash the cash apart from spending on luxurious cars and a helicopter. 
Already Prakasam district police filed a petition for his custody. They may question the accused for at least three days if not a week. The Visakhapatnam police have also filed a petition for the custody of multi-crore scamster to grill him about the details of the scam.
Guntur DSP (Crime) Ravindra Babu said that they are going to file the custody petition to interrogate the accused. 
Chilakaluripet police are also ready for filing a petition seeking the custody of the accused.
However, one has to wait and watch how many more police would seek custody of the NMart chief, prime accused in the multi-crore scam.
There is already a criminal case in Kerala and the Kerala police may also want to question the accused.
Three criminal cases were filed in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, and they may also ask for custody of Gopal Shekhawat. 
Meanwhile, the CID is also preparing the list of criminal cases against the accused.
It is worth to note here, that the counsels of NMart kingpin filed a writ petition in the AP High Court soon after Prakasam district police filed the FIR against the company seeking the transfer of the case to the CID of AP. 
The motive behind the petition is well known. However, before the AP High Court heard the petition, the counsel of NMart had withdrawn the petition with the plea to submit once again. However, the NMart counsel never submitted the writ petition again in the high court.


sumantaworld said...

Sir what is the latest update of RMP case? please give some updates.

Shyam Sundar said...

Why do you want know the fate of RMP?
Tell your friends and relatives not to join such rackets if you could help it.


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