Thursday, 16 June 2016

Will Amway compensate medical & hospital expenses

RAJAN leaves a new comment "Amway is selling Nutrilite as medicine":

I started using AMWAY's Protein Powder, Calcium, Vitamins & few other products in Feb. Mar. 2014. After using for 2 months or so, I used to feel unusually weak & extremely tired. So I discontinued with these. But weakness persisted even after that. Later in Apr. 2014 I had internal bleeding, which somehow I could not recognize at that time & hence I neglected it. I pulled on like this till Nov. 2014 when I happened to do Blood test along with few other Medical tests, I found My Platelets to be alarmingly low - 20,000 ( it went down to 6000 - 4000 level later on ).
Earlier in Jan. 2014, My Platelets were around 1,02,000, as per my medical check up. I never had any disease of any nature earlier so as to bring down my Platelets to this level & that too at such a short period of time. Even Doctors opined that the Food Supplements as these can do harm, particularly blood related. Friends & relatives told me that there are several news items & articles appearing in the News Papers & in the Internet stating that the Food Supplements are capable of reducing one's platelet levels.
It took almost an year & a half for me to recover from this dreadful disease. The sufferings & agony underwent by me is beyond one's imagination. Total medical & hospital expenses are around 4 lakh. Will AMWAY Compensate this to me. Is it possible for AMWAY to compensate the sufferings & agony underwent by me. I am not the only one to have such a Bad experience as this. Many are there, but they either do not realise this Or they do not report their complaints. As regards the other products other than Nutrilites, I feel they are too costly, which I demonstrated to my near & dear. 
Use of natural ingredients in its natural way as prescribed in Ayurveda is the best solution for all health & skin care issues. 
Be Indian Buy Indian. 


anudeep reddy said...

dear shyam sunder ji
many times you tried to tell how the multi level companies make the fraud to the members and earn money...many of the leaders and customers lost their money as well as fame.
many of the leaders didnt listen you at that time....but when the companies made fraud the leaders realised...but unfortunately there was no use bcoz already they lost all name , fame n money
now i request you to aware the many who are investing their valuable money on onecoin, eurocoin, bitcoin and etc concepts...i have seen many of the ordinary people they sold their lands and invested.. some were taken money on basis of 10/- on interest and invested in those concepts
leaders are telling that investors can earn 10 times income within span of 3 months.. if you aware us at least we try to tell who come us to know the details
plz look into the matter and tell the realities of concept
thank you

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