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Amway is selling Nutrilite as medicine

Prasanna Kumar has left a new comment on the post "Police shut down Amway India all over Kerala": 

Hi Shyam,

Thanks for your info.

Amway people forced me to attend a meeting on Friday at some Govt.Conference hall. I paid Rs.70/- to attend that meeting. They make us feel that we are not leading any good life in this world and they will display slides with images that were taken from Google search including cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Australia, Switzerland and many wonderful places that images will tempt people to dream about reaching or visiting those places. Even 70% peoples are from their side (Paid from Network 21 peoples). Even I saw same peoples filling the stage with fluent accent. They fool us like the product are better than English medicine. 
I agree that home products are good and I am sure that Nutrilite products are more, more and more expensive than any other product. I asked the same question a Network 21 member, he told me that some products are cheap and also gave example that Detergents are cheaper, just think can we apply that detergent soap to our body and can we intake that soap. I felt very funny when I heard that from a major Network 21 promoter or senior Network 21 member. 
Also, they prescribed some tablets for Type 1 Diabetes. The tablets are mentioned below with the prices in brackets 
NUTRILITE® Natural B - (Rs.769.00)
NUTRILITE® Protein Family Pack (107766IDH) (Rs.3029.00)
NUTRILITE® Fiber (859.00) 
They told me that we need to leave English medicine and we need to continue with Nutrilite medicine for a minimum of 3 months to see the Nutrilite effect. Just think do the patient can tolerate the disease for 3 months to see the Nutrilite medicine effect? Can they take responsibilities of patients' commitments if patient dies or suffers with major problems? 
We work for them and make them to have profit and if wrong happens the AMO will have the blame and no major persons from Network 21 or Amway will come to picture. 
Just think that middle class people can afford Nurtilite products? Even they force us to take those products for their profit. Even a big company like Apple will not sell products from Network 21, Apple know the quality of their product and this Amway is not confident of their product and experiment on peoples by spending people's money. 
Please please do not fall prey. These Network 21 people will benefit for their own and do not turn around if something wrong occurs.
They advise to take Nutrilite medicines like an expert doctor as they are the chief doctors from Apollo, Manipal. Please avoid intake of Nutrilite and Artistry without Doctor's prescription. They are extremely dangerous. Also don't join Network business, at last AMO member will be in trouble. 


Shan said...
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Anonymous said...

bade fudu ho yr tum log.....
ek copany main kisi are gaire bande ne tumhara fudu khicha, tha toh banda fudu, but woh amway main business kr raha tha, toh bhaiaag amway fudu ho gyi..sharam aati he mujhe indian mentality pe...fudu yr tum log..kudh ki gand main dum nhi kisi bhi company main kaam krne ki ....khadi toh door tak nh kr sakte, or hum kisi se kam nhi.....

Shyam Sundar said...

Which language you are writing in. Write in English or get lost. How could anybody answer you if you write gibberish like this. We come across this type senseless fellows.

Upender Manithia said...

I have used Nurilite products. Result is amazing. No body take Guarantee. Even doctors don't take any guarantee. If we are not satisfied with any hospital/doctor we never create a blog for that Hospital or doctor. If any product we buy from market is not up to satisfactory we just through it never go to Shop kipper to complaint against that product and also he never take it back.As for price concern we can not say that it is not for common people. For some people bycycle is costly but for some one BMW is not costly. So we never call BMW to make a car for just for 50000.

Shyam Sundar said...

It is not the question of high price we are talking about. In the name of selling products Amway India is indulging in money circulation scheme. That is illegal.

Swami said...


Shyam Sundar said...

I recall a joke. A person was beaten up. The person asked him to beat his brother-in-law also so that he won't talk about the beating incident in future.
Monavie, Noni and so many crooks are there in India and the rest of world. It has been mentioned many a time in this blog.

Shrikhand Group said...

you are just a lecher type person as well as advocate too.

Shrikhand Group said...

if you have any problem than contact with me.

Peter said...

Shyam you said, I am young and should be ashamed, Ashamed of what?? Support to those who are earning, who have no job and now they have a steady job, those who are getting some few bucks of free groceries every month and a credit of Rs.1,500 every month so that they can run their houses,

Does your government ever gave credit to anyone?? Those controlled Kirana store near you is selling kerosene for the premiums to the poor, those selling Wheat, Rice, Sugar on a premiums to control their margins, does your government ever looked for those farmers who have lost huge amounts in the Satta Bazaar of Sharad Pawar? Does your Government ever thought of us when Rs.4 is getting increased in Diesel and Petrol very soon?

Did You.!!! ever thought of this?? I bat you never had a thought of it cuz you said you are an old man and with no further goals, or ambitions. People like you should have a fight with the government but you really know that if you fight with them and lock your horns in it, you will be in a Jail with Anna and Ramdev and that will hurt your prestige what you may have in Vijayawada, or people may say Sala bahot bol ta tha, dekho Govt. ne use bhi under kar diya.

Look Old man the World has changed a lot, the way you type the way you learnt, the way you speak, the way you transfer, every thing is adopted in India, what you wear? Sure not Khadi, cuz even the Khadi is not pure Indian. Look at the surroundings near you. Understand the basic of Circle and Circulations, you at one side closing companies, are creating Un employments, many such companies are recruiting people who have no jobs,those who are looking to earn few penny. I ask a simple question, those companies whom you have brought down to knee, just give me the figure how many Un Employments have you created?

Check the figures fact fully, just than pick any two Employees from those un employee who are very low in their Salaries, now just take an Oath that you will full fill their necessity every month by providing their same amount of salary for the time you live.

Can you Do that? You cannot, or even if you do, you will choose your own relative so that the money remains in house.

Bachchu bol na bahot asaan hai, karna nahi.. I am Young Dynamic and i live with my ambitions, i have lost crores of rupees till now, even i don't have a single penny in my pocket, i have never thought like you, I am not ashamed of i lost crores, i am happy that everyday i learn a lot.

One very Important thing: You say yourself as an ONGOLE, i specify myself as an Indian,

You live for your Society, I live for this Country,

You live with your own EGO as you are OLD, it is scientifically proven that after crossing 55, most humans get EGO in them, and you are one of them,
I am only 36, and i crush the EGO which tries to over take me.

This is a Difference between the Age. and i don't have to go to Court to prove these things.

Unknown said...

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Ranjeet said...

Dear Shyam,i feel that your opinion comes from your mindset towards networking business and i understand your experience was not great with amway but i must clarify some information which i think might help you understand the working of amway even better. Amway never motivates any of their buyer to intake their products without the consultation of a doctor and more IMPORTANTLY TO SKIP THEIR MEDICATION, i think you might have come across a person who was more passionate towards selling the product but that doesn't mean that the entire company is dishonest. Moreover you should be glad to know that on all the products of amway nutrilite it is clearly mentioned ''Not for Medicinal purpose'' even if you visit amway's website they call nutrilite products as health supplements and NOT MEDICINES. Before concluding i would like to suggest, you must undergo thorough research about the company. Finally all their products comes with Money back guarantee so if your not satisfied you can always get your money back. Thanks

Shyam Sundar said...

Are you supporting network or products of Amway?
If you are supporting network click the Home button and read the latest video on multilevel marketing.
If you are supporting Amway products it is your choice to buy. Whether you agree or not, Amway India has malintentions in its business model and the AP High Court held that its business model is illegal. period.

Anonymous said...

yes,Shyam Sundar you are right. AMWAY is like shit...
It is illegal... those guys are getting brain washed every week, to support that stupid fraud company selling very high product good for which cost price is very low.

lets stop this fraud .

Anonymous Programmer said...

@Peter. Are you paid by Amway to write this comment?
I have a much better question than that: Are you a certified Nutritionist?

You claim to be an Indian. Then you definitely should know the state of the poor in India. They are POOR.

Do you know the definition of poor?
If your so lazy as to look it up in a dictionary, then let me do you a favor: I'll google it for you.

lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society.
"people who were too poor to afford a telephone"
synonyms: poverty-stricken, penniless, moneyless, impoverished, low-income, necessitous, impecunious, indigent, needy, destitute, pauperized, unable to make ends meet, without a sou; More
antonyms: rich, wealthy
(of a place) inhabited by people without sufficient money.
"a poor area with run-down movie theaters and overcrowded schools"
worse than is usual, expected, or desirable; of a low or inferior standard or quality.
"her work was poor"
synonyms: substandard, below par, bad, deficient, defective, faulty, imperfect, inferior;

See, It's that simple.
But clearly, you don't seem to understand this.

"Those controlled Kirana store near you is selling kerosene for the premiums to the poor, those selling Wheat, Rice, Sugar on a premiums to control their margins..."

You know, you should first get your facts straight. Government ration shops are selling the commodities at a subsidised rate to the poor and the under-priveleged people. That's because they NEED it. They don't have salaries(hence poor, duh) or they have a very low income job so they can't afford it.

Government is not stealing from the rich and giving to the power.
It's just doing what it must to ensure survival and fair treatment of everyone.

As for the case of Sharad Pawar and others who are scamming us, yes they are to blame. But don't go mouthing off the entire government for it.

" Does your Government ever thought of us when Rs.4 is getting increased in Diesel and Petrol very soon?"

You say you're 36, but now you sound childish and uneducated.
Ofcourse, fuel prices are going to rise. Don't you ever read newspapers? Oil production has reduced considerably. That's because we have exhausted the fuel. Which is why we are trying to find alternative sources of energy. Of course oil will be sold at a premium.

"even the Khadi is not pure Indian"

Dude, you did not learn history or what? Look up Khadi in wikipedia:

It IS indian.

I don't know why you don't know this, but I'm sure you skipped a few History classes. I'm sure you had your own reasons for doing so.

Everyone has ego. You don't need to do scientific research to understand that.

For someone who is 36 years old, you sure lack a lot of experience.
Otherwise you would remember to respect people or atleast pretend to do so.

Amway is no saint. Not like I'm a fan of religious terms, but yes, I have to say that Amway is the devil.

Do you know what the full form of Amway is?
American Way.

A little common sense would tell you that the American Way doesn't suit our economy.

You don't have a salary to afford an American lifestyle.
They can get into credit card debt and afford to not pay. Their debt might even be waived by their government. Why? Because they can afford it. But we can't.

So do some research first. Don't publish nonsense on good blogs. You just taint them with your stupid comments.

Unknown said...

I see here soo many ruthless comments, and sure they must be written by Amway sellers.I have personally used soo many of there products and completely disappointed.

Its my dad's friend who introduced us to these bullshit products. When I used there CTM my soo called super clear skin had all those breakouts and pimples.

These product are very expensive and waste of money to be frank.These greedy monkeys are corrupted and fake.

SHYAMAL said...



SHYAMAL said...

wellcome all negitive commentor about amway...............thanks...........please co-oparate me


Ram said...

What are the alternatives. It will only be helpful if you can give alternatives.

Amway obviously is here to make money. If there is an Indian competitor that should be good

Shyam Sundar said...

Do we need an alternative thug to drive away the foreign goon. We have to file criminal cases against such business houses and shut down even the Indian companies which indulge in illegal money circulation schemes in the name of multilevel marketing, direct selling, network marketing, referral marketing and others.

Unknown said...

I totally agree with sham amway is fraud company looting hard earned money one of my re
Relative is doing this buissness he is actual banker but he will be like a mad always
Think about anway. 9 out of 10 message in whatsup will be about whatsup
Amway not only looting people money their Abo all like an adict thinking only amway is the world

Unknown said...

Dear all , Amway is completely approved by govt of India and also its business across the 108 countries. You people does not know amway never sold their products by open market. It sold its products by multilevel direct selling system. Company does not say that every amway customer to have business. you may use only products and if you want to do home business and you are a complete satisfy from products then recommend it to one another and create down line. It is a good opportunity for home ladies and to start a home business . It depends on your choice only. if you dont want to involve in business then it is your decision.

Secondly yeh jo log amway ko fraud , illegel bol rahe hai in se posho ki amway ne aapki kya bhains churai hai . Agar amway illegel hai to kyo aaj tak kisi ne police mei complaint kyo nahi ki. Amway is multilveel selling products company its selling techniquees are different from others . Comletely diffrent system . Other companies selling products through C & F Agents and furthrer regional distributors to state distributors > and district distibutors and dealers and stokists and shops from where end customer buy produtcs. and their margins are divided ed int this all

Amway sells products by chain multilevel system dictect from factory to end customers and divides the margin and commission direct to their customers pockets.

Thirdly Doctors take commission from medicine companies hidden under the table. they prescribe only that drugs which they receive heavy monthly commission from pharma companies. Aplolo is very small hospital and no one ant big hospital and medicine have written the guarantee for recovery of disease anywhere.

Shyam Sundar said...

Dear Harjinder Singhji, Open your eyes and look around. Several criminal cases were filed against Amway India and its chief William Scott Pinckney was arrested too. Not in one case but in more than half a dozen criminal cases. Even the AP High Court confirmed its business model is illegal. Now it is up to the police to take the criminal case to its logical conclusion. Several millions are losing their hard-earned money in Amway business every year. Anyway, how much you are earning through Amway business and how many people you enrolled into the multilevel marketing. Kindly go through the criminal cases and find the truth.

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RAJAN said...

I started using AMWAY's Protein Powder, Calcium, Vitamins & few other products in Feb. Mar. 2014. After using for 2 months or so, I used to feel unusually weak & extremely tired. So I discontinued with these. But weakness persisted even after that. Later in Apr. 2014 I had internal bleeding, which somehow I could not recognize at that time & hence I neglected it. I pulled on like this till Nov. 2014 when I happened to do Blood test along with few other Medical tests, I found My Platelets to be alarmingly low - 20,000 ( it went down to 6000 - 4000 level later on ). Earlier in Jan. 2014, My Platelets were around 1,02,000, as per my medical check up. I never had any disease of any nature earlier so as to bring down my Platelets to this level & that too at such a short period of time. Even Doctors opined that the Food Supplements as these can do harm, particularly blood related. Friends & relatives told me that there are several news items & articles appearing in the News Papers & in the Internet stating that the Food Supplements are capable of reducing one's platelet levels. It took almost an year & a half for me to recover from this dreadful disease. The sufferings & agony underwent by me is beyond one's imagination. Total medical & hospital expenses are around 4 lakh. Will AMWAY Compensate this to me. Is it possible for AMWAY to compensate the sufferings & agony underwent by me. I am not the only one to have such a Bad experience as this. Many are there, but they either do not realize this Or they do not report their complaints. As regards the other products other than Nutrilites, I feel they are too costly, which I demonstrated to my near & dear. Use of natural ingredients in its natural way as prescribed in Ayurveda is the best solution for all health & skin care issues. Be Indian Buy Indian.

Unknown said...

I m earning Rs 8099/- from Amway. Ye sab Much better than indian companies. Please adopt Amway. It is wonderful. yeb sab Jo negative bol tahe hai un ke lie ek hi javasb hai. JAB HATHI CHALE BAZAAR KITTE BHONKE HAZAAR. .

Shyam Sundar said...

Harjinder Singhji, do char biscuits ke liye kutte bhee pichee aati hai. LoL. Anyway, you did not say how much amount you are spending on buying products and how many people you have enrolled into the scheme to earn that amount. This is called illegal money circulation scheme.

Unknown said...

Shyam synder I thing your r from a backward area or your knowledge is like illiterate a cow man lol. This is not a illegal business. We are spending nothing exept my personal usage of products. Amway participated in make in India concept. Spended crores on its manufacturing plant. I have reader your all comments on this post. Your all comments are unprofessional and base less. For your kind information or I think you should update your information not only Amway there some other companies also doing network business in this country. Like forever, vestige, tuperware, avon. And many more. All are doing same business under govt approval. And this network business is growing in country.

Unknown said...

Also tell me why you always talk amway , tell me about other companies of MLM like forever , vestige, AVON, Shaklee, Tupperware, and many more .

Shyam Sundar said...

Harjinder Singhji, Your English is horrible. Now everyone knows who is illiterate. LoL. For your information, I filed criminal cases against Herbalife, Tupperware and other companies too. The government did not give approval for illegal MLM but to do legitimate business. The government never asked what is the business model. Later,the judiciary made it clear that the business model of Amway is illegal attracting the provisions of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978. I am an advocate apart from being a journalist with a vast experience of more than 30 years. You claim that you are using products for personal usage and earning Rs 8090 by purchasing products.How is it possible? Is there no end to the lies by the apologists of Amway?

VENKAT said...

Hi all ,

I am happy with the products of AMWAY as im using the products for myself and family. Especially the NUTRILITE products and HOME CARE products are really good as i have personally experiencing the results. In fact my mom was happy after using the nutrilite products and feeling better with the problems she had before. And also happy with Home care products as they are very effective and mainly saving the time and physical strain. As im getting good results i referred to my friends and well wishers who believe in me. As if now there is no negative comment from them on any product. By just referring im getting some good extra money every month approx 5k to 8k, which really helpful and additional to my budget by just investing my free time infact before it is unproductive time. I feel here there is no cheating factor, just im using the product in my budget and if im getting benefited im referring to my friends or family, If they feel good they will use, if not satisfied just return the product money will be given back.

Thank you friends.
Be good Do good Feel good.

Unknown said...

Dear shyam synder.amway is a multinational company and it is doing business about 110 countries.what is your position that you have filled cases against amway and mlm.and another thing is that Harjeet Singh is telling about gaining knowledge and who ask you to tell about that you are literate or illiterate.we accept that ceo of Amway arrested 12 times but for your kind information i suggest, you should undergo for a research that the supreme court of India finds unguilty and leave.y ou just study the Indian economy than you judge.By the way you change your argumentative mentality and accept the truth.amway is a no debt. company and is running from 70 years.and you just study the business plan of Amway than talk to me and your position is not greater from me or many other people who are doing the business.i recommend a proper combination of all nutrilite product to all my patient and the product gives outstanding result.At last I suggest that you read the book namely "RICH DAD POOR DAD" than you talk to me.By the way I am a cardiologist and I am certified from government of India and I have passed from Madras medical college. Stupid mindset.........

Shyam Sundar said...

It shows how stupid you are in spite of your degree in medicine. Which judgement of the Supreme Court you are referring that announced Amway not guilty (unguilty hahaha). In fact the Supreme Court upheld the judgement of AP High Court which said that the business model of Amway is illegal. For your information, I am not argumentative. I am just telling the truth. Kindly go through the judgement of AP High Court and talk later. You said you are prescribing Nutrilite to the patients which is nothing but betraying the trust of your patients. It clearly appears that you are carried away by the dubious propaganda of Amway. Open your eyes and look around you. How many victims of Amway are there.

Unknown said...

First you know that my degree is not in medicine I have qualified MBBS than I have a degree in cardiology(why are you talking with a little knowledge, first you gain knowledge about something and than talk) and I suggest that you use a proper combination of nutrilite product it is amazing and you Google it to know more.I am prescribing nutrilite because of nutrilite is world best dietry suppliment brand and for that people are living a better life and my patients trust me because of my medicine and my treatment. you are saying because of you do not know anything about nutrilite.and not only I am prescribing nutrilite but also many other doctors are prescribing you decide who is stupid and who has a little knowledge.and had you read the book that I had suggested you.and if you have not read yet, than read that and talk to me.

Shyam Sundar said...

For the simple reason many doctors are prescribing won't make it a great product. There are a number of greedy fellows who want to make money with the trust they were entrusted by the patients. You are no exception. Nutrilite is tested in Andhra Pradesh Forensic Laboratory at Hyderabad and proved that it was misbranded. Without knowing that you are prescribing it to the patients. Now who is stupid. Apart from the supplement value of the products, Amway is selling these products in pyramid structure which is illegal. You are illegally promoting the products of a fraudulent company. Andhra Pradesh High Court held that the business model of Amway is illegal. Now apart from being stupid, doctors are also promoting illegal businesses.

Unknown said...

Have you seen the medical report of nutrilite suppiments.if you have not seen than just go and see that is clearly mentioned that nutrilite suppliments are world's best suppliments.and if Amway business is illegal than why it is operating in 110 country.and the nutrilite is awarded 11 times from WHO,and government of India
and nutrilite has a 6000acre of organic you tell me one thing if nutrilite supplement misbranded than how it is curing deseases and if I and other doctors are prescribing these supplement and that is not working than why patients are coming to me and my hospital.are every people and patients who is using nutrilite product are fool or you are a fool you decide."to prove a false statement to right and vice-versa" that is your work not ours. And if you know any other govt who has declared Amway is illegal than tell me.why you are telling only about AP government from starting.after all you are an advocate......

Shyam Sundar said...

Even after filing criminal cases it is running in India because of people like you. After AP High Court confirmed also you people do not realise the fraudulent activities of the company. Please read the judgement. You call it nutrition supplement and in the same breath say that it is curing diseases. Is that a medicine or nutrition supplement? Are you really a doctor or a quack? Your mind is closed with the brainwashing by Amway. Nobody could help you except a psychiatrist. Go and get treatment.

Unknown said...

Respected All Friend,

Where no company does not want to guarantee, there is a only one company, which is running in network business for 7 years and I am with this company for three years. I see, this company is giving guarantee, with money back, and with it, if anyone can prove that our product is not 100% natural, then the reward will be given. What could be more than that? There is nothing to do. Our company name is "Myrecharge".

So, do not delay our friends, eat our products, take the challenge, and if you do not face the challenge? What to do, what is that? Need to say?

So, it was that conclusion from my side that, India's one&only company has the capability of giving up 100% natural product. So, nothing more than "MYRECHARGE".

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