Thursday, 21 August 2008

New age Goebbels Amway propagandists

The fallacies put out by Amway
1) Profit is earned through sale of products
2) No commission is earned through recruiting
3)Amway India sales have increased substantially in the past year, not decreased
4)Amway proa ducts have won numerous independent consumer awards.

Hi guys Excellent, the way the so called business of Amway is explained in a nutshell is just excellent. I would like to say that right examples could also be given to support a wrong cause. Amazobies (the people in Amway business) do exactly the same way. Before I go deep into the subject, I would first put certain records straight.
In the Amway "business" the language used by the IBOs (Independent Business Owners) is basically altogether different from other human beings. Words carry different meanings with an underlying aim to confuse people so that they do not understand that they are cheated and reach out to the real back end business.
For example one of the salient features of Amway is claimed as "Profit is earned through sale of products". Correct and it is 100% correct. The Amway Company does earn profit by selling its products to its stupid IBOs and it should be understood accordingly. This is how it is? The "sale of products" in the above proposition is nothing but the “sale of products by the company” to the IBOs who are in real terms the “consumers” although the fact remains that they do not buy these products to consume but only to resell which any way is impossible.
The mandatory "purchase of products" made by every new IBO at the time of walking into the trap of Amway business is the only actual “sale” to the company achieved through the false promises of making big money and the company earns a huge profit as it rightly claimed. It is to be noted that the people who take up the business of Amway do not earn any profits just by selling the products of the company because it is next to impossible to sell these products in the open market particularly in India-like third world countries. Then how would these stupid IBOs earn profits, that too, so huge profits that this deceptive company promises through its “senior” people (uplines) in its regular meetings showing testimonies of success stories?
Is it possible to earn great profits and big money just by selling products to the prospective consumers? Assuming that it is possible, how do the IBOs to identify these prospective consumers every time to have regular sales so as to make good profits? More so when there is no publicity back up by the company promoting the products by way of advertisements as the company itself claims that it does not “waste” money on publicity and the money, thus saved is instead passed on to the consumer?
How much time do the IBOs have to spend in convincing the prospective consumers for selling them the products by telling them all the lies and pestering them to buy? Where do thye have to go everyday to sell these products and who would buy these stupid products for such an exorbitant prices when established and regularly advertised brands are available for much cheaper price? And ultimately what is that the IBOs get in net effect by confining themselves to only selling the products and thereby earning a profit?
Having found that it is impossible to sell these products to unknown people, the IBOs try to catch hold of friends, relatives, colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances, etc, and try to use all their family and social leverage to “sell” them the products or try to give them freely so that they would buy them in case they are satisfied with their quality or entice them into the business with copy cat promises which they themselves have not been benefited. In any of these possibilities, the IBOs do not earn any profits; forget about those huge profits but by enticing and enrolling new people into the business every time, because it is alone the company that gets a sale.
Krishna Mohan,
Journalist, Hyderabad, India

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