Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Why silence again my Amway friend

Come out my friend. Let us speak truth and stick to facts. It is convenient to say that this is not in the priority list to answer the genuine doubts. But the fact is that the Amway is unjustly lining its pocket with people's money depriving millions of people their hard-earned money. And people who line their pockets never concede that. As long as you find new victims, there would be no problem. But once the chain breaks, the problem starts.
So far this column never indulged in mudslinging or distorting facts. Facts are there to see. The facts are quoted from the Writ Petition filed by the Amway in the Andhra Pradesh High Court. And if anybody thinks that those facts are fictitious nobody can help it. Let us be honest. And it is hard to think that a fraudster or a crook could be honest. The whys were never answered and my friend chooses to cast aspersions about rivals paying for writing these queries.
Anyway it would be interesting to learn about the rivals, who are they and why there is rivalry. It would be better if the rivals' names are pronounced.

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