Friday, 5 September 2008

Amway shedding crocodile tears

In an exclusive interview, Mr William Pinckney, managing director of Amway, lamented that many companies are indulging in money circulation schemes without actually selling any products as if Amway can indulge in such schemes by selling products. What exactly Amway is doing is nothing but money circulation scheme. Otherwise, is there any explanation or any other name for the multilevel marketing adopted by Amway. It is nothing but money circulation schemes. They found a bakara in the name of the reporter of Deccan Chronicle who readily accepted whatever he is told and published accordingly. The reporter never examined nor verified the veracity of the statement made by the managing director.
Amway is one of the members of IDSA and is the mother of all scams. The direct selling they refer never benefit any customer or consumer.
Amway sells a toothpaste for Rs. 120 though they pay tax on it on the ex-factory price of Rs. 16 only. If it is direct selling the end-consumer should get the benefit of buying the toothpaste at Rs. 18 or Rs. 20 avoiding all middlemen.
Amway can never explain why it is charging Rs. 120 for the toothpaste and still the end-consumer is getting benefited. It is high time the Amway's evil veil is removed and thrown out of the country along with its evil designs.
The Amway never reveals that China Government has stopped its pyramid scheme and put objections to the multilevel marketing. They never reveal what type of business it indulged in People's Republic of China. If at all it is doing business in China, it must be other than multilevel marketing.
Now the Amway is shedding crocodile tears that many companies are indulging in money circulation schemes while actually it is the company which is promoting money circulation scheme in the name of direct selling.
For instance, a rice merchant in Ponnuru, Guntur district, is selling 50 kg rice for Rs. 2000 and asking people to get two more people to buy rice for that price by offering commission to them. He is also selling product and like Amway he is offering commission. Shall we call it genuine?

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