Tuesday, 23 September 2008

The secret behind Amway's cunning strategy

The question we face often is that there are no complainants against Amway. Why? The answer lies inherent in the Amway's cunning strategy. You go through Amway literature. It encourages the IBOs to make their relatives, friends and even family members to become IBOs. It also suggests to treat anyone who refuses to heed to the demand to become an IBO as an enemy and cut off relations/ friendship with them. That is how it has become a threat to the social fabric of the society. If anybody feels cheated or actually loses his money, he cannot file a complaint against his relative or close friend. He feels that he had already lost money why lose friendship or relationship. In a case in Andhra Pradesh, a village level worker committed suicide after his boss, a mandal revenue officer exerted pressure on him to continue as an IBO giving him money on promissory notes. He cannot repay the loans nor say anything against the boss fear of losing his job.
That is the secret of Amway's business. I have already mentioned about a a set of doctors -- an ENT surgeon, an orthopaedician and a neuro surgeon in Vijayawada who prescribe Amway's Nutrilite dietary supplements to their patients. Can they say against the doctor who is treated as a living god.
The crux of the scheme is it is running a scheme which is against the law of the land. In the name of selling products, the Amway is indulging in money circulation scheme which lines the pockets of the people in the top vortex only. We have to remove the veil and see the real motive behind the scheme. Otherwise, there is no explanation for the sale of a toothpaste at an exorbitant price of Rs. 120 though the Amway is paying tax on the ex-factory price of Rs. 16 to the Government. Who is sharing the rest of the amount attracts the money circulation scheme. You can go through older posts and find out the provisions of the Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Bannaing) Act, 1978 to get clarification on the relevant portions of the law. This is only a single example and is applicable to all other products. Now my friend, you can see why the Amway scheme is against the law and you can also understand why nobody is complaining against the Amway. If you have further queries, feel free to ask questions.

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dweep patel said...

ya man completely right, i told that my all friends who join in amway, but they nothing hear wrong about amway at when they newly join, but now they understand it is only waste of time and money
my friend who have no rupee for purchasing book now he purchase amway f*cking toothpaste in 120rs
we must understand that we come from midle class family, and we use money for education purpose for bright our feature and complete dream of our parents

last i says that
"Become Owner, not a employer"