Monday, 22 February 2010

The business model of TVI Express sounds familiar?

Clueless Tex wants evidence against TVI Express. Just look at the scheme. Why doesn't he do some search and find out the scheme of the company. It gives you the same 'dream' concept like Amway. Offers easy and quick money and asks its members to enroll members to become wealthy and fulfil the dreams. What more it also offers 'financial freedom' to its members. Not only that the company is also claiming it's doubling each month. You can imagine how much it has been looting every month from the gullible all over world. It also offers a good business opportunity to earn $10,000 per week?
It should sound familiar to Clueless Tex and Masked IBOFB and Baffled Trivedi.
Still the Clueless Tex feigns ignorance and needs 'clues' .
Grow Tex, Grow.


Tex said...

Just like Amway. You mean the $8 billion/year company that has been around for over a half century, and is in 80 or so countries around the world? LOL

HawkBiz said...

I'm seeing more and more information pointing to TVI being a scam. Too bad because companies like this give our industry a bad name.

Steve Hawk
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Shyam Sundar said...

For the simple reason it has been escaping the dragnet of the law does not mean it is legitimate. There is a Telugu proverb. Dorikitene Donga. If you are caught only you are a thief. Otherwise you will continue to pose an honourable man. The day would come soon, Clueless Tex. Then let us see who would have the last laugh. LoL.

Tex said...

I didn't say it was legitimate, but associating it with a large, long term, widespread MLM isn't the way to bring attention to a scam. LOL

dtytrivedi said...

dear shyam,you cannot escape and cheat to more than 90 countries and survive for more than 50 years.