Saturday, 5 February 2011

CFW thanks its free-thinking readers: Hit counter crosses 50,000 mark

It is less than six months ago on August 15, the Indian Independence Day, the hit counter was installed in the blog of Corporate Frauds Watch. In 170 days, the hit counter clocked over 50,000 hits and the credit goes to the free-thinking readers of our blog. 
Apart from posts published by me, there is the tremendous support both morally and virtually extended by David Brear, a born fighter, to the blog. 
Thank you David Brear for your support. People like you are the real assets to any society. Unfortunately, the work of these fighters goes unrecognised.
There are millions of victims of these unscrupulous schemes. They remain mute spectators to the drama. The day would come and all these victims raise their voice and throw these crooks behind the bars.
Corporate Frauds Watch thanks all its readers and appeal to them to be vigilant in bringing awareness among people about these fraudulent schemes.
We file criminal cases against some companies but in a jiffy a number of companies are sprouting all over the country. At times, we get discouraged and depressed. Anyway, let us keep on doing our job of protecting the larger interest of our societies.

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