Sunday, 27 February 2011

'MLM business opportunity' fraud makes a mockery of development aid to India

According to a recent British government report, India has half a billion people living in 'desperate poverty.' India currently receives the largest share of British, direct, overseas development aid (US$ 1.25 billion, 2009-2011). Six months ago, the Indian government was debating whether it should still be accepting this handout from the UK, when the Indian economy is growing at 10% and the British economy is in recession . The British Government has just decided to stop direct development aid to 16 countries and to freeze payments to India at existing levels. Indignant voices in the British media continue to demand that direct aid to India should be halted . 
These serious matters can be seen in an entirely light when you know that senior UK government trade regulators and law enforcement agents have effectively authorized 'MLM business opportunity fraud' to spread to India, by refusing to challenge its authenticity in Britain in the criminal courts. However, exactly the same accusation can be levelled at senior US government trade regulators and law enforcement agents. Currently, a plague of known, organized crime groups like 'Amway' are being allowed to steal billions of dollars from millions of poor Indians. 
In other words, just a bit of thought, and a relatively small financial investment, in the USA and UK, could have dramatically reduced an ongoing, titanic fraud in India. 
David Brear (copyright 2011)