Wednesday, 23 February 2011

NMart is promising heaven and it would never be reality

Our reader Ms Sharan writes:
There is no guarantee of government in India. Ex:  2G scam of A Raja, and Common Wealth Games. So do you expect guarantee for Rs. 5,500 and that too not giving respect to bond paper of our court. Sir, just wait and watch, India is renovating with NMart. Sir company is investing in  their own malls. So do you expect they rnove overnight??? 

Dear Sharan,
In the past several companies like NMart had vanished into thin air after they could not find new recruits. Every time out of greed for easy and quick people trust them again and never realise the pitfalls. They hope against hope that this is not going to shut down like others. 
We never learn from history. So many Bernie Madoffs have gone down the history and people again convince themselves that it is not going to happen and the latest one is a genuine company. Realise the fact, young woman, there is nothing like infinite chain.This NMart guy is promising heaven on your palm and he would never give anything whatever he is promising.
There is nothing like easy and quick money.
It is really funny that you are giving so much importance to the bond paper. And it is equally funny that you are believing that the judiciary court is actually giving those bonds. They are not worth its value. Go to an advocate you would learn the bitter truth.