Monday, 16 January 2012

The 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw exhibits the Diagnostic Criteria of Amway (MLM) Addiction Disorder

The unmasked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, Mr. David Steadson, is so preoccupied with'Amway/MLM' that, for the last several years he has spent almost 24 hour per day, 7 days per week, defending it.
In literally thousands of tightly-scripted, propaganda interventions on the Net, and ignoring all quantifiable evidence to the contrary, Mr. Steadson has foolishly broadcast to the world his apparent complete faith that Amway (MLM) is not a dissimulated fraud, and/or cult, and that it really is a viable 'income opportunity,' but he has never once produced any quantifiable evidence (in the form of audited accounts) to support this demonstrably-deluded model of reality. 
Although  Mr. Steadson, knows he's been banned from Corporate Frauds Watch, our posting of the Diagnostic Criteria of Amway (MLM) Addiction Disorder have obliged him to post a typically-provocative, reality-inverting comment, in which he steadfastly pretends moral and intellectual authority. However, the arrogant 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw seems to have blown a fuse. He first accuses me of 'ranting' (i.e empty talk), but then makes the following empty boast: 
'Happy New Year! Or maybe not so happy for you, as Amway breaks through $10 million in sales, and even the UK grows strongly!'
It is always interesting to note Mr. Steadson's manipulative use of the English language, but on this occasion he has made the child-like mistake of putting millions: instead of the usual billions. 
In reality, the  academically-qualified, law-abiding, unpaid 'IBOFB' character, is merely a sophistic front for the unqualified, law-breaking, billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob. These narcissistic charlatans have very-specifically never actually said that their company retails anything to the public for a profit; what they have very-specifically said is that their company 'sells' $billions of products, and services, annually, via networks comprising millions of self-employed, non-salaried commission agents. However, there is no quantifiable evidence (in the form of audited accounts) proving that any of these transitory, so-called 'business owners' have themselves regularly retailed significant quantities of their own 'Amway' purchases directly to the public for a profit. Furthermore, the US Internal Revenue Service, does not classify 'Amway' participation as a viable commercial activity from which it is possible to earn an overall income. The quantifiable evidence, + common sense, proves beyond all reasonable doubt, that  the so-called 'Amway MLM income opportunity' has always been a dissimulated closed-market swindle, in which regular losing-investments made by the poor victims to the wealthy perpetrators (on the pretext that they can earn an overall income) have been laundered simply by calling these illegal payments, 'sales,' and by giving the victims cheaply-procured, grossly-over-priced and, therefore, effectively-unsaleable wampum, in return. Apart from an insignificant minority of grinning schills (whose apparent wealth has secretly derived from a secondary advance fee fraud a.k.a. 'tool scam'), during the previous 50+years, the so-called 'Amway MLM income opportunity' has, in fact, been hiding a 100%, overall, drop-out/failure rate.
Given the above, irrefutable analysis, Mr. Steadson's latest, tightly-scripted, propaganda intervention on CFW, in which he yet again attempts to futher the clandestine criminal objectives of his masters, is revealed as being part of an overall pattern of ongoing, major, racketeering activity (as defined by the US federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, 1970).
David Brear (copyright 2012)


IBOFB said...
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Shyam Sundar said...

Free speech is not hurling abuses against others. Mind you. It is once again proved you are shameless.

corporate frauds watch said...

Mr. Steadson remains unable to comprehend that he has been banned from Corporate Frauds Watch, because, despite his inflexible pretence of moral and intellectual authority, he has been a lying propagandist for, and de facto agent of, the US-based, ongoing, major, organized crime group most-commonly referred to as 'Amway.' Even the made-up, self-gratifying, acronym/mask ('IBOFB'), which he has attempted to hide behind on this Blog and on others, has been maliciously designed by his racketeer-masters to control their victims' model of reality. Thus, loading them with guilt and preventing them from complaining.

The existence on the Net. of provocative, inflexible narcissistic little shits, such as Mr. Steadson, who continue to attempt to hide the reality of universal, and inevitable, financial loss for tens of millions of constantly-churning, poor 'Amway' victims over a period of 50+ years, and who still arrogantly squawk that 'Amway' sells billions of dollars of exclusive, high-quality, good-value products, and services, annually, via millions of 'Independent Business Owners,' is merely the confirmation of the accuracy of our analysis.

In reality, the income- tax-record, + common-sense, proves beyond all reasonable doubt that 'Amway' has been the front for a dissimulated closed-market swindle, and related-advance fee fraud, of titanic proportions, in which billions of dollars of losing investments (regularly made by countless constantly-churning victims, in exchange for effectively-unsaleable wampum) have (to date) been laudered by arbitrarily defining them as lawful sales to customers.

It is, therefore, still the considered opinion of the authors of this Blog that Mr. Steadson, and his script-writers, should be facing serious criminal charges. His extensive Internet, propaganda activity is part of an overall pattern of ongoing, major, racketeering activity (as defined by the US federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, 1970).

Corporate Frauds Watch