Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Homeo Care racketeers on the prowl

Recently, after the British Parliamentary Committee recommended discontinuation of State funding to the Homeopathy stream of medicine as it is unscientific and has no rational base, there was furore in many countries. In India it caused real commotion as Homeopathy medicine is widespread all over country with tall claims it cures all diseases without any side effects.
The British Parliamentary Committee stated that Homeopathy medicine has only placebo effect and there is no medicine in it.
Suddenly there are statements from a number of persons who claim that they had been using Homeopathy for the last several years and they got great relief from a number of ailments. They started narrating how the other streams of medicine miserably failed and when they have taken to Homeopathy, the ailments were cured.
After listening to all these statements, generally people are confused about the whole issue. Whenever a new ailment like bird flu, Japanese encephalitis, and others the practitioners of Homeopathy immediately claim that they are ready to administer the doses of homeo medicine to prevent the ailment. It is apt to note that it is a new ailment and there is a need to know the cause of the disease. Any discerning person easily understands that it is a hoax.
It is apt to recall that former director of Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB), Hyderabad, Mr P M Bhargava has challenged the homeopathy practitioners to prove exactly what type of medicine is there in these sugar pills. Nobody answered him.
Nowadays, the homeopathy medicine has become a racketeering activity in India. I am not sure about other countries. The other day a person approached us stating that he was cheated by Homeo Care International, Vijayawada. He said that when he approached Homeo Care International clinic for curing his ailment, he was told that they give medicine for the ailment for six months and it would cost him Rs. 9,000. Though he was immediately stuck by the business model as if it is a contract, he obliged and paid the amount. But the symptoms only aggravated after using the medicine. He immediately rushed to the clinic with the complaint. But he was told to pay some more money for further treatment. Aggrieved, he approached Corporate Frauds Watch.
The patient issued a legal notice to the clinic. The management instead of answering to the legal notice or offering further treatment, wanted to strike a deal to prevent the patient to go ahead with consumer case. They offered Rs. 40,000 to settle the issue.
This is only a tip of the iceberg. The homeopathy racket is widespread.
Corporate Frauds Watch appeals to people all over world not to fall prey to the racketeering activity of homeo practitioners. 

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Unknown said...

I have used homeopathy and it works wonders, The pharmaceutical companies are the ones afraid .
I 100% disagree with your statement.