Monday, 23 January 2012

Neither Newt Gingrich nor Mitt Romney is fit to serve as US President

Your free-thinking readers might be interested to learn that, in response to my recent posts, a  timid, conservative, mainstream journalist has defended her profession by claiming that (privately) lots of her conservative, colleagues would be in broad-agreement with my analysis of Messrs. Gingrich and Romney (as being too stupid, and/or corrupt, to be US President).  However, she then goes on to say that even liberal, mainstream editors cannot afford to publish, or broadcast, similar accusations, because they would be hit with costly defamation suits.
If what this correspondent claims, is true: then, numerous mainstream journalists and their editors (of all political persuasions) are currently too scared to inform the world that the two front-runners for nomination as the Republican party candidate for the US presidential election of 2012 , Newt Gingrich  and Mitt Romney, are both unfit to hold office. Apparently, a silent flock of mainstream hacks accept that this greedy pair have been bought  by 'MLM' racketeers (posing as pious patriots and philanthropic capitalists).  However, I personally would like to know where exactly any alleged 'defamation' might be found, when it is a matter of public record that the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' and 'NuSkin'  frauds, have paid Messrs. Gingrich and Romney fortunes to make propaganda-recordings in which they have given credibility to, and/or enthusiastically-endorsed, the essentially-identical totalitarian/criminal enterprise. Thus, making Messrs. Gingrich and Romney de facto traitors to the American Republic and the recipients of stolen money.  
According to the 'Bible,' two thousand years ago, the going-rate for this shameful activity was '30 pieces of silver.' Today , in Mr. Gingrich's case, the standard reward has risen to $60 thousands per act of betrayal; whilst Mr. Romney admits to receiving approximately $400 thousands in what he describes as 'speaking-fees' during 2010.
Self-evidently, America is a land that has become so morally-bankrupt that any celebrity-Judas can sell his/her soul to the highest bidding Devil in disguise, simply by arbitrarily defining this intellectual prostitution as 'lobbying'.  In plain English,'lobbying' often means the bribing of law-makers in order to subvert the democratic process and rule of law.

Laughably, Mr. Gingrich boasts that he didn't need to become a 'lobbyist' after he retired from Congress, since he was paid so handsomely to make speeches. However, Mr. Gingrich is merely playing with words, because it's a matter of public record that he did become a paid-adviser to other persons who described themselves as 'lobbyists,'  but who were actually attempting to subvert the democratic process and rule of law on behalf of the banksters behind the multi-billion dollar 'liar-loan' fraud known as  'Freddie Mac.' 
Apparently, Mr. Gingrich indirectly received $1.6 millions from the 'Freddie Mac 'banksters between 1999 and 2008. In return, he gave these shysters what was euphemistically-described as 'strategic advice.' 
Self-evidently, Mr. Gingrich and his ilk, have made a habit of betraying their fellow citizens for a pile of silver.
David Brear (copyright 2012)

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