Sunday, 22 June 2014

Pinckney is not willing to execute the bail bonds for his release: Kurnool police. Amway keeping him in jail to bring pressure on Indian Govt for his release

The Kurnool District Court granted bail to CEO and MD of Amway India Enterprises, Mr William S Pinckney, more than a week back. But Amway India officials so far have not come forward to secure his release on bail. What could be the reason? 
The Amway India Enterprises’ counsels and the bosses of Amway in the USA have been attempting to bring pressure on the Indian Government to release Mr Pinckney unconditionally. The Amway officials appears to have felt that more time Mr Pinckney remains in jail, he could garner more sympathy. In order to increase the pressure on the Government they are keeping Mr Pinckney in jail. It is entirely the fault of the Amway authorities in making the CEO and MD of Amway India languish in jail.

Secondly, the District Court set as one of the conditions for bail that Mr Pinckney should surrender his passport to the court. The Amway authorities could not digest this condition. They pleaded that Pinckney has been living in the country for the last 16 years and he would not escape to other countries. The court did not agree to the contention and stuck to its position for the surrender of the passport.
In fact, the Nampalli Metropolitan Magistrate Court should have demanded the surrender of passport seven years back when a criminal case was filed against Amway India by the CID of AP. For reasons better known to the then judicial officer, there was no such demand.
At least this time, the district court of Kurnool set the condition. Once he surrenders the passport and fulfil the other conditions, he would be set free. Then only he could obtain bail from other courts including Warangal, Khammam, Hyderabad and other places.
Why Mr Pinckney is not willing to surrender his passport?
In the case, he is convicted and sentenced he might escape to the USA or Australia to avoid jail term. That is why the judicial court is demanding surrender of his passport.

That exactly is the point why the bigwigs of Amway from the USA are spreading canards that Pinckney was illegally detained and harassed.
In fact, he was legally arrested for indulging in a criminal activity and he could secure bail by fulfilling the conditions set by the judicial authorities.
Meanwhile, the journalist friends in New Delhi told Corporate Frauds Watch that Amway officials are seen moving in the lobbies of Parliament trying to impress upon the newly-elected members of Parliament for the release of Mr Pinckney.


Paul said...

shun those idiots who say that there is money circulation in amway. shame on those so-called men police departments and courts

Shyam Sundar said...

I like this nameless fellow. It is not clear whether he is Indian or from some other country. Anyway, what he blabbers is in tune with the training extended by Amway. Anybody who is against Amway should be shunned even if he is your father or brother, as per the training at BWW seminars.
Anyway he is afraid to come out with his original name and address. He would be immediately arrested and put behind bars for his outbursts against the judiciary of the country.

Shyam Sundar said...

Not only that he refuses to accept the reality. He should have read the Andhra Pradesh High Court, which elaborately nailed the crime of Amway. Like an ostrich he refuses to see the writing on the wall.

Babu pittala said...
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Babu pittala said...

Shyam garu, Don't take this kind of people(Nameless) seriously... This kind of people( who will not give respect to courts and police departments) only will join and encourage to perform Amway activities(illegal activities)... Hope this illegality will end in INDIA... If this cult end in INDIA, Your role is Awesome...

Unknown said... this company did not give payments sir. but these people is doing business. please do some thing.

why did not you give reply sir?

have you done some thing or not about these company sir?

can i believe you or not sir?

your are in good position do some thing save people...........

there is money circulation COMPANY


Shyam Sundar said...

Dear Vishnu, You do not understand how difficult it is to convince a police officer regarding the crime of a company or person. You have to prove that you are complaining against a really fraudulent company. Otherwise, no police officer will listen to you.
If you find a victim, it will be easy to convince the police officer. Kindly find a victim and let us go together to file the complaint.

Babu pittala said...

@@Vishnu kumar:: you have shown one single example,, there are lot of illegal blogs and companies presents in INDIA,Out of all these Amway is route cause... Fighting against each and every thing is not possible.... @@ Shyam garu:: మొదట జనాలు convince అవ్వాలి,,,Of course the way you are responding to the people is good.

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Nathan Rider said...

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Eliseo Weinstein said...

Thank you for sharing this story. I was not made aware of it. So scary that a foreign employee can just be left to sit in jail and wait. I wonder if that is the same course of action other companies would take and if this might change it was was a company from a different country, like the U.K.

Eliseo Weinstein @ JR's Bail Bonds

David Smith said...

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