Wednesday, 30 December 2009

In the hot pursuit of 'AMWAY DREAM'

Here is an e-mail which is reproduced for passing on information to our readers--Shyam

"It was sites like this that got me to realize how entrenched I was into 'the business'. I was repeatedly told that the things on the Internet were all made up by losers, people who could not make it in the business. I was in the business from 1992-1996. I sponsored about 75 to 100 people. I had business in 9 States. I lost about $40,000 during this time. I took time off work. I planned all my meetings and major functions, and regionals. I could not believe how ate up I was in this business. I put over 175000 miles on a little Nissan Sentra. I would sleep on the sides of roads, to save money on hotels, and build the business. I lost all my friends, and pissed off my family, because they did not understand the 'dream'. I neglected my family. I had a young son, and wife. I did not listen to her, when she said we were spending too much money, and she did not like the feelings she was getting around the people in the business. It was too late for us once I realized this. I can't believe that I feel for this because I have a degree in psychology, and worked as a social worker for 12 years. My sponsor was a psychiatrist I worked with at my job. My upline started of course with Yeager, Gooch, Ken Stewart, Ron Rummell, Marc Hellinghousen, Jeff Probandt. I know there lots of other people involved, but I tried to forget this part of my life. I went to everything. I made it to the 4000 level. But I had close contact with all of my uplines. I hope one day this business will be just go away just like Enron. I hate Amway Quixtar or whatever they call it now... This almost ruined my life but I wised up and quit."
There are several millions of people like this young man who lost their precious earnings and valuable time in the pursuit of 'DREAM'.
Let this revelation be an eye-opener to my fellow humans all over world. Throw this type of mischief mongers out of your respective countries. Let us not allow these cheats to rob us to line their own pockets.


dtytrivedi said...

Pravin & Menaxi Patelia (Engineer & Housewife, Godhra, Gujarat) The new couple who broke diamond in gujarat listen to their story

My husband and I are both born in small town named Lunawada in Gujarat. We are blessed with one very energetic & sharp 12 year old son, Manthan. The dream of giving the best of the best lifestyle to our son is our fuel for building a big business.
We are both from a very humble middleclass family. I am a primary school teacher by qualification & my husband Pravin is a Mechanical Engineer and is serving as a class-1 officer in a Gujarat semi government organization.
I never wanted to take up a job as I was of opinion that best job for a woman is to take care of kids & family members and create a loving environment at home.
My husband and I are big dreamers & are passionate to accomplish extra ordinary, challenging works. By God’s master plan we were informed by Pravin’s sister to attend a Britt seminar. She was not in the business, but had overheard some good things about this great business opportunity.
That evening had changed our life. In that seminar coincidently we met Pravin’s childhood school friend, who is now our great mentor for this great business. In that meeting we also met people who believed in what they were doing and were excited about it. This excited and well-disciplined environment attracted us to this business.
The biggest reward of this business is establishing meaningful, personal & spiritual growth, and being able to help others help themselves.
Initially, we built this business in distant rural areas and faced many challenges. Nobody in our circle believed that success was possible in this business in our particular area. But with clarity of vision and a strong commitment we just moved ahead. We are very much thankful to our upline mentor who guides us throughout and helped us achieve success. We have the best of the best upline in the world. We are also thankful to our team of distributors who are our warriors and who are capable in succeeding in any type of challenges.
We feel in order to succeed in this business we should only dream of a positive future for our family. The secret of success lies in “persistence hard work” and in following the cardinal rules consistently and with patience.
Now we are enjoying a quality lifestyle and association of thousands quality friends world wide. By this business we could touch lives of many people.
Our sincere thanks to the BWW system for providing us a great environment that helped us reach Diamond Direct level.

well there are two cases, and in any field u will find a lot of people who did not achieved what they expected and many of them quit.

which one u would choose.

Tex said...

You would be VERY hard pressed to lose $40,000 in 4 years buying Amway products. This is a typical Amway tool scam story. The UK and India have clamped down on the Amway tool scam, the U.S. has not. When are you people going to get a clue?

dtytrivedi said...

u know shyam till now there are many succesful people whom i met, none of them did the way this guy did. I have sympathy for him but I don't think he build the business which he had to do.

those people who are successful people like diamond pin and above, they didn't quit the job from the day they joined the business.

Most of them started their business in part time i.e. they did the business in spare time and not during the job or business time.

And after they went emerald or diamond they quit their job.

There is a way of doing the business, many people do it in traditional way. they think that putting more time will give them more returns in near future so they even put a full stop in their main stream income.

I am not among those and I don't even tell my downlines to do that and none of them are doing it in that way.

Joecool said...

These kinds of stories are more common than IBOs will ever admit. I know a couple who lost their home and another couple who went bankrupt chasing the Amway dream.

dtytrivedi said...

i never said that this does not happen, i said that why such thing usually happens.

Many people tell that they have purchased tools worthed $10000 and they are still struggling to make 100 pv.

well i would say that who said that in amway business there is direct and positive correlation between buying tools and generating income in amway business

Joecool said...

Many uplines will tell you that buying tools is the key to your success.

dtytrivedi said...

yeah but they will not tell u that the more tools u buy the more u will succeed, however they would tell u that chances of getting success gets increased if u are in touch with tools.

buying tools should be taken in relative terms. otherwise it would mean that those are crown direct must have purchased tools worth millions of dollars till now and that does not hold true.

Tex said...


The money spent on tools is not a linear function. Once Platinum is reached, the tools change from an expense to a profit stream.