Sunday, 5 December 2010

Americans have been laughing and crying at 'MLM' for years

Robert Fitzpatrick has made a very wise point on his False Profits Blog.
Whilst most US law enforcement agents and mainstream journalists have preferred to ignore the ugly reality lurking behind so-called 'MLM Business Opportunities,' the US entertainment industry (particularly, comedy script-writers) has found a rich gold-mine of ready-made tragic/comic material to exploit.
It should be particularly interesting for your free-thinking readers to observe how an average American television studio audience roars with laughter when the actor, Morgan Freeman (one of America's most-trusted voices) is asked by a chat-show host to read out the scripted-lie that people fall over themselves to buy 'Amway products .The reason for this, is that most people in America have had the deeply-embarrassing experience of meeting temporarily-deluded, but permanently-penniless, 'MLM' recruiters. It is public knowledge that these sad clowns all grin inanely and recite essentially the same implausible nonsense. However, comedy is also one of the best ways to try to explain the ultimate dangers of the 'MLM' virus to someone who has never encountered a chronic sufferer. For obvious reasons, many people find the idea unthinkable that a member of their own family, or a close friend, might suddenly undergo a nightmarish transformation and recklessly dissipate all their mental, and/or physical, and/or financial, resources to benefit of hitherto unknown 'MLM' bosses, whom they continue to trust and follow no matter what suffering this entails.
Before I encountered a deeply-deluded 'MLM' convert in my own family in Britain, I would not have believed that so many Britons could fall for such an old American lie, or that the lie could be peddled without a clear, public challenge to its authenticity by senior UK law enforcement agents and mainstream journalists. I must admit that, at first, I found it weird and amusing that an educated-adult had suddenly become totally-convinced that he had found the secret path to achieve his Dream of prosperity, freedom and happiness and that anyone trying to warn him that he was being cheated, was Stealing his Dream.
Unfortunately, 15 years later, I am still living with the tragic consequences of my brother falling under the control of a malignant fairy-tale spun by the billionaire bosses of a US-based, major organized crime group.
David Brear (copyright 2010)