Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Why the world has been laughing at 'MLM' adherents: not laughing with them

The most-successful comedians have always been able to stand back and see the world in multi-dimensional terms. However, intellectually-castrated cult adherents have been programmed to see the world only in two-dimensions: 'us (good) versus them (evil).' Consequently, it is impossible for the most-deluded cult 'heroes' to see humour in their self-righteous situation or to feel pity for, or to empathise with, non-adherents; particularly,'negative villains' who encourage the world to fall about laughing at cults, by explaining that these absurd groups are all pernicious games of make-believe controlled by essentially the same, paranoid fairy-tale.
As Robert FitzPatrick has wryly observed: 'If people are wondering why comedians have been able to see right through ('MLM') frauds, but most regulators and journalists have not, it is important to learn about the work of one key person in lobbying and public relations for 'Multilevel Marketing.' That national figure is the noted economist, 'Dr. Lasdwun N. Luzes.' He has been a popular speaker at 'Amway' meetings, a lobbyist for the 'Direct Selling Association,' a fierce critic of consumer protection and a fervent anti-regulation spokesman.
I, too, had hoped that, after the last US presidential election, 'Dr. Luzes’ disgraceful career would soon be over, but today (like a dead cat), he has bounced off the ground. He is apparently having new success in lobbying the dunces with diplomas at the Federal Trade Commission to reject common-sense requirements for full-disclosure by all 'MLM' racketeers, by claiming that honest disclosure is an unfair financial burden on business and that having to tell the truth could destroy public confidence in the entire 'MLM' industry. 'Dr. Luzes' significant, but nonetheless malignant, influence on the lives, liberty and happiness of millions of ordinary people around the world has remained generally unknown to the public, but he has also been widely-revered on Wall St.; particularly, amongst the senior policy-makers of the largest banks and mortgage companies, who (whilst the regulators looked the other way) introduced many of his ecomically-suicidal, closed-market theories.
It goes without saying that 'Dr. Luzes' was an inspiration to Bernard Madoff. However, 'Dr. Luzes' will probably not be called as an (implausible) expert defense-witness in a multi-billion dollar private prosecution against HSBC- a bank whose senior policy-makers evidently hid the truth about Madoff's 'Lasdwun N. Luzes'-inspired closed-market swindle and assisted him in the creation of a labyrinth of corporate structures around the world in order to commit fraud .
Again, it goes without saying that senior officers of the UK Serious Fraud Office have (so far) found themselves unable to hold the directors of 'Madoff Securities International Ltd.' (a now-defunct, British-registered, counterfeit corporate structure, which was controlled by Bernie Madoff) to account .
A (humourless) spokesman for the SFO recently refused to make any comment on what was known by the Directors of his agency about the hidden role of 'Dr.Lasdwun N. Luzes' in the Madoff affair. This official did, however, assure me that the UK SFO would be happy to receive any information I hold about his activities.
David Brear (copyright 2010)