Friday, 10 December 2010

Why numerous gangs of 'MLM' racketeers still remain at large

Given the wider evidence, it is high time that the millions of dollars of graft (in stolen cash) accepted by certain Republican Members of the US Congress from the criminal authors of the malignant ‘Amway/MLM’ fairy-tale (and from their heirs, spouses and criminal associates), should now be identified, and prosecuted, as one of the most far-reaching, and sustained, acts of organized corruption in American political history.
The multi-million dollar ‘soft money contributions’ made by the billionaire bosses of the ‘Amway’ mob (and ‘affiliated donors’) to the ‘Republican National Committee’ during the previous 20 years, are largely a matter of public record. That said, this eight figure, long-term bribe represents only what has been officially declared. To make matters worse, at least 6 Republican Members of Congress have all been reality-denying adherents of the malignant ‘Amway/MLM’ fairy-tale, whose individual critical, and evaluative, faculties cannot have been enhanced by their electoral campaigns also having been largely-financed by the unlawful object of their unquestioning devotion:
- Sue Myrick (N. Carolina).
- Jon Christensen (Nebraska).
- Dick Chrysler (Michigan).
- Richard Rombo (California).
- John Ensign (Nevada).
- Tom DeLay (the now-disgraced, former Republican Majority Whip in Congess, recently found guilty of money-laundering, and conspiracy, by a Texas jury)
Considering the global, multi-billion dollar closed-market swindle and related advance fee frauds which have been proven (time and again) to be lurking behind ‘Amway’ and its many 'MLM'clones, the members of this apparently 'conservative-Christian' faction must have been pretty dim, and/or na├»ve, to have genuinely believed that all their 'Amway'-connected payments were honest in origin or that they were being made for purely honest motives. So what did the ‘Amway’ racketeers get in return for their thirty (stolen) pieces of silver?
In 1997, the US Congress passed a budget package which, due to a last minute intervention by House Speaker Newt Gingrich, handed the ‘Amway’s' bosses a tax-break (reportedly) worth $283 millions.
In 2001, despite a glaring conflict of interest, President Bush appointed a former member of ‘Amway’s’ aggressive echelon of reality-denying attorneys, Timothy Muris, as Chairman of the ‘Federal Trade Commission.’ Muris then installed his chum, David Scheffman, as the ‘Chief Economist of the FTC.’ Scheffman also had a glaring conflict of interest, in that he had previously been paid to play the reality-denying role of ‘expert witness’ for an ‘Amway’ clone, ‘Equinox International.’ In a lawsuit filed by the FTC. US government attorneys acting on behalf of the people had rightly claimed that ‘Equinox’ was a vast pyramid scam camouflaged by effectively-unsaleable products. Although the bosses of ‘Equinox’ subsequently capitulated and agreed to close their counterfeit 'direct selling' company to dodge further investigation, Scheffman had delayed proceedings, and cost US tax-payers a fortune, by steadfastly pretending that his employers' 'MLM Business' activities were perfectly lawful, because they were identical to those of ‘Amway’. Muris left his post at the FTC in 2004, and went back into private legal practise. In this new (much-more-highly-paid capacity) he then lobbied his former colleagues at FTC on behalf of another gang of 'MLM' racketeers who were hiding behind the corporate front of 'Primerica Financial Services.' Since Muris and Scheffman' brief reign at the FTC, federal prosecutions of blame-the-victim pyramid scams camouflaged by effectively-unsaleable wampum, have effectively ceased.
If nothing else, this subversion of the US democratic process and resulting infiltration of the FTC by the paid agents of 'MLM' racketeers, explains why (despite a growing mountain of damning evidence from all around the globe) the authenticity of the malignant ‘Amway/MLM’ fairy-tale has, so far, remained unchallenged by senior federal law-enforcement agents. Unfortunately, to date, the silence of the leadership of the Democrat party on this issue has also been deafening. It is still to be hoped that the current, shameful situation will be addressed as soon as possible by the Obama administration, and that all those responsible will be finally held fully to account.
David Brear (Copyright 2010)

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