Thursday, 1 December 2011

Almost anyone could now be lurking behind 'TVI Express', or any other 'MLM income opportunity' racket

In my experience, most educated-Europeans naively assume that we all live in civilised countries ruled by laws drawn-up by democratically accountable legislators, and that these laws are enforced without fear or favour. 
In reality, we now live in an intellectually, and morally, bankrupt world where gangs of fabulously wealthy 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers, hiding behind their thought-stopping 'direct selling' jargon and 'Mafia'-style labyrinths of legally-registered corporate structures, are apparently allowed to subvert the democratic process and the rule of law wherever, and whenever, they want. 
When you look at what has just happened in Australia with the 'TVI Express' mob, it beggars belief that the de facto agents of a foreign-based organised crime group can steal so much money from so many Australian citizens, without the real beneficiaries of this crime facing the slightest risk of investigation or charge. It also beggars belief that no one in the mainstream Australian media has (so far) tried to shine a light into the dark heart of this largely-unrecognised criminogenic cancer. Australian journalists should be demanding:
How is it possible that the directors of our country's law enforcement agencies and security services are so stupid, and/or lazy, and/or corrupt, that they did not launch a full-scale, international inquiry into what actually lurks behind the demonstrably-counterfeit 'direct selling' company known as 'TVI Express' ? 
Indeed, almost anyone could be behind this profitable racket, including murderous terrorist groups or murderous non-democratic regimes. Yet when you consider the fact that exactly the same mass-fraud has been perpetrated on an even greater scale by numerous 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers for decades all over the world, what the 'TVI Express' mob have recently got away with in Australia, is revealed as being the latest, almost-insignificant drop in a historically-significant ocean of organised crime. Again, almost anyone now could be behind these profitable rackets including murderous terrorist groups or murderous, non-democratic regimes.
The Australian authorities might as well have issued an open invitation for criminals to come to their land; for when they have discovered foreign-based thieves committing mass-fraud against the citizens of Australia, they have foolishly only tackled this major, ongoing, organised criminal activity by pursuing a low-level, civil investigation and prosecution, of three pathetic little Australians who are quite obviously not the instigators, or the final beneficiaries, of this particular 'MLM income opportunity' racket.
If the free-thinking readers of Corporate Frauds Watch examine this frightening video of a fraudulent pay-through-the-nose to enter 'TVI Express' orgy of self-gratification , they will discover that they are watching almost any fraudulent pay-through-the nose to enter 'MLM' orgy of self-gratification. As the world economy continues to sink deeper into a recession triggered by mass fraud, this multi-billion dollar, non-rational, pseudo-scientific, belief system, continues to feed off the general ignorance, and growing desperation, of the public.
CFW still challenges any instigator, or apologist, of any so called 'MLM income opportunity' to produce the quantifiable evidence in the form of audited accounts (particularly, income tax receipts) which would prove that significant numbers of so-called 'MLM business owners' have lawfully earned an overall profit from regularly retailing goods, and/or services, to the public.
David Brear (copyright 2011)
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GuyReviews said...

FYI, South Africa named Tarun Trikha, the guy in the video, as the head of 1 billion Rand TVI Express scam.

Unknown said...

its a genuine post and having very good description....
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