Sunday, 11 December 2011

No evidence supports the 'MLM income opportunity' lie

I observe that you have removed Kasey Chang's latest false and defamatory comment from Corporate Frauds Watch. This perplexing fellow refuses to accept that 50+ years of evidence proves 'MLM income opportunity' fraud to be a historically-significant, global criminogenic phenomenon built on an exploitative, non-rational pseudo-science - the economic equivalent of creationism. 
Our irrefutable, purely rational position (which Mr. Chang has falsely characterized as 'fanatical') is, that unquestioning belief in the authenticity of the 'MLM income opportunity' lie, has caused, and continues to cause, considerable financial, and psychological, damage to countless millions of ill-informed individuals around the world. Furthermore, the number of persons who have lost everything and committed suicide as a result of falling victim to 'MLM income opportunity' lie, continues to mount, and will probably never be fully-known. 
Mr. Chang's easily-refuted non-rational position, is the equivalent of someone recognizing and condemning one gang of counterfeiters, but then refusing to condemn other gangs of identical counterfeiters on the grounds that their product is possibly dangerous, but not quite as dangerous, because it contains fewer errors and has, so far, fooled legislators. Unfortunately, Mr. Chang ignores the easily-established fact that 'MLM' racketeers have used their stolen wealth to infiltrate the democratic process all around the world - subverting specific legislation, and rules, defining, and governing, the traditional commercial practise of direct selling. To intellectually rigorous and honest observers, the key to determining whether any system of economic exchange is an unviable fake and, therefore, fundamentally dangerous, is to establish (by examining the quantifiable evidence in the form of the audited accounts of a significant number of its participants) if it is an open or an effectively closed-market. Any specific legislation which has been written in such vague terms as to ignore this fundamental truth, is revealed as having been tampered with by the agents of  'MLM' racketeers. This subversion of the rule of law, is obviously part of an overall pattern of ongoing, organized criminal activity.
What Mr. Chang has said is frighteningly familiar; for the apologists of 'MLM income opportunity' fraud have fanatically pretended that their controlling scenario is reality, and that anyone challenging the authenticity of their controlling scenario is a fanatic in denial of reality. Exactly like Mr. Chang, these fanatical propagandists have not sought to establish that they are telling the truth by producing quantifiable evidence (in the form of audited accounts) proving that significant numbers of 'MLM' adherents have received a net-income lawfully from regularly retailing 'MLM' wampum to the public for a profit. 
David Brear (copyright 2011)