Monday, 5 December 2011

'TVI Express' hides an international criminal racket, so why are only national, civil trade regulators investigating ?

Your free-thinking readers will recall that, earlier this year, Mr. Kasey Chang was banned from posting his generally obstructive, inaccurate and misleading comments on Corporate Frauds Watch, after he posted (on one of his own Blogs) a stream of false and defamatory statements about me. Ignoring your clear decision, Mr. Chang has now contacted CFW again, this time to inform us that 'South Africa' (presumeably, he means a South African Journalist, Bongani Mthethwa, working for the 'SA Sunday Times' ) 'named Tarun Trikha as the head of the TVI Express Scam.' 
For Mr. Chang's information, Corporate Frauds Watch has been closely-monitoring what was originally reported in the mainstream South African media many months ago, concerning 'TVI Express'.
Your free-thinking readers will observe that the Journalist who offered this definitive opinion of Tarun Trikha, only interviewed persons in South Africa who were described as 'State-appointed forensic auditors' and 'attorneys and forensic investigators working for the Reserve Bank of South Africa.' It was also reported that investigators had been consulted internationally, as well as persons described as 'former representatives of TVI Express' (whoever they might be). Based on these interviews, it was reported that it has been established in S. Africa that:TVI Express had more than 50,000 members in S. Africa (in August 2011)
Twenty-three different South African bank accounts, associated or linked to TVI Express, had been uncovered by investigators;
More than Rand 144-million worth of cash transactions and investments had been identified through the bank accounts and paper work. The investigators said they expected the figure to increase quite significantly in the course of the investigation;
On average, investors had paid between Rand 2,700 and Rand 21,600 into the scheme;
Some early investors had been paid out, receiving as much as Rand 108000;
An estimated 70,000 people were visiting the company's website daily;
TVI Express was under investigation for violating consumer protection laws in Britain, China and other parts of Asia; and The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the country's consumer protection watchdog, had banned all TVI Express operations.
In reality, what has been established by this less-than intellectually-rigorous S. African journalist, Bongani Mthethwa, is that a bunch of diverse, civil trade regulators in various countries (who are apparently neither expert in organized crime nor pernicious cultism) have followed their noses and independently discovered that Tarun Trikha is officially-listed as the owner of the demonstrably-counterfeit corporate structure known as 'TVI Express'.  Personally, I find it very difficult to believe that a 27 year old Indian is the sole and unique person reponsible for organizing this unoriginal, multi-billion dollar, global racket. Thus, I stand by my recent analysis - almost anyone could now be lurking behind 'TVI Express,' or any other 'MLM income opportunity' racket, including a terrorist group or a non-democratic regime. Probably, the last people who should be tasked with investigating isolated examples of this criminogenic phenomenon, are mainstream journalists and civil trade regulators, because (to date) they have usually been a significant part of the problem, and not the solution to it.
David Brear (copyright 2011)


GuyReviews said...

Mr. Brear,

My post of FYI is just that, for your information. I am not here to discuss convictions of yours and mine. As I have stated in many places, I admire what your and Shyam do, even though we don't agree on some issues.

Shyam has banned me for raising points counter to his and your claims, and I have NOT done that.

I do agree with you that Interpol and such agencies is needed to track down scams that cross borders.

Speaking of cross-border scams, SpeakAsia scammer Manoj Kumar was spotted as an "investor" in a Brazilian scam called MisterColibri, which is a clone of the failed AdMatrix scam in India. Owners of MisColibri are traced to be related to Seven Rings another pyramid scheme out of Italy and India, and is also owner in SpeakAsia.

FYI, of course.

corporate frauds watch said...

Mr. Chang, this is exactly where you and the authors of Corporate Frauds Watch, differ. You have previously confessed that you know very little about the wider-phenomenon of 'MLM income opportunity' fraud, but then (without the slightest concern for the harm this could cause) you have offered our readers your self-confessed, ill-informed convictions upon this very subject. We, on the other hand, have examined the wider-phenomenon and offered our readers an irrefutable analysis of, and clear warning about, 'MLM income opportunity' fraud, but which you chose to describe as our 'convictions' (i.e. strongly held beliefs and opinions).

Furthermore Mr. Chang, contrary to what you have now pretended to be reality, you were banned from Corporate Frauds Watch for posting various false and defamatory statements about Mr. Brear on your own Blog in defence of your own ego, and for ascribing simplistic, and potentially highly-misleading, statements to Robert FitzPatrick, which he has never made.

Thus, since you have clearly demonstrated that you place your own interests before those of the victims, and/or potential victims, of 'MLM income opportunity' fraud, your presence is not compatible with, or welcome on, this Blog.

Corporate Frauds Watch

GuyReviews said...

Dear Shyam / CFW,

As I said, I am NOT here to argue your conviction. I came only to share additional information about TVI Express scam and a bit of Speak Asia. We have a common goal: busting scams. So let's leave it at that.

What happened to your PIL against Speak Asia, any way?


corporate frauds watch said...

Mr. Chang,
Thank-you, but no thank-you.
Contrary to what you continue to imagine, the authors of Corporate Frauds Watch do not hold strong beliefs or opinions. We merely continue to publish an evidence-based, rational analysis of, and clear warning about, 'MLM income opportunity' fraud - an ongoing, global, criminogenic phenomenon which you have previously denied, but without producing any argument (other than misrepresenting Robert FitzPatrick, and attempting to denigrate David Brear ) to support your non-evidence-based, and demonstrably-dangerous, belief and opinion.
The informed position of CFW (which you have challenged, but cannot refute), is that, in the absence of any significant evidence proving that (during the previous 50+ years) anyone has earned an overall net-income lawfully from regularly retailing 'MLM' wampum to the public, countless millions of constantly-churning participants in so-called 'MLM income opportunities' have, in fact, been the unwitting victims of essentially the same dissimulated closed-market swindle, or money circulation scheme, and related advance fee fraud, a.k.a. 'tool scam'.
A mountain of witness evidence proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the victims of 'MLM income opportunity' frauds have, almost without exception, been subjected to co-ordinated, devious techniques of social, psychological and physical persuasion, designed to shut down their critical and evaluative faculties and convert them to an exploitative, non-rational belief in the fake economic-viability, and fake legality, of an economically-suicidal, and fundamentally unlawful, plan of endless-chain recruitment + endless payments by recruits = endless profits for recruits.
In order to sustain their copy-cat rackets, the instigators of 'MLM' cults, have attempted to maintain an absolute monopoly of information about their clandestine criminal objectives. A significant part of their reality-inverting propaganda has sought to portray all free-thinking persons challenging the authenticity of so-called 'MLM income opportunities,' as isolated, and/or obsessed, and/or deluded conspiracy theorists who themselves ignore the evidence and put forward their own non-rational beliefs and opinions.
Thus, since you have posted a stream of false and defamatory statements on your Blog in which you misrepresented the position of Robert FitzPatrick, and described Mr. Brear as being 'obsessed', a 'conspiracy theorist' etc., you were banned from CFW, and you remain banned from CFW.
Corporate Frauds Watch

GuyReviews said...


Thank you for clarifying your position, that I was banned for expressing opinions on my own blog that was construed by you as insulting Mr. Brear.

But how goes your PIL against SpeakAsia, really?


Shyam Sundar said...

Mr Chang, Don't pull an innocebt face. You conveniently dodge the main issue. You do not agree that all MLMs are cheating businesses and refuse the reason.
And If we point it out you post deregatory remarks agains us.
speakasia filed a special leave petitiion in the Supreme Court after losing in AP High Court.

GuyReviews said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Shyam Sundar said...

Truth is something which could be verified at any place, by any person at any point time. IT has nothing to do with beliefs.
You refuse to see the reason and refuse to accept the challenge thrown to prove what you believe is truth.
You are presenting your case as if you are telling truth. Yes. It is certainly black and white.
Just prove that any MLM is not cheating. We have put forward already the theory of mathematical impossibility. Still you refuse to see the reason.
It is not unusual on our part to think that you are here to send wrong signals to our free-thinking readers with your skewed thinking.
There is nothing like legal fraud.
That is why I am removing what you have posted in the guise of friend of ours. In fact you are doing immensely damage to our credibility.

aa_kkash said...

shyam sunder dala hey