Tuesday, 20 December 2011

How does anyone lose money in Amway scam?

People wonder sometimes how do they lose money if they simply join schemes like that of Amway Enterprises or for that any matter any such scams. Moreover, recently Amway Enterprises has announced that there is no entrance fee to join it as IBO. If anybody asks them to become they would readily agree to become a member. They never realise that they are entering a cobweb.
This is how they lose their hard-earned money.
Every IBO must buy products worth at least Rs. 2000. That means in effect they purchase products worth Rs. 24,000 every year. They would be encouraged to approach their friends and relatives to become members and purchase products with the inducement that they would earn more commission if the new recruits also buy products. However, it would be very hard for them to convince the new recruits to purchase products. On the  other hand, they could find no one to purchase products which are exorbitantly priced from them. Wisdom would dawn upon them soon and they would be ready to stop purchase products within a short period. However, his upline would bring pressure on him to buy products and recruit more people. The new recruit would be told that if he creates his own group he would earn lot of commission.
He could not create his own group who would be willing to buy products every month. He would be disillusioned soon and starts blaming himself. He hears from his upline blatant lies that every other IBO is making lots of money and it is his fault for his failure.
By that time the IBO would have spent sizable money from his pocket to buy products. He does not know what to do. It is a Catch 22 situation.
Ultimately he resigns and stops buying products. But by that time he is poorer by several thousands of rupees.


Anonymous said...

I would suggest first you do the amway business for at least 1 year yourself (with some one who is successful and making proper money), then give such stupid comments, which has no sense...

Shyam Sundar said...

Sharma, you did not claim how much actually earning to make 'proper money'. This type of stupid apologists are the real danger to the society. They always induce new members with the promise of easy and quick 'proper money'.
Just show your bank statements to show how much you are actually earning.

Anonymous said...

You are not authorized person to check my bank statement or earning,if you really want to check, go and check Income tax office for real & true details..if you have not seen some one making money, does not mean that no one makes money. its like...some one known to you did nt qualify for IIT, it does not mean that no one goes to IIT. ...anyway..this is my last comments on your blog...who am I to defend 10 B USD corporation..

Shyam Sundar said...

Sharma, If I am not authorised to see your bank statement, who the hell you are to give suggestions to me to join a crook company like Amway.
If you can't answer my questions you just tuck your tail and slink off.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha

Shyam Sundar said...

I take it granted for you for tucking the tail and slink off.

Anonymous said...

he he he..I am human..I dont have tail, but yes I do have mind to understand the fact..

Unknown said...

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