Thursday, 15 March 2012

The 'Amway' bosses have recently confessed to running a Ponzi scheme

I observe that Corporate Frauds Watch has again attracted another little flock of bleating 'MLM' apologists. As ever, not one of them has offered to supply quantifiable evidence in the form of audited accounts (particularly, income-tax payment receipts) which might prove that at least one person has derived an overall net-benefit lawfully from regularly retailing significant qantities of over-priced 'MLM' wampum to the public for a profit.
 When will these thoughtless little lambs finally realize that CFW simply does not accept their 'MLM income opportunity' fairy tale? 
Your free thinking readers should, however, be interested in examining some remarkable new evidence and learn that Messrs Doug DeVos and Steve Van Andel (the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob), have now foolishly confessed to running a Ponzi scheme (albeit not in so many words). No doubt the unmasked 'Amway' Lord Hee Haw, Mr. Steadson, will deny it and steadfastly continue to recite his 'MLM income opportunity' fairy tale. 
David Brear  (copyright 2012)


aj said...

dekho ji kahne walo nei tao baba ramdev ko bhi jhoota kah diya. anna hazare per bhi income tax ki team bithaa di.. ab kisi ko mlm digest nahi hota..tao ziada parwah mat marketing ka haathi chalta rahega....................aur ...aage pata he hai ..kya hota.hai..

Shyam Sundar said...

If you cannot understand whatever is written just tuck the tail and slink off.
Agar tu nahin samajh sakteho kya likha hai yaha, chup chap baitho. Kuch likhna hai to soch somajhke likho.
Ye angreeji blog hai. Angreji mein likhna hai.

zeddy said...

The same craze I found in time of one famous online mlm...lacs of people got involved in to it...end of the story scam.
I think we always need a messiah or guru or something similar to that to live life.
And they are also quite aware of our soft the end it lead towards a scam.
After loosing everything again we energize our selves with the thought that this time we will get a real messiah/guru who will change our lives and we certainly will be very reach.
This is not something very rare because after whole day struggle when we think about our further responsibilities we just find our selves in dark....what to do?there is no body to really support us by giving a job(so many matters took in to count as education,experience bla..bla..bla)

Situation make us bound think as i mentioned above...superman/messiah/guru....will come and our bad days will go.

Putting bands on companies will never change the situation...employment should be generated...automatically people will be change,we will never depend upon those kind of companies and will not be scammed. I may be wrong,correction with proper & technical suggestion invited.