Monday, 26 March 2012

The people of the world's largest democracy have asked three important questions

Yet again (despite his advancing years and failing-health), Anna Hazare has hit world headlines with his continued demand for comprehensive anti-corruption legislation to be passed, which would finally place all members of the Indian government under the rule of law. 
Currently, 25 leading Indian politicians, including 14 Cabinet Ministers, are facing detailed press-allegations of corruption, but no official investigation has been launched.
The 14 Ministers are:
 P. Chidambaram
 Ajit Singh
 Farooq Abdullah
 G.K. Vasan
 Kamal Nath
 Kapil Sibal
 Sharad Pawar
 Sriprakash Jaiswal
 Sushil Kumar Shinde
 Vilasrao Deshmukh
 M.K. Azhagiri
 Virbhadra Singh
 S.M. Krishna
 Praful Patel.
In my experience, when challenged, the worst deceivers always steadfastly pretend moral and intellectual authority, and they frequently pose as victims. laughably, these Indian politicians have effectively-confessed to their guilt by loudly-accusing Anna Hazare and his followers of 'insulting' them, and they have even sought to hide behind laws which were clearly intended to protect Indian democratic institutions, not to subvert them. 
In reality, these self-righteous (temporary) public servants are insulting the intelligence of their (permanent) employers, who have politely asked them three important questions: 
Where exactly did you get your power from?
For whose benefit do you now wield this power?
How can we get rid of you?
If, and when, the Indian government changes, probably the time has come for all serious acts of corruption (which can be proved to have threatened the stability of India's economy and adversely-affected the lives of millions) to be re-classified (under the Indian Constitution) as acts of treason. 
The only question I have, is:
What possible legitimate objection could any honest Indian politician have against the passing of comprehensive anti-corruption legislation under which every dishonest Indian citizen could be held fully to account? 
David Brear (copyright 2012)


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