Thursday, 29 March 2012

Vijayawada police disrupt Amway business meeting

Vijayawada police on 28-03-2012 night disrupted the Amway India's business promotion meeting at the Rotary Red Cross Blood Bank building in the limits of Satyanarayana Puram police station after Corporate Frauds Watch informed the police about the illegal meeting.
When the police jeep approached the premises blowing the siren, the participants in the meeting hall ran helter skelter and most of the 200-strong members and prospective members escaped from the scene.
A woman who was addressing the meeting highlighting the virtues of Amway products was seen rushing out of the building and escaped on a two-wheeler.
The NTV team of reporters filmed the running members and interviewed some of the members. Late in the night, the NTV channel telecast the whole episode,
Now the question is their business is legal and there is nothing to fear, why did the top IBOs of Amway run away from the scene. Now it is clear that in their heart they knew that it is a crime to do business of Amway and that is why they tried to escape from the scene.


Subbu said...

NTV i such worst channel.. it telecasts.. news like YSR killed by Reliance Ambanies ....understand the Business model of Amway.. its a pure Business..model..

sonu said...
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Shyam Sundar said...

Amway ko naya bakara milgaye aur yahaa nayaa chidiya aya.
Orey picchi vedhavallaaraa, Amway mimmalni vadukuntondiraa. Baagaa vadukuni vadilestundi. Kallu teravandiraa.
Sonu did you understand a thing. What is the point in writing in this blog in a language you only know. Write in English or get lost.
Amway business model is illegal and the AP High Court has already proved it beyond reasonable doubt.There is nothing else to prove.
These new sparrows know very well that it is illegal and that is why they ran away.

sonu said...

wow shyam i never join ammay i m not intressted in amway plan .i m surprised this follish comment(Now the question is their business is legal and there is nothing to fear, why did the top IBOs of Amway run away from the scene). hahahhahahhahh
if somebody run he is wrong and u r right shame hollywood writter and u say write in english or get lost show yr mentellity u r scyco.AP HIGH Court
tumhari har baat AP High court par aa kar khatam hotti hai,kuch kar lo beta .
Orey picchi vedhavallaaraa,nice one aisse hi likhtte raho barking dog seldom bite ok have a nice day

Shyam Sundar said...

What a wonderful excuse. This fellow never joined Amway nor interested in its business. But suddenly he finds a comment against Amway interesting.
In my long journalist career I have seen enough number of such jokers.
Come out open. C

sonu said...


Shyam Sundar said...

OHO, you are out with RMP and have nothing to brag about it and now started barking here again.
Dear barking dog, tuck the tail and slink off.

Tutu said...

I think Mr. Shyam Sundar Is a mad person. Amway made lots of general person reach and it is growing very faster in India. If you are a journalist then attend some of the meetings of Amway and you will get motivation to join AMWAY

leader said...

amway is an opportunity who makes an ordinary person to live extraordinary life. but provided that, a person must believe in it and ready to work hard in the beginning. many came in picture stating many things against it since 1959. but still its running and it will make our country golden bird again. one who is born poor likes to be poor entire life can never understand it. so no more discussions on it. if one doesn't recognize who is his father, i am not here to tell him... right!

NARAYANA said...

Mr.Shyam, If you are a professional journalist, First of all you would come up with a proper research on Network Marketing. Then you start comment on Network Business. There are 2 types of people in this world. 1. Smart People makes money ethically and honestly using True Network marketing system. 2. People like Mr.Shyam watching and commenting on it and broke in life having nothing in life.
Choice is thiers.

NARAYANA said...

Mr.Shyam!!! Do you confirm that it is Illegal meeting? Do you confirm that it has no permission? Do you confirm everybody or somebody ran away out of the hall as soon as Police blow siren? You just write and post it on blog as you seen everything live. Are you there at that moment? Do Satyanarayanapuram Police filed FIR against any Business owner or company? My dear friend, come out with facts and truth..

RoyalBnagalore said...

Not sure whether Amway business is illegal or not. But even in retail market also, if people open many shops for business, sure some one will loose money in the business.Same logic applies every where.

We cannot comment any channel or journalist, because most of the journalists and channels are working for their own cause, whether it is politics or some thing else.

we know about AP high court, it will give its own judgement in the same type of cases. Take example of politicians illegal assets case.One is in favour of chandrabbu and one is againt jagan. People know both are earned a lot....:)

Bose said...

Actually Amway had been around in India from many years and in small towns people are earn good income. I was really surprised to hear why the cops actually disturbed the meeting..
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Unknown said...
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Shyam Sundar said...

Amway and some other companies which are members of Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) have been doing business for some years. That does not make them legal businesses. They have been cheating people for the last several years. People who lost their precious earnings never go to police as they feel ashamed of losing money. That does not mean it is not cheating.
The AP High Court never favoured any politician. It went on pure merits. The petition against Chandrababu Naidu was dismissed because there was no merits in the petition. That does not mean the court gave clean chit to that politician.
The petitioners should have tried some other way to bring the case to the notice of the court.
Bose, why you are surprised that cops have disrupted the meeting? It is an illegal business meeting and held illegal by AP High Court.

Shyam Sundar said...

Narayana, The meeting is an illegal meeting and that is why they ran away from the Red Cross Blood Bank building in Vijayawada. I was very much present there at that moment. Satyanarayanapuram police charged them with unlawful meeting without any permission. A woman who was addressing the meeting till that time was seen rushing out of the building and riding a scooter gone in a hurry. I also witnessed several members watching at the police without knowing how to react.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Shyam Sunder, I wonder what you write. In all the points given above there is no statistic representation. I'm in this business from past few years. Its gives an equal opportunity to people to earn.
Amway has started in India on May 5th 1998. First year they launched 6 products and today they have more than 120+ products. Their turnover has increased from 98Cr (in 1st year) to 2130Cr (in 2011). Globally they have more than 1000 patents and 900 patents pending for approval. Nutrilite is world's number 1 health supplement brand where as Artistry (skin brand) is among the Top 5 in the world. They are No.1 in cross category products. Readers Digest, does a survey every year - India's Most Trusted Brands and Nutrilite from so many is years is the No.1 Trusted Brand in ASIA & INDIA. Globally they have 500 scientist working for them. UNO has awarded Amway twice for making BIO Degradable products. They are among the Top 50 Fortune 500 company. They don't have any public investment in their company. Its the number one private organisation. Their turnover last year was 10.6 Billion Dollars. It is running the business since 1959 and its now operating in more than 80 countries and territories. In this business you don't make money on making people join the business, you make money on creating turnover. You can refer to Robert Kiyosaki (successful businessman and author) on You Tube where he supports Network Marketing business. He is multi-millionaire.
So MR SHYAM SUNDAR don't comment on a giant company like AMWAY just based on your opinion or couple of cases that you would have known where people would have failed because of not working or because people ran away from meeting. These meetings are conducted by BWW and not AMWAY. First take the right information and then comment. Hope this will help you.