Saturday, 7 July 2012

Surya Micro's computer education is a money circulation scheme

Yet another cheating company in the name of computer education has cheated already thousands of people indulging money circulation scheme in the multilevel marketing. 
Bangalore-based Surya Micro Technologies with N H Raju at the helm of affairs has cheated the gullible up to several crores all over south India. According to information available, the fraudulent company has cheated the people of Karnataka and Kerala. It is not sure how many victims are in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. This is also an open money circulation scheme in the name of service while Amway and others indulge in the same crime in the name of product sales. 
The modus operandi of this computer education conman is same that of MyVideoTalk.  After becoming a member, he/she has to enroll ten members and in turn these ten members have to join ten more members each. The initial payment at the time of joining is Rs. 1250. Thereafter the joined persons have to mobilise unauthorised deposits from the members ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000 in various denominations. The promoters and members induce the gullible to believe that they would give high rate of interest apart from commissions on the joining of new members in the scheme.
They issue post-dated cheques for the satisfaction of the new entrants.
The whole fraud came to light when some of the cheques got bounced due to lack of sufficient funds in the account. Already several criminal cases were filed against the promoters and upline members. Already several criminal cases were booked against the fraudulent company. However, the police have yet to take action against the promoters who are on enrolling spree.
Corporate Frauds Watch is once again alerting the public not to fall prey to such crooks who offer high rate of interest on the unauthorised deposits. These type of schemes are liable for punishment under The Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978 and Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. Public are hereby alerted to be very cautious against such schemes and do not get enrolled and enroll others into scheme.


Anonymous said...

Please look at the new scam being perpetuated by xango in Russia. Please report before the remove this video!

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Peter said...

Shyam you said, I am young and should be ashamed, Ashamed of what?? Support to those who are earning, who have no job and now they have a steady job, those who are getting some few bucks of free groceries every month and a credit of Rs.1,500 every month so that they can run their houses,

Does your government ever gave credit to anyone?? Those controlled Kirana store near you is selling kerosene for the premiums to the poor, those selling Wheat, Rice, Sugar on a premiums to control their margins, does your government ever looked for those farmers who have lost huge amounts in the Satta Bazaar of Sharad Pawar? Does your Government ever thought of us when Rs.4 is getting increased in Diesel and Petrol very soon?

Did You.!!! ever thought of this?? I bat you never had a thought of it cuz you said you are an old man and with no further goals, or ambitions. People like you should have a fight with the government but you really know that if you fight with them and lock your horns in it, you will be in a Jail with Anna and Ramdev and that will hurt your prestige what you may have in Vijayawada, or people may say Sala bahot bol ta tha, dekho Govt. ne use bhi under kar diya.

Look Old man the World has changed a lot, the way you type the way you learnt, the way you speak, the way you transfer, every thing is adopted in India, what you wear? Sure not Khadi, cuz even the Khadi is not pure Indian. Look at the surroundings near you. Understand the basic of Circle and Circulations, you at one side closing companies, are creating Un employments, many such companies are recruiting people who have no jobs,those who are looking to earn few penny. I ask a simple question, those companies whom you have brought down to knee, just give me the figure how many Un Employments have you created?

Check the figures fact fully, just than pick any two Employees from those un employee who are very low in their Salaries, now just take an Oath that you will full fill their necessity every month by providing their same amount of salary for the time you live.

Can you Do that? You cannot, or even if you do, you will choose your own relative so that the money remains in house.

Bachchu bol na bahot asaan hai, karna nahi.. I am Young Dynamic and i live with my ambitions, i have lost crores of rupees till now, even i don't have a single penny in my pocket, i have never thought like you, I am not ashamed of i lost crores, i am happy that everyday i learn a lot.

One very Important thing: You say yourself as an ONGOLE, i specify myself as an Indian,

You live for your Society, I live for this Country,

You live with your own EGO as you are OLD, it is scientifically proven that after crossing 55, most humans get EGO in them, and you are one of them,
I am only 36, and i crush the EGO which tries to over take me.

This is a Difference between the Age. and i don't have to go to Court to prove these things.

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