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Tom Cruise, Project Celebrity backfires

KAtie Holmes Tom Cruise divorce tabloid magazine covers July 16 2012

Recently,  the mainstream media (particularly, lightweight magazines specializing in celebrities and scandals) has again temporarily-turned its attention to the pernicious cult which has been most-commonly referred to as 'Scientology.' This is because the chapter of the two-dimensional 'Scientology' fairytale entitled 'Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes perfect marriage,' has suddenly fallen to pieces. 

National Enquirer Tom Cruise Katie Holmes - P 2012

The majority of media reports cite Tom Cruise's unquestioning devotion to 'Scientology' as being the underlying cause of his latest divorce. However, a lot of well-informed observers (particularly, former'Scientologists') had seen this unhappy-ending as being inevitable.

It now seems that Katie Holmes has decided that she doesn't want her six year old daughter to follow in her father's tragicomic footsteps, and be brainwashed into living her life intellectually-castrated by the exploitative, paranoid group-delusion that all human beings are secretly infested with, and enslaved by, invisible, evil extra-terrestrials which only 'Scientology/Dianetics Study Technology' can enable us to identify and 'clear from planet Earth' (for a price).

Tom Cruise has been described as the most powerful movie star on the planet. At one time, any movie with him in it was guaranteed to gross over $ 100 millions at the box office. Any corporation would have to pay a fortune to obtain the endorsement of Tom Cruise. Yet he continues to commit huge amounts of his own time and funds to promote the ‘Church of Scientology;’ an organization which, although registered as a ‘tax-free religious association’ in the USA, is officially listed as a dangerous cult (shielding an organized, blame-the-victim fraud) in various other democracies, including France and Germany.  

A recording of Tom Cruise appearing before a crowd of 2000 ‘Scientologists’ at a closed rally held in the USA (DVD ‘Applied Scolastics Spanish Lake’, ‘Golden Era Productions,’ 2003), gives a good idea of the key-role Tom Cruise has unwittingly played in the promotion of the 'Scientology' fraud.

After emerging from his VIP front-row seat to warm applause, a beaming Tom Cruise stood at a lectern. He was dressed in a dark suit with an open-necked shirt. He sported collar length hair and a full beard. After an emotional account of his childhood-struggle against dyslexia, the star launched into a long-winded, but precisely-worded, endorsement of what he believes to have been his salvation :

‘I am not just a believer ! I use this technology each and everyday in my life ! At my work ! With my children ! In every area of life ! And I am proof of what study technology can accomplish ! My mission is to make study technology available for everyone who wants to reach it ! Any group ! Any person ! Any teacher ! Any mentor ! Any parent ! Every child ! Anyone!’ I have, and I will, continue to dedicate my life to accomplishing this, and I am supremely grateful to Mr. L. Ron. Hubbard for the study technology he provided, because I would not be here today if I didn’t get that.’

So what lies behind this passionate proselytizing?

young tomcruise

Born in 1962 in New Jersey, Tom Cruise (given name, Thomas Cruise Mapother IV) was permanently an outsider - the new little boy in the neighbourhood. In 1974, following his parents’ divorce, Thomas (aged 11) and his 2 older sisters, Lee Anne and Marian, and younger sister, Cass, went to live with their mother in a modest home in Kentucky. Their father died of cancer soon afterwards. Thomas (aged 14) accepted a scholarship at the St. Francis Seminary Cincinnati, where, for 8 months during 1976, he trained to become a Catholic priest, but he was unable to follow his studies because he was dyslexic. 

Tom Cruise Childhood Pictures

Thomas desperately tried to achieve acceptance in the Seminary via sports. However, despite his courage and determination, he was too small and not really talented. Meanwhile, his mother remarried and moved back to New Jersey. When Thomas was unfairly judged a failure and obliged to leave the Seminary, he attended High School in New Jersey where he discovered amateur dramatics. As a performing artist pretending to be other people, Thomas found immediate success and acceptance, so he decided to make stardom his goal in life.

In 1980, Thomas (aged 18) left school and went to live in New York. He attended evening drama classes and supported himself by taking menial day jobs. During this period, he attended auditions for television ads. He was never chosen, despite travelling to Hollywood to test for more-important roles. 

Thomas then shortened his name and signed up with ‘The Creative Artists Agency.’ A string of movies followed, culminating in ‘Risky Business’ which made him into a minor star. At this time, Tom Cruise (aged 22) gave one of his first television interviews. The out-takes from this material, reveal him to have still been suffering from dyslexia. At one point, he smiled vacantly at the interviewer, completely unable to follow her questions.

 It was at this stage in his early career that Tom Cruise was deliberately targeted by‘Scientology,’ following a sinister doctrine, ‘Project Celebrity,’ issued by L. Ron. Hubbard dating from 1963. This incited ‘Scientologists’ to seek out ‘any person well known to the public and well liked but who has passed his or her prime, or any rising figure.’ The same document shows that Hubbard was so keen to recruit celebrities, that his adherents were instructed not to take payment from them at first. To this end, by the early 1970s, Hubbard had organized the acquisition of an impressive mansion in Los Angeles, ‘The Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre.’ Its basic function remains to ensnare rising or falling celebrities, by identifying their weaknesses and by pandering to their existing belief in their own importance.

In 1986, Tom Cruise (aged 24) starred in the smash-hit movie, ‘Top Gun,’ and became an international sex-symbol. He was then approached by ‘Scientology’ through an intermediary, Mimi Rogers (aged 30), an attractive movie/television actress and ‘Scientologist,’ well-known for bringing celebrities into the organization. In 1987, Tom Cruise married Mimi Rogers. She took her young husband to the ‘Celebrity Centre,’ where he was welcomed with open arms. The devious procedures by which Tom Cruise was gradually transformed into an unquestioning believer in the ‘Scientology’ fairytale, have been disclosed by some of the actual persons who were directly involvedHe was first taken to a comfortable room in the ‘Celebrity Centre’ to be ‘Audited.’ This involved a one to one interview in which he was encouraged to divulge every detail of his life. Even the most intimate information about his sexual partners and preferences was recorded. He was persuaded to recount his frustration about his dyslexia, his grief about the loss of his father, his sense of exclusion as a child, etc. etc. Tom Cruise was then told that‘Dianetics study technology’ would clear all these blocks and enable him to fulfil his true potential. After passing a simple course in language, the star became convinced that ‘Dianetics’ had cured his dyslexia. He then began to invest more and more of his time studying ‘Scientology’ - so much so, that he divorced Mimi Rogers in 1989.

The current boss of ‘Scientology,’ David Miscavige (b.1960), realised that, in Tom Cruise, he’d found everything that L. Ron Hubbard had dreamed of in ‘Project Celebrity.’ The popular young star was now selected to become the international ambassador for ‘Scientology.’ He was invited to visit the secret‘Scientology Base’ at Hemet, 100 miles west of LA in the Californian desert. Former staff have freely-explained its paranoid atmosphere and sinister function. 

Approximately 800 ‘Scientologists’ have lived and worked on an expansive site. At the heart of Hemet, is an Orwellian fortress protected 24 hrs a day by armed guards — it bristles with surveillance cameras and razor wire. This building is forbidden to everyone except the uniformed elite of ‘Scientology,’ the‘Sea Org.’ It is from Hemet, that David Miscavige rules the organization and plans his world-wide strategy. The majority of ordinary ‘Scientologists’ do not even know of its existence, let alone its location. Staff at Hemet have been conditioned to believe that agents of an evil extraterrestrial force are trying to destroy ‘Scientology,’ therefore, their ‘Church’ is obliged to defend itself. When visiting Hemet, Tom Cruise has been treated like a God. He is flown in by helicopter and given his own private villa complete with a flock of servants. David Miscavige has personally selected the star’s supervisors, and has arranged for him to progress, unhindered, through the pyramid of ‘Dianetics’ initiation.

Former ‘Scientologist,’ Bruce Hines, has explained how he encountered Tom Cruise at Hemet, and how he was ordered to allow the star to pass the famous ‘E-Meter’ tests, no matter what the reading. 

David Miscavige spends long periods with Tom Cruise and the two are close friends.

In 1990, Tom Cruise met the Australian movie star, Nicole Kidman. They soon married, but despite remaining together for 10 years, Nicole Kidman, never really fell for ‘Scientology.’ Although she visited Hemet with her husband and was treated like a Goddess, to her own confidents she described the ‘Base’as ‘giving her the creeps.’ Eventually, the couple’s marriage ended when they adopted two children, Isabella and Connor. Tom Cruise insisted that they should not go to a traditional school, they should be brought up as ‘Scientologists.’ His two sisters, Marian and Cass (whom he had brought into‘Scientology’), were appointed as mentors. When Nicole Kidman objected, Tom Cruise was given a typical ultimatum - if he wanted to progress in ‘Scientology’ then he would have to break with all negative influences.

It seems that history keeps repeating itself.

David Brear (copyright 2012)

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Peter said...

Triple Filter Test - Very true for today's world....

One day an acquaintance came to meet Chanakya and said to him excitedly do you know what I just heard about your friend?

Just wait a while, Chanakya replied. Before you tell me anything I would like you to go through a little test which I call the triple filter test.

What's that? asked the acquaintance.

I will tell you, Chanakya said. Before you talk to me about my friend, it might be a good idea to take a moment and filter what you are going to say. That is why I call it the Triple filter test. The first filter is ˜Truth'. Are you sure that what you are about to tell me is true?

No, the man said. Actually, I just heard about it.

All right, said Chanakya. So you don't really know if it is true or not. Now lets us try the second Filter, the filter of ˜Goodness'. Is what you are about to tell me about my friend something good?

No, on the contrary..

So, Chanakya continued, You wanted to tell me something bad about him but you are not certain it is true. You may still pass the test because there is one filter left; the filter of ˜Usefulness'. Is what you want to tell me about my friend going to be useful to me?

No, not really...

Well, Continued Chanakya, If you want to tell me what may not be true and is neither good nor useful, why tell it to me at all?

MORAL OF THE STORY: He who repeats the ill he hears of another is the true slanderer.

Let us not be the rumor mongers to tarnish the image of others; wherever possible, let us avoid projecting the wrong image of others! All the human beings have plus and minuses, let us concentrate on our minus points and try to improve ourselves.