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'Xango's' Joe Morton, foolishly admits that so-called 'MLM income opportunities' have had effectively 100% overall loss/churn rates

Grinning 'Xango' racketeer , Joe Morton

Predictably, when faced with exposure on the Net., the bosses of the 'Amway' copy-cat 'MLM income opportunity' racket most-commonly referred to as 'Xango,'  have attempted to maintain their monopoly of information by sending a communication - signed by Joe Morton - to their adherents. Since this document is obviously an attempt to prevent deluded victims of a blame-the-victim fraud from facing reality and complaining to law enforcement agents, it is, therefore, also an attempt to obstruct justice and, as such, it clearly forms part of an overall pattern of ongoing major racketeering activity (as defined by the US federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act , 1970)

In brief, the 'Xango' racketeers are now playing the tedious, and unoriginal, role of innocent victims under attack. However, Joe Morton's Orwellian propaganda contains the following, foolish admission. 

'There are hundreds of start-ups every year in our (MLM) industry. Few make it beyond the first year. Less make it to five years. An elite number make it to a decade. XANGO has reached 10 years in business as a high-profile company by empowering leaders to grow and succeed.'

In reality, millions of ill-informed individuals around the world have been , and continue to be, deceived by numerous gangs of 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers. Since the instigation of the 'Amway' racket in the late 1950s, all of these essentially-identical dissimulated closed-market swindles, and related advance fee frauds, have been hiding effectively 100%, overall loss-rates for all their constantly-churning participants. The insignificant minority of apparently 'successful MLM leaders,'have been schills. 

Courageous 'Amway' whistle-blower, Eric Scheibeler, spent 10 years living the 'MLM' lie.  At the height of his reality-denying activity, Eric had approximately 2000 individuals beneath him in the 'Amway' pyramid, but more than 50% were being replaced annually. Only a deluded minority continued to believe that Eric was a typical millionaire 'MLM' sucess-story. When he finally confronted external reality and got out of 'Amway,' Eric Scheibeler had lost approximately $100 000. He was, in fact, destitute and suicidal.  

'Xango' $40 per bottle wampum
As ever, I publicly-challenge Joe Morton and his criminal associates to produce quantifiable evidence (in the form of audited accounts; particularly, income- tax payment receipts) to prove that a significant number of 'Xango' participants have generated an overall net-income lawfully by regularly retailing the over-priced 'Xango' wampum to the general public for a profit.

Elementary common-sense reveals that the 'Xango' wampum to be nothing more than latter-day snake oil. Consequently, it has been effectively-unsaleable on the open-market. Self-evidently, the only real function of the 'Xango' wampum, has been to launder unlawful payments in a closed-market swindle or pyramid scam. 


In the adult world of quantifiable reality, the organization known as 'Xango' is an 'Amway' copy-cat. i.e. 'Xango' is the reality-inverting label slapped over the entrance to yet another self-perpetuating 'MLM Prosperity Gospel' cult.

'Xango' was instigated, and is run, by a gang of exceedingly-greedy, but otherwise-mediocre, little racketeers from Utah. These narcissistic parasites have begun to grow rich by peddling an unoriginal lie whilst steadfastly pretending moral and intellectual authority.

The authenticity of the 'Xango' lie is currently being challenged all over the Internet. However, exactly like the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob,  the bosses of the 'Xango' mob have posed as religiously-inspired philanthropists - poor little victims under attack.

Eileen Harrington

This general video warning was recently produced by the Bureau of Consumer Protection at the US Federal Trade Commission . However, it beggars belief that senior FTC officials like Eileen Harrington can use public funds to pretend that the FTC wants to protect the American people from charlatans posing as business sponsors, when, for decades, other senior FTC officials have allowed the cancer of 'MLM income opportunity' fraud not only to gnaw its way into the USA, but also into the rest of the world.
Despite more than half a century of damning-evidence (in the form of an almost total absence of income-tax payment by a never-ending chain of tens of millions so-called 'MLM business owners'), senior US government trade officials prefer to remain blissfully-ignorant of the fact that behind so-called 'MLM' companies has lurked the ongoing historical phenomenon of criminogenic, or pernicious, cultism. Meanwhile, the self-appointed bosses of these reality-inverting, totalitarian groups continue to rake-in vast fortunes by peddling variations of the same Utopian fiction as fact.

'MLM business opportunity' fraud is undoubtedly a form of ongoing, major organized crime spawned in the USA. It should never have been left to ill-informed, and/or corrupt, American regulators to deal with this internal threat to democracy and the rule of law.

David Brear (copyright 2012)

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