Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Andhra Pradesh High Court dismisses the writ petition of RMP

Justice Samudrala Govindarajulu  of Andhra Pradesh High Court last week dismissed the writ petition filed by the fraudulent multilevel marketing company Resource Money Power Infotech a.k.a. RMP after patiently hearing the arguments of its counsels and the counsels of Corporate Frauds Watch.
It may be recalled that RMP filed the writ petition seeking declaration of its business model legal which is in fact an illegal money circulation scheme. 
The judge has apparently seen through the dubious marketing techniques of the fraudsters who have been making illegal gains in the name of selling products and services. However, it could not convince the High Court that its business model is beneficial to the consumers.
The full text of the judgement would be published as soon as it appears on the High Court website.
The NMart fraudsters have, in a tactical move, withdrawn their writ petitions fearing caustic remarks from the High Court. They are not in a position to resubmit the writ petitions.
The GoldQuest racketeers could not dare to file a writ petition in the High Court since they know it would be suicidal.
In essence, there is hardly any future for these racketeers who are promoting network marketing, direct selling, referral marketing, multilevel marketing or any other marketing to loot the public in broad daylight.


Harpreet Mehta said...


Pls advice me how can i claim my loss due to being member of the nmart they only collected money and me and 5 of my frds didn't took any benifit of purchse. Pls advice how can we get our money back from nmart

BIPIN BIHARI Naik said...

A Shyam Sundar,RMP ho ya AMWAY ho ya NMART ho, koi bhi MLM company ho log usko pasand karte hai to joining hota hay, jabardasti nahi.paisa loogo ka dubega yaa log paisa kamayeanga tera kya jata hay saala jo ki tu hi aakela all over INDIA may case karta rahata hay.saala baki sab log murkh hay kya jo paisa aisa hi de deytey hay.un log bhi risk lena chahatey hay.toojhe kya milta hay,kuch nahi shrip gali, baddua milta hay.isilia koy dusra dhanda dekh yaar.agar fakat may paisa kamane ka lia tu chhata hay to mujse baat kar may tojhe kuch baatayoonga.saala gandhiji yaa subash bosh banna chhata hay.ek din to tu maarana hay na.saala maximum political log lakho crore rupay kha gayhay to desh ka kuch nahi bigadataa to tera kiya bigadaata hay.saala tu jaada maat bhook. bhookna baand kar aur dusara koi dhanda kar nahi tou tera bibi bhi tujhe gali dega.special foryou s.s.

Shyam Sundar said...

abey namakharam, If I criminal cases against fraudsters why do you worry. Are you also a part of those racketeers. Saala, teraa jaisaa logonkaa kuch kam nahin hai is desh mein.
People like you are the real threats to the society. You are the most harmful creature to the humanity.
You don't have social responsibility. IF such crooks are sent to jail or their companies are closed, you do you get pissed off.
Just tuck the tail and rest in a corner.

Raghuram Reddy said...

Dear Shyam Sunder,when you know all 4 person of nmart get the bail and later afer gopal shekhawat is also get then your responsbility is that public get our rewards and money from nmart it only possible when bank account and website will open so you why not put your voice in court to give public reward and money and cash the coupon of public after that public will think you are with him neither they think you are our main accused and you are puting the obstacle in public benefits if in your vigilance court oder to give cash the coupon and give the rewads public will appriciate you so please as soon as try to open the bank account and website of nmart neither they have no problem they are out and all freedom they get. thanking you your weelwisher.

Shyam Sundar said...

Peter beta, positive or negative. Let Gopal come out and explain why he is hiding instead of seeking some relief from some court if whatever he did was legal. Instead of asking the perpetrator why Peter beta is attacking me with lies, lies and more lies. hahaha.
Ask your chor boss to give back the money to people. And You Too return the commission you have earned by joining people in the scam.