Monday, 31 December 2012

Tupperware indulges in illegal multilevel marketing

Tupperware is another American company which set foot in India in the name of direct selling after liberalization was introduced in the country. It also claims like other members of Indian Direct Selling Association  (IDSA)that it is a good business opportunity and the consumers would get benefit through this business model.
Like the products of all these direct selling association members, the products of Tupperware are also exorbitantly priced and one has to become a member by paying certain amount. Never ask the question why should anybody become a member to purchase products. That is the racket behind the business model.
But there is a difference in this business model. The Tupperware targets women, that too, upper middle class women, all over world. Generally, they are all housewives with 'disposable' income. They are induced with the pep talk of easy and quick money and good business opportunity sitting at home.
Once they fell for the trap, they are encouraged to make their friends and relatives to buy products by becoming members. The members who introduced the new members would also be rewarded with commission.
The women try their hand to enroll new members and sell the products to them. But it would be very difficult to sell a plastic water bottle for Rs. 250 though it is guaranteed to last for a life time. By the time they realised that it is not easy, they would be losing some thousands of rupees by way of buying kitchen plasticware.
Anyway, they do not realise that they are cheated. They believe that they could not do that 'wonderful business' like everybody and they themselves are to be blamed for the failure. They never realised that the scheme itself is cheating. On the other hand, they are afraid that their husbands would scold them if they learnt about it. Moreover, their friends and relatives who were joined into the scheme by them would never trust them again.
Vijayawada-based Corporate Frauds Watch filed a criminal case against the Tupperware. So far, the police could spare no time to investigate into the scam. Already several millions of Indian were duped into the scam and several hundreds of crores of rupees were siphoned out of our country.


pravin kumar said...

why u delete both of comment, mr shyam sunder

Shyam Sundar said...

I don't keep the lies here.

Shyam Sundar said...

Christina, if it is your real name, who are you? where do you live? You claim that you are from West. Your English betrayed that you are not from West and your real name is not what you claim.
Why should I answer to the allegations of a mad dog?
In this blog, we are discussing something about multilevel marketing whether it is legal or illegal. Instead of discussing the business model of the fraudulent companies, some mad dog hurls abuses and alleges that I have done some grave mistake. That fellow does not know where I live and what my children are doing. He is simply blabbering whatever he imagines.
Just tell me one fact. Who Are YOU?
Give me your email ID.
If you want to know me you could ask anyone who lives in Vijayawada and as a journalist I am well known in my city.
Here the question is about the crooks who had stolen millions from the gullible.

Christina said...

Hi Shyam,

I know my English is not good but yes I'm from the west Buda- (Budapest) Hungary. Buda and pest are two different locations of one single city divided by the river in middle. Not many people speak English here and I'm sure you are aware if it. You can sure send me an email -

Christina said...

And yes Shyam, if you feel that my identity is not real, my name is not real, please leave I don't want to communicate with you more as I don't go in depth of a person who cannot trust me. No matter in whatever profession I'm but I have some ethics and my own principals.

Thank You

Sharmatha Ramachandran said...

IVery important issue u.'ve taken in hand. Tis virus is spoiling lot of family setups. High rates are put up and consumers are victims.they are are cheated of quality. Very low quality now.All the Best.

Unknown said...

Your never posts are simply wonderful compared to your posts in the past.