Saturday, 15 December 2012

RMP receives an earful in Andhra Pradesh High Court

Resource Money Power Infotech popularly known as RMP has induced several millions of consumers through out the country in general and South India in particular with the promise of easy and quick money by becoming its member. However, almost all of them lost their hard-earnings in the scam.
After police filed a criminal case against RMP, the company like all its predecessors like Amway, Apple FMCGm V-Can Network, had also preferred to file a writ petition in the Andhra Pradesh seekings its intervention to prevent police from proceeding investigation against the company. On the pretext that a writ petition was pending before the Andhra Pradesh High Court, RMP continued its activities.
However, after Vijayawada-based Corporate Frauds Watch (CFW) filed an implead petition in the writ petition filed by RMP, the AP High Court got the opportunity to hear the point of view presented by RMP and CFW.
The writ petition reached the single judge Bench comprising Justice Samudrala Govindarajulu heard the arguments of the counsels of RMP and CFW. During the course of arguments, Justice Govindarajulu pointed out he knew the fraudulent ways of several multilevel marketing companies which have been fleecing money from public. The Government pleader told the Bench that theAmway case was referred to the larger bench, Justice Govindarajulu made caustic remarks against Amway India.The Judge also said that the Bench is aware of the circumstances that led to the referral of Amway writ petition to the larger Bench. After hearing the arguments of all parties concerned, the Bench reserved the order.
Resource Money Power is also one of those multilevel marketing companies which induce people with easy and quick money. Its business model is also same that of Amway India. One has to become a member by paying about Rs. 6,000 and he would be given a suit length and other stuff. But the real inducement is the commission he would be paid if he enrolled new members into the scheme as his downline.
The company has already cheated several millions through out the country. Generally, the members are introduced into the scheme by their friends and relatives. That is why nobody comes forward to lodge a complaint with the police. However, after the scheme reaches a flash point, it starts defaulting and then only people would come forward to lodge complaints.
At that point of time, all these fraudulent companies file writ petitions in the high court appealing to the court to declare its model business model legal and continue with their business. It is high time consumers realised the futile exercise of joining such schemes to earn money. Generally, these companies advertise that it was a good business opportunity. There is hardly any business opportunity but it is only a disguised illegal money circulation scheme banned under the provisions of Prize Chits and Money Circulation Schemes (Banning) Act, 1978.

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