Saturday, 7 March 2009

1.5 million Amway distributors doing unauthorised business

Amway claims that it has 1.5 million distributors all over India. However, it never reveals the fact that these distributors have no sales tax registration and they never pay any tax to the Government on the goods they purportedly force rather than sell to the gullible. My learned friend should know that these are not valid sale transactions as they are illegal. In a purchase the consumer should get a receipt in his name for the goods he purchased. Not a single distributor gives receipt and in fact does not 'sell' these products. They only try to force their friends and relatives to take them. And after sometime they face humiliations from their friends and relatives. Still, they are not ashamed of their act. They are trained not to be ashamed of their deeds and moreover they were told to treat their friends or relatives as their enemies if they do not fall in line.
What these distributors do not realise that they are helping a fraudulent company to take away sizeable amount of their earnings. For the ex-factory price of Rs. 16, the Amway distributors are selling Glister toothpaste for Rs. 120. How much amount of that Rs. 120 is pocketed by Amway and how much is going to the downline members? If this question is answered everything will be clear.
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quixtarisacult said...


Just a thumbs up. Your good work to reveal the Amway closed market swindle to your country men and help them throw off this menace is truly inspiring.

Amway's brand of freedom is slavery indeed. Folks labor in these MLM affairs only to find themselves alienated from family and friends and ultimately find their own living has been squandered to prop up US based racketeers who neither care nor will shed a tear when the all the total costs are summed and one ultimately joins the ranks of the 'taken'.

Amway wants to make of the Indian people the same fools it made of US citizens who generally all have historically assumed the final position of 'the taken' as well. Those who fail to learn any lessons from the Amway historcal 'financial holocaust' are indeed doomed to repeat it.

You are inspiring! Readers wanting to know more about how Amway's US based racketeers hope to extend their affairs throughout Indian are welcome to visit my blog as well: Quixtar Cult Intervention.