Friday, 27 March 2009

An example of how Amway is ruining families

This is the letter I received from a school teacher explaining her plight.

I, THANNEERU NIRMALA DEVI, am a resident of Jahangir Colony, Chinthalakunta Checkpost, L.B.Nagar, Hyderabad. I am working as a Government school teacher at Gundrampally near Chittyal mandal, Nalgonda district. My marriage was held with one MADHU YUGANDHAR s/o Sri Rammurthy in 1990. During our wedlock, we were blessed with two children. Initially my husband was working as a Veterinary Assistant in Venkiryal. We were happy with our profession and income to lead our income. Six years ago one of friends of my husband Aila Saidachary resident of Shiva Sai Apartment near NTR vegetable market,L.B.Nagar and began to explain us by saying that he has a good business opportunity there by you can become rich within a short span. Your Government employment is nothing before this business opportunity. Initially my husband rejected this proposal. Thereafter Saidachary used to visit our house situated in L.B.Nagar along with some persons by introducing them as is upline members Shyam Sundar Reddy and Sujatha, Prasad and Ramasita (phone no.9392456379, 9963777990) Saidachary with the help of his upline members explained to us about the scheme as follows.
They are the members of Amway India Enterprises, which is an American Company. It gives huge commissions based on the enrollment of members in their scheme. Initially Rs/-4500 have to be paid to become member of Amway after being enrolled by already enrolled persons as their downline members.
The scheme Amway is 6-4-3 principle means its persons as to six persons and it turns these six persons have to be enrolled four persons. Each totally 24 persons and again these 24 persons have to enroll 3 persons each totally of 103 (1+6+24+72) is called as one leg.
Amway is promising to give each Rs/-56,925 per month if any person make sure 102 persons under his downline either by own efforts of his downline members. The commission will depend on the enrollment of members ranging from 6% to 21% depending upon the enrollment capacity titles will be awarded by the Amway it was said that they are 23 levels/titles in the Amway business depending on the enrollment.
Thereafter Saidachary brought some persons by name D.V.S. DEEPAK, PRASAD and RAMASITA, SHYAMSUNDAR REDDY and SUJATHA to our house situated at L.B.Nagar and again explained the same scheme and showed album of photos citing the names of some persons said to be millionaires after they got enrolled into Amway business. When we showed disinterest they asked me and my husband to attend the seminar to be convened by their Diamond members RAJA NAREN, ASHOK REDDY, GULATI, Vara Prasad (Visakhapatnam) at Gachibowli Stadium. Subsequently unable to bear the pressure from the members of Amway, we attended the above meeting in the Gachibowli. After meeting the said Saidachari made me and my husband to meet the above four diamond members of Amway and they prospected us to join into Amway business and told that you too can get rich soon by Amway Business and pressurized my husband to enroll into the scheme by paying Rs.4,500/- as joining fee. Thereafter they insisted my husband to add my name into the application, as this is a family business. I refused to add my name, as I am a Government employee and should not participate in any private business. Thereafter they convinced my husband by saying that there is no need of physical participation of your wife in this business.
After enroll of my husband in Amway business, they asked him to enroll his clients in Amway Business. Initially my husband did not ask me to accompany him to prospect the new members for enrolment of new members. Subsequently, instead of profits, my husband got losses and made huge debts. As a result of this I have to repay the debts incurred by him. Slowly my husband absented and stopped attending the Government job to follow up Amway Business. He used to sell our household articles for Amway Business. He also mortgaged my house for Amway business. Due to fear of bad name and decency, I put up with my husband. Since one year back, the said Saidachary, Prasad, Deepak, Shyamsundar Reddy came to our house and brought pressure over my husband saying that his wife is a Govt. teacher and she has so many contacts and good reputation as this is a family business. Wife must be involved in Amway business. They also tried to convince me to do Amway Business. I rejected their proposals since being a Government teacher. I should not indulge in such activities. Since then my husband changed his attitude and began to threaten that he would discard me if I don’t do Amway business. I strongly objected to this proposal. Even though, he brought some of the members of Amway and pressurized me to do Amway Business.
Adding to this, when I rejected to do Amway business, the said upline members of Amway, brought some of the members of Britt World Wide to our house. These members of BWW began to explain how to build positive attitude and build enrolment chain in Amway business. The work of BWW is nothing but brain washing the members who refused and intended to do Amway business. They appeared more dangerous than Amway business.
While so, in February 2009, I read a news items in newspapers that the scheme of Amway is an illegal Money Circulation Scheme and participation in such schemes is also an offence. Thereafter I informed the same to my husband his friends that Amway is illegal and promoting illegal scheme.
In the last month, the said Saida Chari along with my husband and some members of Amway by name Shyama Sundar Reddy, Prasad, Deepak came to my house on 20.2.2009 situated at Chinthala Kunta Check Post, L.B.Nagar and pressurized me to do Amway business as my husband is in troubles. If I involve in the Amway business, he may get out of the troubles easily. I strongly rejected to this proposals and warnings. Thereafter they warned me that my husband would discard me if I failed to concede to do Amway Business. Since then my husband has not been coming to our house. Thereafter I informed the same to my brothers. And in turn they arranged a meeting with my husband and his upline members to subside matter. My husband and his upline members vehemently told that my husband would return home only, if I do Amway business. Since then, my husband is not coming to home. Kindly do something and save our marriage.


Tex said...

THANNEERU, have your husband and his upline associates visit my site. It will open his eyes into what he is involved with:

Joecool said...

Tex is a kook who has been in Amway for 15 years and hasn't made money. He will then try to suck you into a conference call. Beware, he is a racist stalker as well.

Tex said...

Here's what jc is all about:

Unless you want to call a long distance number in the U.S., I won't recommend a conference call. Just be aware jc is afraid of conference call...that's right, a simple conference call.

Joecool said...

Yeah tex, you post completely untrue things about me on your blog. Untrue things that could be harmful to an innocent person.

All in the name of trying to blackmail me into your childish conference call.

Tex said...


Those are YOUR posts on the World Sex Guide. I have more, would you like me to post them here or on my site?

Anonymous said...

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OLAP said...

is this right?
that amway business is fraud...
please guide me.
i am going to join this.
but if you are right then i will reject it.....

Damncoool said...

Amway is a genuine legal business, there are many credible and legal proofs that state this fact.