Tuesday, 17 March 2009

It is impossible to wake up a pretending person

If one person wishes to become a 'wholesaler' he has to look for 100 downline members under him. Here is the hiccup. Where do you find 100 downline members? That it is why it is called endless chain and a mathematical impossibility.
If Amway products are of that great quality and could be sold at any price they wish, they could do the same in a regular business model. But the Company cannot fleece public in the name of membership fee and annual renewal fee which is nothing but unjust enrichment. This is what Andhra Pradesh High Court has pointed out in its judgement.
People in the upline always line their pockets showing a mirage to the downliners that they too can become like them in near future. This is the Amway scam.
One can be woken up if one is really sleeping. You cannot wake up a person who is pretending.
The excuse of new market, untested local manufacturer and so forth arguments hold no water. That is why they are no longer discussed.
Read the latest news in the Times about the state of Amway in UK and still pretend that everything is fine.


IBOFB said...

More ruubbish from our self-appointed Amway expert. A wholesaler is someone who sells products to other people who intend to resell them. A retailer is someone who sells products to people who use or consume them.

In Amway you do both from the moment you start. My previous analogy was just relating how it's much the same as traditional business. The point at which you do more wholesaling than retailing, and profit more from wholesaling than retailing, is entirely up to you. I have a friend who makes tens of thousands of dollars just retailing. I have other friends who make a few hundred retailing and tens of thousands wholesaling.

But you're still on with the endless chain rubbish. Follow the money my friend, follow the money! The multi-level "chain" stops at the platinum, previously called "direct distributor". A platinum is like a new franchise, a new starbucks or mcdonalds, a stand alone business dealing directly with the head office.

The problem is you're analysing Amway under the false assumption its a pyramid scheme and is all about recruiting people. It's not. "Recruiting" other sales folk and customers (most who register as IBOs are customers, not sales folk) is simply a marketing strategy to increase sales volume. Recruiting other sales folk is no more neccessary to making money in Amway than it is necessary for McDonald's to open a new store to make money. We do it to expand! And what happens if there's no more room to expand, ie saturation ... well, same as any other business (and all businesses face the potential of market saturation) ... you change strategies.

Or do you consider all businesses to be "mathematical impossibilities" because sooner or later they won't be able to get more customers for their products?

What "latest news" from Times about Amway UK are you talking about? The latest news I have from the Times is that the court case was dismissed. In other news, Amway is opening a business center in London (a change of strategy!), has sponsored a local football team (a change of strategy!), and the latest product has been nominiated for a Beauty Product of the Year award!

Things are going well.

IBOFB said...

apologies for the typos in the above, it's been a long day :)

Adarsh said...

very interesting.I think you should seriously go and read
"Amway Motivational Organizations: Behind the Smoke and Mirrors" by Ruth Carter.
Secondly, as Amway could be considered something of a "Corporate Cult"(businesses whose techniques to gain employee commitment and loyalty are in some ways similar to those used by traditional cults which include enthusiasm for the cause, recruitment and motivational rituals, positive thinking, etcetera) it is not surprising that you are standing up so firmly for your cult.
When you are part of a cult, as I understand it, you are so blinded by the devotion to your organization that you can't see the truth sometimes.
If you are not benefiting hugely from this company, and money is not your motive, then try to step out of your cult and please try to look at it from a victims point of view.

IBOFB said...

So ... you think a self-published book by one person, a part-time accountant, working with one diamond, who was part of one organisation, working in one country of Amway, is reflective of how the thousands of different Diamonds, in dozens of different organisations, in 80+ countries around the world work?

I see you need a lesson in basic research design and analysis ....

Try instead books like The Direct Selling Revolution by Professer Dominique Xardel, who is a former head of one of Europe's top business schools, ESSEC. He spent years interviewing folk around the world. Or author Dr Shad Helmstetter's two books on Amway. He also spent several years researching Amway. Neither of these two folk work for Amway or are business owners.

Adarsh, I'm a former research psychologist. I am not an active Amway business builder. I built an amway business a decade ago that I haven't touched since. It's still making money. The last ten years I've built a number of other successful companies, as well as had a hobby of researching Amway and busting myths about Amway that are spread on the internet.

So I guess I'm just as brainwashed as Professor Xardel and Dr Helmstetter.

Good company, I think, and that's just two I could mention

quixtarisacult said...

Hmmm? The Swedish Swindler doesn't seem to be making much headway here at convincing anyone that AmScam is a great opportunity? Claiming that the scam operates all over the world (in 80 countries as he boasts) then makes him some kind of an expert then? He would have anyone describing Amway corruption branded as wrong. His view is that any known corruption is merely an isolated incident?

The arguments this intentional swindler makes sense if only Amway the company is being described as a success. This bragged up success is on the backs of the taken in this 'closed market swindle.' Amway Corporation is on the receiving end of the 'take.'

Representing their success at hustling their own sales people (primarily the only customers Amway can brag about)doesn't some how magically make all the people taken just as successful?

Readers who want to believe this IBOFB fellow, be forewarned that his intentions are to defraud others into joining the scheme.

For those desiring to believe this scoundrel's deceit, well...

"Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend."

Anyone who represents a swindle like this as capitalism is a traitor. Isn't India the world's largest democracy? I think I'd rather be called a communist than a swindler. Oh, and what about all the communists that Amway is courting to do business with in China?

IBOFB said...

So, QIAC, do you agree that it's wrong that people can build a business and then earn income from their earlier efforts rather than just from their current efforts?

quixtarisacult said...


You would have the good Indian people confuse a swindle with a legitimate sales company? The problem is in the insane 'details' of Amway's supposedly 'proven' system--quite a con job actually.

Retail selling to non-distributors is merely a 'smoke screen' ideal to keep Amway's 'closed market (monopolistic) swindle' in operation.

What has been 'proven' is how many people have joined, assumed the postion of 'duped' customer in a recruitment scam and are 'taken'.

The unjust enrichment is of the top of the pyramid kingpin sellers of monopoly propaganda (recordings, tapes, books, rally tickets, and communication systems) and the Amway Ada, Michigan corporate business owners, selling products which they can price in a monopoly market to the dupes who are convinced to be loyal, core, exclusionary buyers; all who are somehow 'convinced' by 'confidence men' (like you) that they are independent business owners? What insanity! (Notice I do not even bring up the issue of the money which is paid on a yearly basis to resubscribe?)

Significantly, Amway is the only legitimate 'business owner' of any signifcance; while the buyer/believers are bamboozed folk who assume the postion of 'sucker' in Amway's 'proven' system--an incredibly reality inverting con job!

Amway's system is proven for whom?

Obviously the Van Andels and DeVos families and a few 'top of the pyramid' kingpins who smile all the way to the bank with all their foolish 'customer's' cash. Rich DeVos himself has, in past times, described this kind of money as having been 'extracted.' Possibly he didn't like the fact that the kingpins were getting in on his swindle?

IBOFB said...

Please inform tax authorities. I'm not a business owner, neither are those IBOs earning millions. Guess I won't bother paying tax anymore. QIAC said I don't have to ....

bye bye quack, go back to your mudhole with Mr Brear

quixtarisacult said...

Obviously you mean a few other scoudrels. Of course if millions are being extracted from the taken, a few mafia types in Amway make off with their take. Aren't they the kingpins who operate their own swindle? Significantly, the newly taken, and those who wait to be taken learn very little from the losses of the almost anyone insane enough to join. I think folks examing the Amway 'bidnez' carefully wouldn't touch it. Madoff was a small fish compared to the scammers you promote. Promotion of corruption makes you just as guilty as they. Why don't you crawl back into that cult affair you call Amway Talk. It would be more appropriately titled the Amway Ministry of Propaganda. Seems like your small passel of dupes haven't been doing a very good job of promoting Amway, at least in the UK or India? What say, then? Amway can be arrested in India! Isn't that profound Mr. advocate for swindlers?